Ordering with Us

We are a manufacturer direct-to-consumer company. This means you will get better prices without a middleman. However, there are some trade-offs to be aware of. What to Expect When ordering a direct to consumer electric bike, there is always the potential for mechanical or electric issues. Most of our bikes are delivered without issue, but […]

eBike Ownership: What not to do

Stressing Your Motor. Our internal controllers can send just over 1000w’s of power to the motor. This can be nice in short bursts. However, it drains the battery very quickly and can overheat and damage your motor if run at 1000w for extended periods of time. Your real time wattage can be viewed on your […]

What to Look for in Your Next Electronic Bike Purchase

In this day and age, everyone wants to do their part to support a healthier way of living. A big topic when it comes to achieving a healthier world is creating sustainable and efficient products. Indeed, the transportation market has invested extensive time and resources in developing a better way to travel. A great innovation […]

How to Maintain Your Electric Bike

Battery Health: How to Get More Out of Your Battery 30-80 Rule As much as possible  keep your battery between the 30-80% charge level. This simple rule can double the effective lifetime of your battery Mild Temperatures  Avoid temperature extremes! Very hot or cold temperatures can negatively affect the performance of the battery and shorten […]

Which eBike is right for you?

Which eBike is right for you? The 500 Series vs 700 Series Both the 500 and 700 series bikes are actually built with a very similar level of components. While on paper, the 700 series may seem like the better buy, the 500 series is not to be overlooked. 500 Series Pros Comfort – The […]

Ride More in 2020!

1/18/2020 At Ride1UP that is our goal for 2020, more people on bikes, more often! Our focus has always been you, we strive to streamline our supply chain and ship directly to you skipping the store front and coming straight to your door. All of this in order to pass on the savings directly to […]

Win a Free Board

Ride1Up is having a sale on ALL of their electric skateboards during their end of the year sale. During this sale customers can get up to $300 off their board! Boards are being sold at a loss direct-to-consumer. Ride1Up offers three boards with different flex so you can find the one that fits your riding […]

The Ultimate 500 Series Owners Guide

*updated and active as on 9/9/2020. To view this owners guide with links and images, view the full document here. *the product links below may change. You may also find the product at a lower rate elsewhere. *if you are having trouble finding your topic, search keywords using ctrl+f Bike Basics Your 500 series will […]

What is the Most Efficient Mode of Transportation?

We’ve compiled the data on the most commonly used modes of transportation to find the cheapest, most efficient method of travel from point A to point B. First, an explanation. 1) The data displayed below represents the energy cost, not the cost of ownership. The average automobile for example, has a 59-cent cost per mile […]

Classic 1932 Roadster Bicycle is Reborn Electric

With the electric components and battery comes the higher price tag. The Ride1UP Roadster Ghost amazingly comes in at only $949 delivered. Electric bike manufacturer Ride1UP is known for cutting industry price standards. They have certainly done so again, with this model.