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What to Look For in an Electric Bike

Many people want to make positive changes in their lives and in their communities. Biking as a means of commuting is one way to improve your physical health while also minimizing your carbon footprint. However, many people are intimidated by making this change and want to learn more about the best lightweight e-bike of 2022.

It’s not uncommon to hear people voice concerns about being on the road with cars and being worried about not being able to keep up if there isn’t a bike lane. Luckily, you can get a workout with an e-bike without getting exhausted; you can also have the speed of a motorized vehicle without the negative environmental impact. 

Whatever your motivation is, an e-bike is a worthwhile investment. In fact, a major television network reported recently that e-bikes outsold four-wheel motorized vehicles two-to-one in 2021. 

Finding the Right E-Bike 

For people who are late to jump on the bandwagon, investing in an e-bike comes with many questions, such as: Can electric bikes get wet? How do I charge them? Do electric bikes charge when you pedal

Let Ride1Up connect you with an expert in your area. They will answer all your questions and let you test-ride some of their models! In the meantime, here’s some information to help you understand the different types of e-bikes that are currently on the market.

The Three Classes of E-Bikes

For starters, e-bikes come in three classes:

  • Class 1: The motor only kicks in when you are pedaling and lets you take over once you reach a speed of twenty miles per hour. Many new riders start with this class of e-bike. They are affordable and allowed almost anywhere (e.g., city streets and bike paths).
  • Class 2: Like Class 1, the pedal-assist mode of Class 2 bikes also tops out at twenty mph but also has a purely throttle-powered mode. This class is also allowed in most places.
  • Class 3: The e-bikes in this class are most popular for commuters and commercial use (such as for deliveries or errand runners). These tend to be more expensive than the previous two classes of e-bikes because they are more powerful, as they have throttle and pedal assist until you reach twenty-eight MPH. These e-bikes can bear heavier loads and are ideal for biking on inclines. However, due to their power, they may not be allowed on bike paths or on nature trails.

Batteries and Charging

When you know what you want to use your e-bike for and have an idea of what kinds of inclines and speeds you hope to reach, you can make an informed decision when choosing the battery. A powerful motor is useful in many situations, but it uses up battery power more quickly–this is because more power is needed to cart heavier loads and reach faster speeds. 

You will want to consider the battery charge time, the number of batteries you want (some e-bikes will allow you to use two batteries at once), and your battery mounting setup. It typically takes three to five hours to fully charge an empty, large-capacity battery. If you use your bike for commuting, you will want to determine if you will need to bring your charger with you.

Other Features

We would be remiss if we overlooked the technical aspects of e-bikes. Some e-bikes come with mounted LCD displays and smartphone integration. 

In addition, you need to decide what type of frame you may want, how you will secure your bike, and if the bike style and size fit you properly.

In Conclusion

E-bike sellers, such as Ride1Up, offer online purchases as well as the ability to test bikes out if you connect with an ambassador or dealer! Even if you aren’t located near a Ride1Up ambassador or dealer, we have a full staff of knowledgeable experts you can connect with to make sure you are comfortable enough with your bike before you make a purchase. 

There is so much that goes into finding the perfect e-bike. Connect with Ride1Up and work with a specialist to help you find the perfect fit!

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