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Ride1Up Turris vs Aventon Pace 500.2: A Side-by-Side Comparison

The Ride1Up Turris ebike is the starter pack of the ebike world. From joyriding and weekend adventures to work trips or running errands, the Turris hybrid design, touring-style ebike is the best choice when it comes to quality to price for those looking to enjoy the thrills of ebiking without investing an arm and a leg.

Ride1Up’s claim to fame is our ability to dissect and recreate the essential features of an ebike with a focus on durability, and performance-to-price while keeping the cost hundreds less than our competitors. We don’t sell the cheapest bikes, but we sell the absolute highest value-to-cost bikes available today. The choice to bike rather than drive shouldn’t only be a question of ideology, but a clever financial decision as well. We wrote that into the DNA of our starter ebike, the Turris. To show how it contrasts with competing models in the market, we thought it valuable to compare the Ride1Up Turris to one of the foremost contenders in the industry, Aventon’s Pace 500.2.

Turris vs Pace 500.2

From a high-level view, these two bikes are very similar with one defining difference. The Pace costs over $300 more. You may think you’re getting more for what you pay for, however, that is far from the truth. Read on to learn more as we break down each element below. An in-depth analysis of each bullet point can be found in further detail in the following sections.

  • More Affordable – $1,295 vs $1,599
  • Equal Top Speed – 28mph vs 28mph
  • Similar Frame Weight – 55lbs vs 52lbs
  • Equal Battery – 12.8Ah vs 12.8Ah
  • Equal Carrying Capacity – 300lbs vs 300lbs
  • Similar Quality Mechanical Components (see below for details)
  • Similar Quality Electrical Components (see below for details)
  • Higher Build Quality and Frame Design (see below for details)
    • Front Fork Suspension vs Rigid Fork
    • Fenders Included vs Additional Purchase

As we dig into the comparison of the Turris and the Pace 500.2, you’ll find the basic features divided into four sections. Find the “stats section” which reflects the basic facts which would be advertised on a cycling showroom floor.  After, we’ll examine both bike’s electrical and mechanical components, and lastly zoom out to examine the final features that bind everything together.


These are similar to the facts advertised in a bike shop.

TurrisPace 500.2
(864 Peak)
500W (Undisclosed Peak)
BatteryIntegrated 12.8Ah
(48V System)
Integrated 12.8Ah
(48V System)
Range25-45 Miles24-47 Miles
Pedal Assist (PAS)Yes
(Thumb Throttle)
(Thumb Throttle)
Top Speed28 mph28 mph
ModelsStep-through & Step-overStep-through & Step-over
Weight55 lbs52 lbs
Carrying Capacity300 lbs300 lbs
Gears7-Speed8-Speed (Advertised*)
LightsFrontFront and Rear
DisplayBacklit, 2-Tone DisplayBacklit, Color Display

At first glance,  the Turris and the Pace 500.2 are extremely similar in features and functionality, but with nearly $300 stacked onto the Pace 500.2’s retail price. Notably, the Pace 500.2 has a significantly less powerful motor but with one additional gearing option, a rear light, and a color display. What the consumer is forced to ask is: Is this difference worth $300? When it comes to pulling out your wallet to shell out your hard-earned cash, most would run for the hills. Let’s descend into the following sections and we’ll see why the Turris is the best choice compared to the Pace 500.2 for those looking to begin their ebike career with everything they need without sacrificing one cent.


 Let’s see how the electrical components differ between these two models.

700 SeriesPace 500.2Comments
BatteryIntegrated 12.8 Ah
(LG Cells)48V system
Integrated 12.8 Ah
(LG Cells)
48V System
Battery power is going to give you the juice to go further and faster than ever on an acoustic bike. Paying $300 more for the same battery doesn’t seem like it’s adding up here.
Motor750W, 60nm Torque
Shengyi Rear Hub
Rear Hub (Undisclosed Brand – Undisclosed Torque)
Motor and battery work in tandem to give you that thrilling boost, up hills or through challenging terrain.

The Turris stocks a significantly more powerful motor with ample torque and is transparent about using a Shengyi motor.

Aventon doesn’t advertise which manufacturer they are using but based on research, they opt for either Bafang or Shengyi. No matter what brand you pull out of the hat when you purchase a Pace, the motor is not going to give you the same ‘oomph’.
Display ScreenBacklit, Square Programmable 2-Tone Display
Backlit, Square Color DisplayThe Turris stocks a 2-tone, easy-to-read display with real-time ride metrics and programmable features that let you customize your ride. You can finetune the power settings for each level, and switch between 3-9 assist levels for a more unique experience. Additionally, view your real-time wattage through the motor to get an instinctive feel for how you and the motor interact while riding.

The Pace 500.2 has a center-mounted color screen with an app to boot. However, it only advertises 5 levels of assistance. Aesthetically pleasing to be sure, but is it worth an extra $300? Getting stuck on the road or unable to customize features because of a firmware glitch is not what most want to pay extra for. 
Front LightBuchel ShinyRound LED (60 Lux)Unbranded
Round LED
(40 Lux)
Both bikes feature a center-mounted, integrated headlight. The Turris comes stocked with a 50% brighter, Buchel front light designed to light the way, rather than just be seen by motorists or other bikers while riding with the Pace 500.2’s 40 lux front light.
Rear LightNo Rear LightSeatstay Integrated Rectangular LEDsHat’s off to Aventon as their seat stay integrated rear lights are a neat feature that you will not find on many other ebike designs. However, that is a double-edged sword. If they malfunction, you’re stuck with the notoriously long waiting time for support from Aventon to fix it.

The Turris is not stocked with a rear light, but mind you, you can purchase a rear light online or at your LBS for little investment and cast away worries about visibility difficulties or support issues.


The mechanical components are the tendons and ligaments of your ebike and are equally important as the electric muscle that propels you.

700 SeriesPace 500.2Comments
BrakesZoom Brand
180mm, 2-Piston Hydraulic Disc with Motor Cut-Off Sensor
Unbranded “Hydraulic Disc Brakes” Both bikes sport hydraulic brakes which require less maintenance and provide ideal stopping power.

The Turris is fitted with Zoom dual-piston brakes with motor-cutoff sensors and 180mm rotors that are tested and applauded to provide powerful stopping power in challenging scenarios.

The Pace 500.2 advertises “hydraulic disc brakes” and we’re left wondering what we’re getting when you pull the lever on this ebike. Extra research revealed that the 2023 Pace 500.2 has been shipped with Tektro HD-E350E brakes which are also 180mm and designed with motor cut-off; the same features and functionalities, at a higher cost.
Drivetrain7-speed Shimano Altus8-speed Shimano Altus (Advertised)The Turris comes with the sturdy and dependable 7-speed Shimano Altus level derailleur, thumb shifter, and cassette.

We’re left wondering what Aventon is packing here. On their website, they advertise an 8-speed drivetrain with a trigger shifter. If that is the case, that is a slightly more expensive component set.

However, 3rd party reviewers of the 2023 Pace 500.2 reported the exact same 7-speed drivetrain components that are sported by the Turris. Tread carefully and make sure to do your own research before buying!
Suspension ForkTrama Brand Hydraulic Suspension, 100mm Travel, with Hydraulic  LockoutRigid ForkFront forks are perhaps the most important frame component and affect your ride experience most out of the myriad of moving parts that comprise your bike. In the market today, front fork suspensions are becoming a necessity on nearly every ebike.  

The Pace 500.2 is sorely lacking in this respect and for $1,599, you would expect them to go the extra mile on manufacturing and design costs by including this feature in their offering.

The Turris is a hybrid, touring-style adventure bike, so we knew we needed to include a robust suspension system for a variable terrain machine. 


Now let’s zoom out and examine the final features that glue everything together.

700 SeriesPace 500.2Comments
Frame StyleStep-Through & Step-OverStep-Through & Step-OverStep-over and step-through frames are either a practical or aesthetic preference. If you have cargo or mobility needs, the step-through frame is a good choice.

In this case, both bikes come with your choice of either step-through or step-over frames.
Top Speed2828Both bikes are going to get you going where you need to, fast. Class 3 ebikes are becoming the top choice for bikers across the nation. Whether you want to pay more for the same functionality is up to you and your accountant.
Colors32The ability to express yourself is priceless. The color choices you have available make it all the easier.
That said, if you have an opportunity to pay less and get more, most consumers appreciate it!
The Turris comes in a lush Forest Green, sleek Graphite Gray, and a classic Ivory White (don’t worry, it’s faux ivory).

The Pace 500.2 comes in Midnight Black and SoCal Sand and you’d be hard-pressed to find these colors $300 more attractive.
FendersHardened Metal Alloy No FendersThe Turris comes stock with hardened alloy, durable and fashionably practical fenders to keep you dry on wet roads. 

The Pace 500.2 does not come stock with fenders and requires another $30 accessory cost to pile on the mounting price tag.  Their product reviews do not specify if the fenders are quality metal alloys or cheaper plastic materials.
Kenda Booster 
Unbranded “27.5×2.2″Tire quality and design are critical to your ride experience.
The Turris sports Kenda Booster hybrid tires which provide more traction and handle a variety of terrains and challenging landscapes. The brown sidewalls are sure to get interested glances as you hop from gravel to pavement with ease.

The Pace 500.2 doesn’t advertise its tire set, however, what we do know is that they are more narrow and designed for pavement. With research, we uncovered that they may use the Kenda Kwick.7 which is less versatile and about $15-20 cheaper than the Booster.
Range25-45 Miles24-47 MilesRange is an estimate and depends on mixed factors like temperature, grade, tire pressure, weight, and riding style, to name a few.

Both bikes stock a 12.8Ah integrated battery with LG cells, and with similar frame weight and class 3 programming/capabilities, you should be getting about the same distance on a single charge from both bikes.
Throttle OperationThumb ThrottleThumb ThrottleThese two ebikes have thumb-throttles as compared to a grip twist. We find the thumb throttle to be superior for ebikes and have opted for this style for many years.

In Conclusion

After opening up the hood of these two bikes, there are a few prevailing concepts that float to the top. First and foremost, the Turris and the Pace 500.2 are incredibly similar in design and function. One tip of the hat to the Pace 500.2 is that they have a color display with an application synced to your phone. Nevertheless, the Ride1Up Turris is over $300 cheaper but is giving some seriously practical upgrades like a higher quality frame build, more versatile tires, stock alloy fenders, and a hydraulic suspension system that can’t even begin to be compared to the Pace’s rigid fork. 

The hair in the proverbial soup here is that Aventon is saving a ton of costs by manufacturing their Pace 500.2 with a lower-quality motor and without a front suspension. Yet, they’re not pushing the cost saving to you the consumer, but putting it into someone else’s pockets. Since 2018, Ride1Up has driven the market forward from San Diego, CA by making it easier to get high-quality, long-lasting ebikes nationwide for the price they should be, not for an artificially inflated price set by a cigar-smoking CEO in a distant skyscraper. The Turris is the starter pack of the ebike world; a low-risk, high-reward investment in your health, finances, and a sustainable future. If you’re looking to start your ebike career with a brand that puts the customer, the quality of our product, and the quality of support first, the Ride1Up Turris adventure touring-style ebike is your choice. Start riding today!


  1. I agree that the Turris is a better value. Aventon has a presence in local bike shops which is the best kind of support but R1U’s remote support is superior to Aventon’s remote support. For novices with no mechanical inclination the Aventon has an edge if purchased in a LBS.
    One tiny detail you got wrong in the comparison is the headlight output. 60L vs 40L is 50% brighter, not 150%.

    I’m a long time cyclist and own two R1U bikes. I am very pleased with my choice and wish R1U great success.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Mark. Bang-for-buck, the Turris is unmatched if you are measuring by componententry, build quality, and performance. Having local mechanic support is a win whichever brand you choose.
      Our expert techs work hand in hand with any bike shop you find trustworthy and most convenient, ultimately aiming to make your experience as smooth as possible.
      Our team has updated the lighting typo, thanks for reading and pointing that out! We couldn’t be successful without your support and we wish you joyful riding on your Ride1Ups!

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