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Replacement rear wheel and motor.

What’s included:
Motor, pre-built rim, spokes, nipples and freehub body.

What you need to transfer:
Cassette, axle nuts, disc rotor, torque spacers, spacers, tire, rim tape and tube.

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Based on 17 reviews

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Image #1 from Rigoberto Gonzalez
Image #1 from Rigoberto Gonzalez

Rigoberto Gonzalez

I was really happy that the rear wheel and motor were available for purchase. After cracking the rear rim on my core5 I didn’t think I’d be riding it ever again. Thanks Ride1up!

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Image #1 from Rigoberto Gonzalez
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  1. Frank Mearns

    This is an ongoing project. Mistakes were made on R1up’ss CS end, but SC team was helpful and we worked through the challenges. The bike not yet operational because of technical difficulties on my end getting the battery to fit after having to replace controller and having the upper, lower and battery channel plates all removed to reroute burned 9 pin cable. I’ll be so satisfied when I get my bike working again. Its almost there. I’ll let you guys know when the bike is up an running again, or if i need further assistance.

    4 weeks ago
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  2. Rodney W.

    Easy replacement works great as long as I replaced the motor I went with new cassette gears new disc brakes and new tires front and back should be ready for the next 10,000 miles thanks for you’re help.

    3 months ago
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  3. Michael B.

    Thank You so much for the easy repair . Motor replacement was fast and straightforward. Everything works perfect . The speedometer and mileage counter are working again as well .

    4 months ago
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    all is good

    4 months ago
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  5. Verified Buyer

    For this price it should come with the brake, reflector and freewheel, but it doesn’t.

    4 months ago
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  6. Verified Buyer

    A friend warped my rear tire and ride1up got a replacement out ASAP. $225 was the replacement cost motor and rim…great deal! 800 miles I love the gravel. I added suspension post and stem w new grips. Fun,comfortable, nimble ebike.

    4 months ago
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    • Ride1Up

      Thank you Bradley, we are glad Brian was able to help you out and get a replacement wheel.

      4 months ago
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