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The Best Electric Bikes for Baskets

Delivery carriers and commuters alike are making the greener, healthier switch from driving everywhere to zipping around town on the best electric touring-style bikes. If you’re transitioning from using a larger vehicle to one that doesn’t have the space a trunk can provide, there’s a solution for you.

At Ride1Up, we offer top-quality electric bikes with basket-attachment capabilities. Our baskets work with our Connect+ series of e-bike racks, and the majority of our e-bikes are basket-compatible. Below, we’ll list our favorite e-bikes with basket compatibility and other accessories you can attach to your e-bike to expand the carrying storage on your bike.

E-Bikes for Deliveries

We say “deliveries” because, typically, riders requiring an expanded amount of carrying storage are delivery drivers. However, any and all riders may need carrying storage when riding. Our e-bikes on this list can support baskets, racks, and rack carriers. Look at each item carefully to ensure the e-bike you’re interested in supports your needs.

The Turris

Our Turris e-bike can support a total weight capacity of 300 pounds, including rider weight, cargo, child carriers, rear rack cargo, backpacks, and more. No matter the baskets and attachments you include, the overall bearing weight must not exceed 300 pounds–any more than that will impact the bike’s performance.

This e-bike is compatible with our Connect+ front rack integration system, our lightweight rear rack, the Connect+ front rack basket, and our double-sided panniers for additional storage capacity.

The 700 Series

The 700 Series has the same weight limitations as the Turris, and is compatible with our Connect+ integration systems, including the front rack and basket. Don’t forget the insulated panniers for grocery trips and picnics!


Our LMT’D e-bike has the same weight limitations as the other e-bikes so far, but with a bonus for storage capabilities: this e-bike is compatible with our front rack, front basket and rear rack with panniers.


Our Prodigy e-bike has the weight limitations the bikes above have, and is compatible with our front racks, front rack baskets (via our Connect+ systems), and panniers.

Cafe Cruiser

Our Cafe Cruiser has perhaps the most space and ability to haul cargo of any of the e-bikes on this list so far. Its maximum weight limit is higher than the other electric bikes mentioned, supporting 350 pounds of total weight. This additional weight is helpful because our Cafe Cruiser has plus-one cargo capability. 

The Cafe Cruiser is compatible with our signature Ride1Up passenger kit, which utilizes our Connect+ technology. This kit allows for an integrated passenger seat, supporting up to 130 pounds of weight, and includes two wheel covers and two footpegs for your passenger. This is ideal for carting around your most precious cargo: kiddos and pets. 

The Cafe Cruiser is not compatible with our attachable rear racks, because it already is equipped with a rear rack that supports 150 pounds of loading weight. The rear rack supports the basket in a snap along with our Ride1Up panniers – plus add the front rack and basket for extra carrying capacity.

Moving Forward

Choosing the right e-bike for your commute can be tricky, especially if you have a lot to bring with you. Parents dropping children off at school on the way to work, delivery drivers increasing their orders per ride, and even riders bringing their own groceries home don’t need to borrow a car or take the bus. With our top-notch technology, your favorite e-bike can literally take the weight off your shoulders.

Still have questions? Reach out to Ride1Up today about the bike or equipment you’re interested in, and we’ll get you started on the right path. Looking for more information about e-bikes, including how to test your e-bike’s battery and how an electric bike works? Read our other articles for more details!

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