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R1CBC: The Ride1Up Cadence Sensor System

Let’s explore how Ride1Up’s current-based-cadence system (R1CBC) is a superior approach to cadence sensor technology, providing a smoother and more customizable riding experience than competitors. Electric bike’s most common type of sensors are cadence sensors. However, not all cadence sensors offer the same performance.  After reading, you can learn more in our in-depth interview with Bike Rumor on affordable ebike technology and the advantages of our R1CBC system.

Most Common Cadence Sensors

In a typical budget cadence sensor ebike, pedaling rotates the cranks around the bottom bracket, where the cadence sensor is strategically located. The sensor’s magnets register motion within 30-270 degrees of the pedal/crank rotation. However, the riding experience with this system is perceived as jerky and lacks room for customization, especially at lower speeds. Enter the R1CBC.

Ride1Up R1CBC (Current-Based-Cadence Sensors)

We realized early on that typical cadence sensors found among our competitors are not optimized to provide the best riding experience. Being too jerky and unresponsive was a common complaint. We knew we could do better and equip our ebikes with the R1CBC, our current-based-cadence sensors, to address many of the drawbacks riders were experiencing. Doing so achieved the absolute best performance for your dollar, with the smoothest and most responsive motor activation possible from cadence sensor systems today.

How Ride1Up R1CBC Systems Enhance Your Ride

Earlier Engagement and Responsiveness

Unlike the typical setup, the R1CBC engages much sooner, allowing for greater riding precision. Customizable through the display, our cadence sensor can engage with only 10 degrees of pedal/crank rotation. This prevents accidental motor engagement during coasting and enhances safety and control. In just a few moments, you can adjust these settings on all Ride1Up ebikes equipped with KD21C and KD218 displays.

Current-Based-Cadence PAS for Intuitive Riding

Our R1CBC systems operate on a current-based rather than speed-based programming. This means the PAS level changes the amount of current or wattage the motor provides, offering assistance based on your desired effort level, not your speed. This feature allows for a more natural and seamless riding experience compared to traditional speed-based systems, which can feel unresponsive, abrupt, and unnatural.

Customizable PAS Levels

Our ebikes feature fully customizable PAS levels on KD21C and KD218 displays. Riders can choose between 0-3, 0-5, or 0-9 levels of PAS, tailoring the amount of wattage at each level to suit individual preferences. The level of customization that the R1CBC provides is a game-changer in the ebike industry, providing riders with unparalleled control over their power usage settings.

Sine-Wave Controllers for Smoother Power Delivery

We use advanced sine-wave controllers in our bikes, offering a smoother and quieter application of power that is more reactive to load or resistance. This is in stark contrast to many budget ebikes that still use square wave controllers due to their cost-effectiveness. The harmony between the R1CBC system and our sine-wave controllers contributes to an overall enhanced riding experience.


Our bikes outfitted with R1CBC systems redefine what it means to enjoy a smooth, efficient, and personalized riding experience. With earlier engagement, current-based PAS, customizable levels, and sine-wave controllers, our innovative approach ensures you get the best performance for the best value in the industry. Whether you opt for the Portola, Roadster V2, Gravel Roadster, Turris, 700 Series, Cafe Cruiser, LMT’D, Revv 1, or Rift model, our commitment to implementing cutting-edge technology at remarkably affordable cost ensures that with Ride1Up, you’ll be at the forefront of the ebike revolution

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