Test Rides

Published on August 25, 2021

Our platform for offering and finding independent test rides is now available!

With this program you can now earn commission for sharing your bike with newcomers and curious buyers near you. As a potential buyer, you can utilize this independent network to test a new model in your area. Here are some key features of the program.

As a potential customer:

  1. All locations are independent operators and ambassadors are individuals and not businesses.
  2. Individual ambassadors are taking their time to share their passion, please be respectful when arranging a test ride.
  3. The locations map can be used for finding service or mechanics in your area.


As a Ride1UP owner or mechanic:

  1. Share the joy of your bike with others in your community. Use your discretion when arranging meetings and focus on safety.
  2. Earn 8% commission when a test ride turns into a purchase. When signing up, follow the instructions to be eligible.
  3. Offer your expertise and pricing schedule to assist others with assembling and maintenance needs.



The Categories

Shops and Dealers
Test rides, service, and direct purchases often available. Be sure to call and ask if the model you are interested in is in stock before going by the location. Shops are independently owned and operated.

Rental Fleets

Test rides and rentals available. At these locations, you may have to pay a small fee to test a bike. Be sure to call in advance to see which models are available.



No test rides available. Use these locations for assembly, tuning and other repair services for your Ride1UP electric bike. Mechanics are independent of Ride1Up, and quality of service cannot be guaranteed.



Independent service and test rides often available. These locations are independent Ride1Up owners who are volunteering their time and bike to share their passion and joy with you.