All-terrain fat tire ebike

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Class 2-3 capable ebike, with 28mph pedal assist and 20mph throttle



Powerful 750w geared hub motor with 95nm torque



45-60 miles depending on rider weight, terrain, incline, level of assist, etc.



Rugged Alloy Frame with internal protected & locked electronics



Frame geometry & components built for "the most comfortable ride ever"


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48V Geared Hub, AKM Angled Gears, 750w Sustained
48V 20ah Reention Mammoth LG Cells, Smart BMS
KD218 Adjustable Speed Color Display
PAS Sensor
Integrated Sensitive Cadence Sensor
180mm 4-piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes w/ Cut-Off Sensor
Hydraulic Lockout 120mm Travel Suspension
Kenda Krusade Anti-puncture tires 26x4.0"
Left-hand Thumb Throttle
680mm MTB double butted 9º Riser bars
48V 30A Sine-wave
Ergonomic Locking Rubber Grips
Shimano 8-speed SL-M315
44T Prowheel Alloy Chainring
Shimano 11-32T
Shimano RD Altus
KMC Z8.3 8-speed chain
Stainless Steel, 13G F - 12G R
KNUS Ergo Gel MTB Saddle
Seat Post
30.9mm, 350mm long Easton Dual Bolt
50mm Ext. 31.8mm Bar Clamp
150lb rated loading weight with pannier side mount
Front Light
Buchel Shiny 80, Ultra-bright 80 lux headlight
Rear Light
Velo Edge 48V, With Brake Light
Rear Rack Bungee, and Chainstay Guard


  • Weight capacity 350 lbs
  • Bike weight 84.5 lbs
  • Seat Tube 17"
  • Minimum seat height 33.5"
  • Maximum seat height 44"
  • Wheel base 46.4"
  • Total length 75.4"
    • ST Frame Dimensions:
    • Height range 5'1"-6'2"
    • Stand-over height 19"
    • Handlebar reach 15"
    • Handlebar height 42.5"
    • XR Frame Dimensions:
    • Height range 5'6"-6'4"
    • Stand-over height 29.5"
    • Handlebar reach 15"
    • Handlebar height 42.5"
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80 Lux Front Headlight and Integrated Rear Light to See and be Seen in Low Visibility Conditions


Handlebar Mounted 2.2" Color LCD Display. Customizable Pedal Assist (PAS) Settings and Advanced Metrics for Intelligent Riding Feedback.


Kenda Krusade 26x4.0" Anti-puncture Fat Tires High Performing and Reliable for All Surface Riding.


Alloy Front & Rear Fenders to Keep You and Your Bike Clean


Heavy Duty Integrated Rear Rack. 150 lb Capacity for Extra Support and Dual Passenger Capabilities.


Two Keys for the Removable Integrated Battery System. Theft Protection Design - Battery Anxiety Begone!

Shipping Information

Bike Will Arrive 85% Assembled (electronics are pre-assembled). Basic Assembly Steps Are Required.

Bikes In Stock Ship In Under 24 Hours. Email Tracking Provides Transit And Delivery Estimates Once Shipped. Package Size is 62″x12″x34.5″ and approximately 90lbs.


We are a direct-to-consumer company both in pricing and strategy. You will generally pay a premium for the ability to test-ride ebikes through a dealer. However, our electric bikes have been thoroughly tested by top reviewers such as Electric Bike Review, Electric Bike Report, Cycling Weekly, Clean Technica, Electrek and many others who have published their reviews on YouTube. Additionally, we are now supporting an independent network of owners offering their electric bikes for demos. Learn more here Locations

This article will explain all about what to expect when ordering an electric bike from us. Ordering With Us

Unfortunately, the 20Ah battery pack is the largest available that will fit this ebike frame.

No. The electric bike component variations you see on the site are the only options we have.

We only ship ebikes within North America. The Continental United States is FREE. Shipping to Canada is $400. Currently, not shipping to Hawaii. We are not responsible for any additional tariffs charged by your local government which are often times applied after importing. Unfortunately, we are not able to ship our electric bikes directly to Europe. You can use a shipping forwarder like ShopUsa.com to reach your country.

The electric bikes are not water-proof, they are water-resistant, rated IP-65. While we do not recommend leaving the ebikes out in the rain or riding in the rain or other hazardous conditions due to personal safety, the electric bikes can handle water exposure.

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5 reviews for Rift

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  1. Would be a 5 but had some glitches with the display not showing correctly for a while until reset multiple times. Do love the speed and stability though, and hope it works for years to come. Thanks.

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  2. This is my first e-bike and I have been thoroughly impressed. I purchased the Rift to use as a daily commuter for my 3 mile uphill ride in a high desert city.

    Initially the class 3 mode was locked and I was limited to 20mph. I contacted support and they quickly posted simple instructions to the support site to unlock the 28mph pedal assist. The battery allows for 3-4 days use at max motor output before needing a recharge due to my weight ~220lbs and the vertical gain.

    The front suspension and the fat tires allow for a smooth ride through my city filled with potholes. I also purchased the passenger seat add-on which is a fantastic way for my partner and I to get around the city. The fact that she is willing to keep going on rides speaks to the comfort of the suspension.

    In the first 30 days of ownership I have commuted with it every day and have been extremely satisfied and would recommend.

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  3. Bike arrived missing parts, in the box beside the bike itself and the white box contain the beanie, nothing else, no pedals , no charger, one of the bolt use to tight the front wheel is mess up look like it come from a bike that dropped. Battery doesnt close tightly all the way in, on top of the battery there is still a big gap, im not sure if its normal like that but it doesnt look normal to me, water will come in that gap for sure. For 2k this is pretty sad.

    (4) (2)
    • We are very sorry these items were missing. Thank you for sharing photos, our team will work with you to make sure the bike is working properly and you have the accessories box. The gap at the edge of the battery is normal, water will flow down the sides of the battery plate and drain to the ground.

  4. I’ve ridden the Rift for a few days mainly street riding and once in pouring rain. I ran thru potholes and pooled water with ease and never felt like I was getting beaten up by the road. I am 6′, 170 lb’s and long armed. With the handle bar adjusted right it is starting to feel like home. This bike is a 84.5 lb beast with the ability to hit 28 mpg using the torque sensor. This is a great feature to get off of a busy road on my way to a more sedate bike path. It is a fun ride though its weight requires a firm grip once it is stopped due to the weight and tipping possibility.

    For the past 5 years I have ridden a 2015 Kickstarter Sondors, steel frame, aluminum fenders that I fashioned with 4 inch tires and a 14 amp battery. A long lasting bike but this Ride 1Up Rift is a substantial upgrade offering more, distance, speed, power, battery and size. The Kenda tires are noisy and give everyone on the bike path notice I am coming up behind them if my bell doesn’t. A smoother tire would offer battery efficiency but I like being able to go thru curves not worrying about rolling off of gravel which I ride with on with the Sondors.

    I have not taken the Rift on dirt but look forward to the day as a Class 2 bike I have access to a few trails here in Boulder, CO and these Kenda Krusade knobby’s look like they will do the job.

    My next goal is to see how long I can nurse a battery charge as I have not mastered the different riding assists and gears for efficient use. 5th assist level uses an insane amount of power so I will save that for short needs as it will deplete your battery quick. I have not ridden any of the other modern big tire e bikes so cannot compare to what differences they may have. I was ready to plunk down the money for a Prodigy for more trail riding but one look at this bike turned my head hard! Happy rider!

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  5. Electrifyingly Ecstatic E-Bike Experience: The Giggle-Rift Whirlwind!
    Gather ’round, dear readers, as I regale you with the tale of my recent whirlwind romance with the Giggle-Rift Ride1up electric bike! This two-wheeled lightning bolt of sheer joy had me grinning like a Cheshire cat on a sugar high from the moment I hit the throttle.
    With its fat tire, curvaceous frame and seductive green color, the Giggle-Rift had me smitten before I even hopped on. And let me tell you, once I did, it was like a thousand caffeinated hummingbirds were propelling me forward on a cloud of pure, unadulterated happiness!

    The Giggle-Rift’s pedal-assist feature was nothing short of miraculous. It sensed my every whim and kicked in like a turbocharged fairy godmother, making me feel as though I was being lovingly pushed by a team of enthusiastic, eco-friendly cherubs. Hills? What hills? With the Giggle-Rift beneath me, I effortlessly soared over inclines that would have left me wheezing and cursing on any mere mortal bike.

    Now, let’s talk about the throttle. This baby is not your grandma’s electric bike! When I pushed that magical lever, I was instantly transformed into an eco-friendly speed demon, leaving a trail of green lightning in my wake. It felt like the Giggle-Rift was powered by the laughter of a thousand Greek gods.
    Of course, what’s an electric bike without its battery? The Giggle-Rift battery was like a bottomless well of sustainable joy. This power-packed dynamo kept me zipping along like an electrified gazelle for hours on end.

    The Giggle-Rift’s electric bike experience was so sublime that I found myself devising new errands to run just so I could spend more time on this electrifying steed. I even tried to convince my boss that I needed to work remotely – as in, from the saddle of my Giggle-Rift, while riding through the streets at breakneck speeds. Sadly, she didn’t quite see the genius in my plan.

    So, my friends, if you’re looking for an electric bike that will leave you giggling like a schoolchild on a rollercoaster, look no further than the Giggle-Rift. Just be prepared to turn heads, make friends, and leave a wake of infectious laughter wherever you go. It’s not just a bike – it’s a giggle-powered revolution!

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