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Which Electric Bike Is Good for Deliveries?

Electric bikes are not only popular with leisure enthusiasts looking for an alternative to regular biking. In the past five years alone, eBikes have been commonly becoming commercial vehicles in their own right, with many companies and individuals using them for delivery purposes. 


These bikes are increasing in popularity because they are environmentally friendly, convenient, fast, and efficient. All of these factors combined make eBikes the perfect mode of transportation for delivery drivers. What are the factors you should consider when researching electric commuter bikes for sale for your delivery services? Allow us to take you through the considerations you should take into account.


Battery Range


The battery range of an electric bike is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding which one is suitable for delivery purposes. A battery that can travel farther on a single charge will allow you to cover greater distances without having to stop and recharge. This means you can accomplish more deliveries with fewer interruptions. 


However, the size of your battery can impact your eBike’s speed. If the battery is too large and heavy, it can add extra weight to your bike that will impact your ability to maneuver with your packages. We suggest you select bikes with removable batteries, because you can quickly change dead batteries with charged ones in a pinch.


Frame Design and Weight


The right frame size will allow you to maneuver and balance your eBike during deliveries. When you are under a time constraint, you cannot be bogged down with an eBike struggling to support the weight of you and your packages. You also can’t afford to lose balance, collect yourself, and constantly check packages for damage. This is why you need to carefully select the correct frame for your average delivery load.


The weight of the frame is another crucial factor. Heavier electric bikes will be more difficult to maneuver through uneven terrain or sharp turns. Ideally, you should look for an electric bike that has strong, yet lightweight, materials while still providing enough structural integrity to keep you safe while riding.


If you’re not sure what size frame you need, take measurements of your body and discuss with a Ride1Up professional which electric bike frame they recommend for you. 


Durability in your eBike will help it withstand a variety of weather conditions and improve resistance to typical wear-and-tear. Check the type of materials used in the frame and components before you make a purchase. 


Brakes and Gearing System


When you are hustling between deliveries, you need effective brakes to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. Trucks and other large vehicles typically drive slower because it’s more difficult for them to maneuver and stop in a moment’s notice. Your eBike is smaller and quicker, but with too much weight, it can be difficult to stop suddenly and safely. We recommend choosing a model that incorporates mechanical disc or hydraulic disc brakes, because they have superior stopping power compared to traditional rim brakes.


The gearing system on an electric bike also plays a major role in how fast and powerful it can be while maintaining control over its speed. If you plan on making quick deliveries, look for models with multiple gear levels such as eight or nine speeds. Different speeds give you more options depending on the type of terrain that you’ll be traveling on.


Speed and Acceleration 


The average commuter ebike speed and acceleration are key considerations when purchasing an electric bike for deliveries. Higher wattage motors enable the eBike to reach higher speeds. Certain models may include built-in torque sensors that allow riders to adjust how quickly they accelerate from standstill or how fast they reach their top speeds. 




Safety should be at the top of your list of priorities if you’re looking for an electric bike to use for deliveries. Look for models that come equipped with powerful lights to increase visibility at all times. Always wear a quality helmet made by a reputable manufacturer.


Deliver in Style


Electric bikes are well-suited for deliveries in a wide range of industries, but it’s important you know what to look for when choosing the ideal eBike for this purpose. At Ride1Up, we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and help you find your ideal bike!

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