These locations are independent owners who volunteer to offer test rides, service, and advice to current or prospective Ride1Up buyers. However, any local bike shop has the skillset and tools needed to work on Ride1UP electric bikes. Quality, conditions, and experience may vary. To join our network: SIGN UP HERE.

Shops and Dealers

Test rides, service, and direct purchases often available. Be sure to call and ask if the model you are interested in is in stock before going by the location. Shops are independently owned and operated.

Rental Fleets

Test rides and rentals available. At these locations, you may have to pay a small fee to test a bike. Be sure to call in advance to see which models are available.


No test rides available. Use these locations for assembly, tuning and other repair services for your Ride1UP electric bike. Mechanics are independent of Ride1Up, and quality of service cannot be guaranteed.


Independent service and test rides often available. These locations are independent Ride1Up owners who are volunteering their time and bike to share their passion and joy with you.

To Report a Location/Ambassador: CLICK HERE.