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In-Store Return and Warranty Policy

Return Policy:

Thirty (30) day return policy on our e-bikes. Must be returned to the store. You will receive 100% refund as long as the e-bike is in the condition it was sold to you. Ride1Up, Inc. (“Ride1Up”) reserves the right to make deductions for damage/excessive use.

To qualify for a return, the e-bike must meet the following conditions:

  • Odometer must read less than twenty ADDITIONAL (20) miles from date of sale.
  • Be free of any dirt, wear and tear, fragrances, or any other signs of use.
  • Be free of any defectives from assembly such as stripped bolts, scratched frames, etc.
  • Must include all parts which include but are not limited to the charger, keys, tools, hardware, and any free gifts.

Returns are not available on batteries or accessories.

Warranty Information (e-bike)

In-store-purchased Ride1Up e-bikes come with a six (6) month manufacturer’s warranty from date of sale covering defects/parts (does not include labor). RIDE1UP does not offer warranty on accessories.

Warranty claims only exist for initial faults that were already present at the time of handover. Ride1Up grants a six (6) month guarantee for manufacturing defects only.

Cosmetic defects to components don’t necessitate replacement or any refund, but for major aesthetic damage a credit may be issued, or replacement sent only if the item is functionally damaged after RIDE 1UP has been given the opportunity to replace any failed components back to working, like-new condition.

Ride1Up 1UP reserves the right to determine if the product has been operated in accordance with the products intended use and whether user error and or neglect is the cause for the product damage or failure. Ride1Up may require videos and photographic submissions to review each warranty claim. If the issue is not clearly evident in the submitted photos, customer will be required to send additional video or photographs that clearly show the issue or concern. If Ride1Up has determined this claim is not covered under warranty and the customer is within the 30 day return, the customer is responsible for returning the e-bike to the shop – pursuant to our return policy (refer to purchase receipt).

Ride1Up reserves the right to use substitute parts, materials and equipment that meet equivalent value and Ride1Up’s quality standards as part of any warranty claim.

This warranty shall be effective only if all the following conditions are met:

    • If the e-bike was purchased directly from our store located at 415-B Laurel St, San Diego, CA 92101.
    • Receipt of purchase is presented to confirm date of purchase.
    • If the e-bike has followed all intended use purposes.
    • If the electronics have not been repaired or modified.
    • Although professional is not required, we suggest our e-bikes be assembled by knowledge bike mechanic or professional. If any components are damaged as result of customer incorrectly installing a component, the customer will be responsible for replacement and shipping costs. (eg: Crank arm damage, stripped bolts, damaged headset from improper assembly, etc).
    • Rider and purchaser is 18 years of age or over and possesses the legal capacity and authority to purchase and ride an e-bike.
    • The e-bike is ridden only on paved roads and trails. Using the e-bike for any other purpose may result in serious injury.
    • Maximum total weight of rider including any cargo is at all times below the e-bikes’ specified weight capacity (listed on website).

How To Handle Warranty Claims
Please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping replacement components if the component is in stock. In the rare occasion that a replacement component is not in stock, Ride1Up reserves the right to obtain the product from a third-party vendor and will not be responsible for any potential shipping delays.  To quickly resolve the issue the owner must send an email with a photo and/or video if appropriate to our Support Team using our Contact Us Page. We will make any necessary repairs to remedy the situation.

Ride1Up will ship replacement parts within the six (6) month warranty period at no charge.  The owner will be responsible for labor. Warranty parts will be shipped in the U.S. only at our cost. It will be necessary to send an email with a photo and or video as appropriate to our Support Team using our Contact Us Page, so we diagnose any issue.

Ride1Up reserves the right to make judgement determinations of proper use based on the evidence provided and may require additional photos and or videos of the item or issue in question.

This warranty applies only to customers purchasing directly from our store located at 415-B Laurel St, San Diego, CA 92101. No other party other than Ride1Up may change the terms. This WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER THE FOLLOWING:

Normal wear and tear from use or exposure to the elements. All normal wear and tear damage to the product is not covered by warranty. Any portion of the product worn or broken from use is not covered by the warranty.

    • Damage or failure from abuse, neglect, misuse, or accident.
    • Damage or failure from modification of any of the e-bikes’ systems.
    • Damage or failure of any part of the electrical system resulting from improper storage or charging of the battery. Improper charging of the battery could cause serious external damage to persons or property.
    • Installation of any 3rd party parts, accessories, or electrical components.
    • Lost or damaged keys to the e-bike are not covered by warranty.
    • If customer does not provide sufficient video or photographic evidence of the warranty claim.
    • All warranties are void if e-bike is used for any purpose other than the reasonable intended use.

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