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Electric City Bike

As the world grapples with an imminent recession, the petroleum industry has been the worst-hit sector, with gas prices soaring as high as $10 per gallon in many states. This has forced many Americans to consider an alternative mode of transport to and from their workplaces.

Enter the electric city bike! The hottest item in the transport market! 

An electric city bike is one of the best solutions for those living within a 10-20 mile radius of work. Choosing an e-bike improves your quality and helps reduce congestion on the roads and air and noise pollution. Moreover, they are cheaper than cars or motorcycles, and riders don’t need a license or insurance. They are safe, good for mental and cardiac health, easy to ride, and safe. 

From commuting to work and exercising to sightseeing, here are fun things we think are worth trying on your Ride1Up Core-5 E-Bike

Commute to Work

Traffic moves so slowly at peak hours that getting to and from work is always a hassle. You’re guaranteed to stop worrying about getting to work late when you ride an electric bike. With a top speed of 28MPH, your Core-5 bike is just as fast as the average vehicle in traffic and will fit in spaces that none of them can. Your commute will be faster, and the bike will get you to work on time. This equates to lower stress levels, which can impact your productivity levels at the office. 

But that’s not all. 

Cycling to work also means that you’ll be using your muscles. It will get the blood pumping, warming you up and refreshing your mind. That’s the best you can hope for when you have a busy day ahead of you at the workplace. 

Sight See

A key benefit of using electric bikes is that they combine efficiency and comfort, allowing you to explore new sights and get close to nature. Gone are the days of staring at insurmountable hills and distances because you can conquer them with an electric city bike. 

Our Core-5 E-Bike boosts your pedaling power with a 750W sustained geared hub motor with a 60nm torque. The electric assist means you can reach higher ground, discover new routes and immerse yourself in nature. Riding uphill requires less effort, allowing you to soak in the views. It also makes visiting scenic spots more fun. 

Connect Adventurously with Friends and Family

Let’s face it – we are all on varying levels of fitness. Some people are short, tall, young, old, fit, and not so fit. These variations can make it challenging to plan an adventure with family and friends. The good news is that electric bikes are, in many ways, an excellent equalizer. 

Children can keep up easily, and parents don’t have to leave everyone behind because of their more substantial pedaling power. In addition, older relatives can tag along and move at a comfortable pace that doesn’t tax their stamina. 

Get a Workout

Your Core-5 bike is both a vehicle and a means to burn calories while also building core strength. Regular cycling will go a long way towards building core strength and shaping your legs. You also burn calories as you ride, which is good for your heart, mental, and overall health. If you prefer a more traditional cycling workout, you can use your bike in pedal-only mode. Plus, there’s nothing more enjoyable than enjoying the beautiful scenery and fresh air while getting your workout at the same time. 

Run Errands

Running errands is probably the second most repetitive action after our work commutes. Using an electric city bike introduces freshness to the mundane of going to the grocery store, picking up dry cleaning, and other errands. Spending your weekend doing what you need to do while enjoying every rotation of the pedals takes your experience to a whole new level. Moreover, you can use your bike to transport small-to-medium-sized grocery hauls or your kid and make the day even more enjoyable.

Participate in Local Meetups

Local meetups are great ways to interact with other cyclers like you and explore new places. Having an electric bike allows you to join local meetups and participate in events or group rides. Whether you’re meeting to learn more about e-bikes, take an evening ride around the city, or explore new trails, spending time with people who share the same interests as you is always fun. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Bikes

Who is the Manufacturer of the Electric City Bike?

While there are dozens of manufacturers of electric city bikes, Ride1Up is one of the best. Since 2018, the company has rocked the e-bike world with its range of truly accessible, aesthetic, and affordable bikes. Our lineup includes urban and off-road bikes designed for all levels of riding, touring, commuters, and having fun. Born out of a need for a real-deal Class3 electric bike, Ride1Up has grown to become a leading e-bike brand offering electric bikes that provide unprecedented versatility and value.

What is the Typical Range of an Electric City Bike?

An electric city bike also allows you to go further, thanks to battery ranges getting better each year. Ride1Up bikes have a range of up to 50 miles or more, depending on the rider’s weight, terrain, level of assist, incline, and other factors. 

How to Change a Rear Wheel Tire on an Electric Bike City Cruiser

Sometimes you may get a flat tire on one of your rides with friends or family. Knowing the basics of changing a rear wheel tire on your electric bike city cruiser can prove helpful in such situations.

  • Turn the battery power off or remove the battery from your electric bike
  • Disconnect the motor cable quick connector
  • Remove the rear wheel (here’s how)
  • Change the flat rear wheel tire as you would on a regular bike
  • Install the rear wheel
  • Reconnect the motor plug, ensuring that the arrows on the cable connectors match up

Experience the Ride of a Lifetime with a Ride1Up Electric City Bike

Electric bikes have transformed how we get around while offering many benefits. Moreover, in a world where fuel is becoming increasingly expensive, the ability to go to work, run errands, explore the outdoors and connect with families without spending a dime on gas is invaluable. In addition, a staycation and an ebike are a great way to get to know your community, meet new people and have some “me” time or family time while getting away from work. The nice thing about a staycation with an ebike is that it not only refreshes you to the possibilities close to home, but it also allows you to get an intimate look at these previously untapped resources for later enjoyment.

Make the switch today by shopping for one of our versatile electric city bikes.

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