eBike Ownership: What not to do

Published on July 17, 2020

Stressing Your Motor.
Our internal controllers can send just over 1000w’s of power to the motor. This can be nice in short bursts. However, it drains the battery very quickly and can overheat and damage your motor if run at 1000w for extended periods of time. Your real time wattage can be viewed on your display. If you don’t know how to do this, please watch one of our display tutorial videos. In short, using your throttle only at peak wattage has the potential to be harmful to your motor (for long distances uphill) and will drain your battery very fast.

Battery and Charging.
Keep your battery charge level between 30-80% as much as possible. This will significantly increase the lifetime use of your battery cells.
Don’t store your battery plugged into the charger. Charging should be monitored, and batteries should not be left plugged into a charger.

Ignoring Noises.
If you are hearing noises from your chain, saddle, cranks, or brakes, it is best to address the issue before it turns into something more serious. Loose and sometimes dry (ungreased) cranks will lead to a noisy drivetrain. If they get too loose, they can torque off while riding. If you are able to self-diagnose other issues, that is fantastic, and if not, this is a great opportunity to build a relationship with a local bike mechanic.

Protect Your Wires
Your wire connections are extremely important on an electric bike. Leaving the disorganized, tangled or in a position where they are stretching will eventually lead to a failure. If your wires are torn, crimped, or pulled out of the connector, this will result in a critical component failure. This is the most common cause of motor failures.