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Reasons Your E-Bike Isn’t Working and How to Fix It

When you’re coasting down trails or cruising on the road, nothing is worse than an e-bike malfunction. Nobody wants to be caught midway up a daunting hill when the pedal assist function abruptly stops. Whether you use your e-bike for weekend enjoyment or daily commuting, e-bike issues can happen to anyone. This is why we recommend durable e-bikes for all, including the best electric bike for long-distance touring–our Turris e-bike.

With an e-bike styled for touring, you’re guaranteed an e-bike built with longevity and durability in mind. However, issues may arise no matter how expertly designed your e-bike is. Luckily, there can be quick and easy fixes to get you and your bike back on the road.


Most Common E-Bike Functionality Issues (and Solutions!)

E-bikes are generally reliable ways to get around but require regular maintenance and repairs, just like any other mode of transportation. Below, we’ll explore some of the common issues that cause your e-bike to stop functioning as it should and how to troubleshoot the problem.


Problem: E-Bike Pedal Assist Isn’t Working

The pedal assist functionality is one of the main selling points of an e-bike, so it’s extremely inconvenient when it stops! Pedal assist sensors control the input to the motor when you pedal, and different bikes have different types of sensors. When your pedal assist isn’t working though, your bike is still operable. It essentially turns your bike into a traditional, manual bike unless you have a throttle handy. 


Solution: Check For Power Cut-Offs

Malfunctions with your pedal assist are typically caused by cable issues or inconsistencies with connections. Here’s how to check your bike for cable issues and inconsistencies:

  • Start by checking for any loose parts or any connections (especially if you have recently adjusted any component on your bikes, such as crank arms or chainrings). When you do this, look at the cadence sensor on the bike’s bottom bracket. Check that the magnetic sensor and cables are undamaged.
  • Now that you’re looking at the cadence sensor, make sure it isn’t jostled out of place or that there’s dirt or debris disrupting its connection to the sensor. 
  • If these tricks don’t help to isolate your issue, take your bike to a bike shop for professional help or reach out to support. They will be able to accurately identify the issue, and guide you through replacing the faulty parts.


Problem: Battery Won’t Charge

Your battery is everything when it comes to your e-bike. It can be tricky to know where to find power when you’re e-bike touring, and when you finally find a spot to charge, you go into a panic when it doesn’t work. When the battery doesn’t work, the motor, pedal assist, and throttle won’t work, either.

Unlike with pedal assist malfunctions, when the battery dies, it can stop your bike from starting or cause it to continuously power off. There are many causes for this: a blown fuse, depleted battery from too-frequent charging, disrupted connection, or displaced battery pins.


Solution: Check Your Battery and Charging Materials

Because there are many factors contributing to why your battery isn’t charging, follow each of the steps closely:


  • Start by checking your battery charger. Plug it into the wall and check which (if any) indicator lights turn on. If the indicator lights remain dark, then your charger may be defective. This is one way to test your e-bike battery.
  • Another reason your battery may not be charging may have to do with the charger port, rather than the charger. Check this by confirming the charger LED indicator is green and inserting the charger tip into the battery port. If the indicator light does not turn from green to red, the port’s wiring or the internal fuse may need attention.
  • If the issue hasn’t been resolved yet, look at the battery’s voltage. One way to see that the battery isn’t charged is if the LED lights and control panel do not light up. Use a voltmeter to check the voltage. Low voltage may indicate a divergent battery cell.
  • Next, check the connection of your battery to the bike’s battery bracket. The battery nodes complete the electric circuit when they are connected to the bike and in turn sends power to the motor. When the nodes are misaligned, your circuit isn’t completed and power won’t flow. Reposition misaligned brackets with an allen key or screwdriver. Make sure the battery is not plugged into a power source when doing this.


The Ultimate Solution: Investing in the Best Touring-style E-Bike

We have listed a few of the most common reasons your e-bike may not work, but there are plenty of reasons your e-bike may not be functioning. At Ride1Up, we offer advice and support from expert mechanics and a one-year warranty when you purchase one of our e-bikes. We recommend the Turris, as it’s our favorite e-bike for long-distance touring-style adventures!


  1. Hello, I recently purchased a 700 series from you and my pedal assist is already not working. I’ve had this bike for less than a year might not even be 6 months yet and when it arrived the battery knob was broken, the screws to replace it are all stripped and can not be used and now the pedal assist is not working. It will randomly start and then turn off and it’s extremely dangerous as I have no idea when it will kick in and I did not purchase this bike to have a 1700 dollar manual bike or to have to rely on the throttle. The battery is working I fully charged it this morning and as far as I am concerned all the wires are connected. I had to fully operational rides today and then when trying to leave work it just stopped and the throttle is working. What else could be the issue??? The email listed below is my current email and if you need the email I used to purchase the bike I can provide. I often experience the issue of when I turn on the bike it takes upwards of 5 minutes for pedal assist to activate this has been an issue since purchase and now it is 30% functional at best when pedal assist activated it feels like someone is stepping on and off my brakes and the sudden jolt of speed is not safe.

    1. Hello, I am sorry to hear you are having this problem, please use our contact page to start a support ticket and we will work with you to resolve these issues as quickly and painlessly as possible.
      Based on your summary, there could be a number of causes, but we need to narrow down some of the information you provided first please.
      Thank you

  2. Having a recurring problem. It doesn’t clearly fit with the troubleshooting ideas here. Before today, I would have said that on multiple trips, after a few minutes of riding, if I come to a full stop, when I try to go again (PAS or throttle), there’s no battery function. This would be true at any battery %. Today, though, I was riding home and every time I fully stopped, nothing would work when I started up again. At first I would pull over and turn the power off and on, which is what had worked in the past, each time on the first try. Today, it took multiple tries. Eventually it seemed like what worked was pressing the power button off and then, before it had a chance to fully power down, turning it back on (so that it didn’t ask for my passcode)… this seemed to work a little more consistently. I checked all connections as best I could. They seemed fine. I’m riding a Lmtd with about 200 miles on it. Otherwise, the battery performance is fine and the bike rides normally. Suggestions? Could it be a software issue? Thanks for any suggestions. BTW, on my typical rides, I don’ have a lot of stops… so it might be that the problem is more significant… or it might be worsening. I will have to do some experimenting to see if it actually happens every time I stop!

    1. Hello, I am sorry to hear you are having this problem, please use our contact page to start a support ticket and we will work with you to resolve this issue as quickly and painlessly as possible. Thank you

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