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How to Lock an Electric Bike

You’ve invested in an electric bike. You’ve learned if all electric bikes have pedal-assist and how often to charge your electric bike. Whether you have an urban cruiser e-bike, a fat tire beach cruiser e-bike, or a regular electric bike, you know how wonderful they are. Unfortunately, so do other people. 

Whether you’re stopping by your friend’s for a few minutes, going into a grocery store, or leaving it parked outside your office, electric bikes are at risk of theft. It’s important to take steps to secure your electric bike when it is not in use. Taking the time to ensure it is secure can protect your e-bike against theft and vandalism. 

Choose the Right Lock 

The first step to securely locking your electric bike is picking out the right lock. There are several types of locks available—chain locks, U-locks, cable locks, and combination locks—and it’s important that you choose the lock most appropriate to your needs.  

Do you plan to leave your bike unattended in public for short periods of time? Let’s say you’re riding it to the grocery store and want to leave it parked in public for roughly twenty minutes. In this scenario, a cable or a chain lock should provide sufficient security. For scenarios in which you plan to park your electric bike for longer periods of time, such as overnight, U-locks and combination locks will be the safest choice. 

Cable and chain locks provide similar levels of security and are usually lighter and easier to carry, but they aren’t ideal protection for long periods of time. U-locks and combination locks are more durable and secure, but they’re heavier and can be more inconvenient to carry around. 

Lock It Properly 

Once you have chosen the right lock for your specific needs, it is important to lock it properly. When locking up your e-bike, attaching it to something solid, like a street sign, makes it more difficult for your bike to be stolen. It’s also advisable to lock your electric bike in a location that is well lit. 

When you lock your bike, be sure to place your lock around the frame of the bike. If possible, try to loop your lock through both wheels and through the frame to secure all components of your bike. Unlike a traditional bike, e-bikes come equipped with certain accessories, like battery packs. Be sure to secure these, as well, as these can also be targeted for theft. Consider getting a separate lock for these items. 

Wrapping Up

There you have it–our quick and handy how-to guide on keeping your electric bike safe. Keeping your e-bike secure doesn’t have to be difficult, it just requires a little thought and preparation.

For more information on keeping your e-bike as safe as possible and in fantastic shape at all times, reach out to the professionals at Ride1UP. We’re ready to answer all your electric bike questions and make sure you have everything you need to make sure your e-bike experience is as great as can be. Check us out today!

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