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Fast Electric Bikes for Adults

Fast eBikes are great to have because they’re efficient forms of transportation that also promote good health through exercise. You don’t need the fastest eBike in the market for a speedy riding experience. A small fast electric bike is enough for most everyday users, particularly those who rely on their electric bicycles for commuting. 

Ride1Up offers a catalog of fast electric bikes for adults. Everything on offer is Class 3, with speeds reaching up to twenty-eight miles-per-hour on pedal assist for some models.

How Do Electric Bikes Go So Fast?

Electric bikes can go up to speeds of twenty-eight MPH; the normal top range of Class 3 bikes, though some can go way faster) because they’re equipped with a battery-powered motor that can propel them forward. The more powerful the motor and the battery, the faster an electric bicycle goes for longer.

EBike motors feature pedal-assist, which enables riders to get a boost when they pedal, so they move faster with less effort. Some eBikes also have a throttle that works similar to that on motorcycles; by thrusting the throttle, riders can accelerate even without their feet on the pedal.

What to Consider When Choosing Fast Electric Bikes

Here are some of the things you must consider when choosing fast electric bikes to ensure that you go home with the right vehicle for you:


The motor is the number one defining factor of an eBike’s speed. Its power is measured by watt (W)—the higher the watt, the more powerful the motor, and the more capable it is to reach top speeds or accelerate quickly. Ride1Up’s fastest bikes are decked with 750W motors, offering insane boosts to help you reach your desired speed.


A powerful battery will ensure that you go fast for longer. Check how long a battery can sustain a ride on a single charge, and choose one that can provide the range and speed you require.

Speed Limit

Some eBikes have speed limits imposed. Be sure to check the maximum speed allowed for electric bicycles in your area, and find a bike that complies with local regulations.


The lighter the eBike, the faster it’ll be able to move and accelerate. For a speedier vehicle, opt for one made of more lightweight materials. That said, remember to consider build quality too. Electric bikes that are made using high-quality materials, like those from Ride1Up, will be better capable of withstanding the wear and tear of fast riding.


Fast electric bikes are often pricier than their slower counterparts, so be prepared to shell out a few more bucks if you want something that cruises at top speed. With some research, you can find an e-bicycle that promises great performance at a reasonable price.

Ride1Up’s Fast Electric Bikes for Adults

Ride1Up features a catalog of premium eBikes at accessible prices—a product of the brand’s commitment to value. Here are some of Ride1Up’s fastest electric bikes for adults:


The Core-5 is Ride1Up’s starter eBike. It’s simple, clean, and efficient, outfitted with standard name-brand components. yet it delivers speeds of up to twenty-eight MPH at an easy-to-reach price tag of $1,045.

Cafe Cruiser

The Cafe Cruiser is an upright casual electric cruiser bike that offers amazing comfort and plus-one cargo capabilities. It’s one of the brand’s most functional eBikes, suitable for all types of road cruises. It’s also built for speed, being able to go as fast as twenty-eight MPH.

700 Series

A step up from their already impressive 500 series, Ride1Up’s 700 series electric bicycle is the ultimate biking experience. Decked with top-notch specs in a well-built frame, it’s a fully-loaded commuter bike that’s capable of carrying its riders on all types of riding experiences. It’s a high-end electric bike—for half the price.

Safety Tips for Riding Fast Electric Bikes

While cruising at top speed might be exhilarating, it can also be dangerous. Here are some tips to keep yourself and your eBike investment safe:

Wear Safety Gear

Always wear a properly-fitted helmet when you’re on your electric bike, and have a small first aid kit always on hand in case of emergencies.

Observe Traffic Laws

Like other vehicles, including traditional bikes, eBikes are subject to road and traffic rules. Be aware of these regulations and always obey relevant laws.

Keep Your Bike in Good Shape

Regularly check your bike’s components, especially its breaks, before you ride at high speeds. This ensures that you’re not a threat on the road—to yourself or others. Keep your bike clean and lubricated for optimal performance.

The Best Value Fast Electric Bikes From Ride1Up

Ride1Up promises some of the best-value fast electric bikes in the market. Find the right one for you today!

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