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What Are the Different Types of E-Bikes?

As you delve into the world of e-bikes, you might be overwhelmed by the options available. Or, if you’re already an enthusiast, you may be looking to see what other e-bikes are capable of to expand your horizons. There are many types of e-bikes, from cruisers to electric bikes that look like mopeds. But what are the pros and cons for these e-bikes?

Below, we describe the different styles of e-bikes and how you can integrate them into your daily life.

The Different Types of E-Bikes

In order to pick an e-bike that works best with your lifestyle, it’s important to know the different types. The main types of e-bike are cruiser, commuter, mountain, and road. Each type is ideal for different uses, so you can find the right e-bike for your needs.


Also known as a ‘comfort’ e-bike, the cruiser e-bike is designed for casual riders who bike for leisure or relaxed recreation. They are equipped with a comfortable saddle, fat or wide tires, and a suspension system that reduces the shock to the front fork or seat. Handlebars are placed higher so riders can enjoy an upright experience, reducing strain on the back and shoulders.

They typically come with two frame types: traditional and step-through. Step-through is a great option for riders who struggle to lift their legs high enough over the center bar of the bike frame. It’s also convenient if you need to mount or dismount your bike quickly.


Is commuting on an electric bike a good idea? It is with this style of e-bike! Commuter e-bikes are designed for the rider who needs to get where they are going, fast. These bikes are designed with large, yet narrow, tires for efficiency. While they are more comfortable, the seats and riding position aren’t as cushioned as cruiser bikes.

These bikes are built to have longer ranges, with most reaching speeds as high as twenty-eight miles per hour (MPH).


Are you a weekend adventurer? A mountain (sometimes called ‘off road’) e-bike is the one for you. These bikes are designed to take you faster and farther on and off your favorite trail, all while requiring less effort than a manual mountain bike.

The battery and motor are typically positioned lower and towards the center of the bike, providing more stability on uneven terrain. With a mountain e-bike, you can ascend steep hills faster than ever.


Road e-bikes are designed for recreational riding on paved surfaces with narrow tires and drop handlebars. Their frames are generally lightweight as well. This specialized design encourages fast riding, making it perfect for the speedster within.

Choosing an E-Bike

There are several types of unique e-bikes, each perfect for a different setting and circumstance. When selecting an e-bike, consider what you will use it for: do you want to hit rocky trails, or are you planning on riding your bike for rapid-paced door deliveries? While all of these bikes will get the job done, some fare better than others in certain situations.

Remember, these styles of e-bike do not explicitly indicate whether they are a Class 1, 2, or 3 e-bike. As you shop, ask an expert at Ride1Up which class the bike falls into to better understand your local laws and regulations regarding your e-bike. Not all of these classes are allowed in certain areas, so be sure to do your research before you make your investment!

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