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Ebike to Work: Returning to the Office 2022

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the way people travel. On one hand, the pandemic has created several challenges for mass public transport such as trains and buses. On the other hand, cities have come up with strategies to limit car spaces and create more space for people to cycle and walk to promote social-distance. Additionally, local, state and even federal governments are rolling out incentives like the California eBike Affordability Program for those who choose to bike to work instead of drive as soon as July 2022. 

Choosing to ebike to work improves quality of life for you and your community. Assembly Member Tasha Boerner Horvath, author of AB117 Air Quality Improvement Bill quotes: “Biking to work or school is a win-win-win. It’s great for the environment, reduces traffic, and makes for healthier, happier people.” 

Ebiking to work or school also enriches your mental health. Providing time both to relax and engage your mind while preparing for your day, ebiking helps to maximize your efficiency and stay more focused. This is why the 700 series, one of the best ebikes for commuting, is so popular as more people use them to commute to work. However, some people still find it challenging to cope with this new normal after the prolonged shutdown. 

So what’s the best strategy to help you get ready to ebike to work, and what are some of the best value electric bikes you can use? Keep reading for more insights.

Make Riding an eBike to Work Simple, Fun and Easy

Mark Twain is famous for several books and his daring quotes about life. One major quote is “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” When dealing with overwhelming tasks, you need to break them down into several smaller ones to make the process less complex. 

At first, the idea of biking to work may seem unattainable because you’ve been working remotely for more than a year now or even longer. Look at the bigger picture, and take the first step, so that you can figure out a simpler way to achieve this goal. Soon, you’ll adapt to the new routine and start loving the idea of being out in the fresh air and interacting with colleagues. You can even join a community that believes in the numerous benefits of biking to work.  

What Awaits You at the End of Your eBike Ride?

As workplaces prepare for a return to normal business operations, about 81% of employees aren’t ready to go back, while others prefer a hybrid system. With a hybrid system, you can enjoy the flexibility of working from where you can achieve the highest productivity levels. You can use your bike to commute to the office or cafes, libraries or even parks if you utilize a hotspot signal. 

Also, some employees need to feel appreciated. This means companies have to change the workplace culture using different inclusion strategies to help attract and retain top talents. Amazon and other tech companies are even offering ebike subsidies to get employees excited about cruising back to the office in 2022.

Tips for an Effective eBike to work

A quote from Benjamin Franklin states that “failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Once you decide to switch to ebike to work, you need to think of the best ways to make your commute easy and enjoyable. Here are some key planning considerations.

Prepare for the Weather and Safety

You most probably check the weather forecast before leaving your house. Dressing for the cold weather on an ebike is important – learn from the European bike commuter culture to dress in style and in comfort, even on those chilly days.

Make sure to find and wear a comfortably sized and CPSC certified bike helmet – safety first!

Don’t forget to secure your bike from theft, but don’t load up on heavy chain locks – Alex at Ride1UP suggests a U-lock and cable to keep your bike safe while working or in class.

Keep in mind, range will be reduced in cold conditions. Battery University experts indicate that your battery will have about 50% efficiency at 32 degrees vs 100% at 80 degrees, so store your bike or battery inside if possible and charge up before heading out on your trip.

Choose a Route Carefully Before You Start Your Commute

An electric bike makes almost all routes possible. If you avoided some routes in the past due to hilly terrains, you can easily take on such inclines with an ebike without breaking a sweat. However, make sure you choose a route that is safe and utilizes bike paths, reduces intersection crossings and less trafficked streets with wide shoulders, before starting your commute. Use navigation apps with cycling options like Google Maps, Mapmyride, or Waze to plan a safe and effective route. This way, you’ll focus on your ride and enjoy the tranquility of your time before and after work. 

Pack For Success

As you plan to use a bike to work, remember to pack lunch and other things you need to make your day at work successful. Fortunately, some ebikes like the café cruiser have a proper setup to accommodate your workout gear, lunch, laptop and essentials, making it easier to carry all you need for your busy day. You can also use a commuter backpack with the appropriate compartments or attach a cycle bag to your bike. 

Find Buddies to Ride with Periodically

When you have buddies to ride with, it becomes more fun, and it also helps to increase visibility. Better yet, you don’t have to find buddies who only work with you. Survey the area around you and find buddies whom you can ride to and from your home area. 

Start Small and Enjoy the Journey

Ebikes allow you to enjoy your entire journey thanks to pedal-assist, which makes your ride a lot easier. The electric motor helps in pedaling, so gaining elevation and acceleration becomes a breeze. Even on rough terrain, ebikes such as Prodigy or Core-5 will get you to the office sweat-free.

Excited to begin? We are too, but remember, ease into it with a few trips a week for a gradual change to your routine. They did not build Rome in a day, so don’t expect your glutes to either! 

A Great Start to the New Normal

With the availability of quality ebikes, it’s time to start using ebikes to work. You will not only enjoy your ride to work, but you will also have an opportunity to exercise and interact with colleagues. And with the best value bikes from Ride1UP, you’ll always find one that suits your preference. Whether you need the Roadster V2, LMT’D, or 700 series, make your order today. We back our quality with a one-year warranty in case of a manufacturing defect. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

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