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Where Is the Motor on an Electric Bike?

An electric bike’s motor can have a dramatic effect on your riding experience, depending on how you use the bike. Electric bikes are separated into classes that indicate their degree of motor assistance, mainly for regulatory purposes. 

In addition to power and assistance, the position of the motor on a mid-drive e-bike is also important.

Where Is the Motor on an Electric Bike?

There are two main types of motors on electric bikes: hub motors and mid-drive motors. Choosing between these two requires determining your cycling priorities. Here are some considerations to make:

1. Hub Motors

Hub motors are small and compact so that they can be installed in the rear wheel of a bike. They work by turning the axle of the wheel while it’s still connected to the bike frame. 

Although many hub motors don’t provide as much torque as mid-drive motors, they’re great for people who want an affordable system that will get them started riding immediately.

2. Mid-Drive Motor 

Mid-drive motors are attached to the crankshaft or bottom bracket of the bike. These motors provide more torque than hub motors at low speeds and allow you to use gears with higher top speeds than hub motors do. 

Because these motors are located near the center of a bike’s weight, they also make electric bikes more balanced to ride than bikes that have hub motors.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hub Motors


A few advantages of hub motors are that they are:

  • Cheaper and easily repaired
  • More accessible and have fewer replacement components
  • Able to function independently of a bike’s chain drive, so they won’t wear out chains and cogs


Cons of hub motors include that they:

  • Are less effective at climbing than mid-drives
  • Have an uneven distribution of weight, which may lead to a less balanced ride
  • Require more power to operate, which requires frequent charging

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mid-Drive Motors


Advantages of a mid-drive motor include that they:

  • Provide greater torque to wattage and have a better hill-climbing ability than hub motors
  • Offer a more stable ride due to proximity to the bike’s center of gravity
  • Are more efficient as they operate the cranks directly
  • Have a relatively quiet motor
  • Make tire changes simpler


Two important cons of mid-drive motors are that they:

  • Can be expensive
  • Can wear out the chain and gears of your bike faster

How Long Does the Motor of an Electric Bike Last?

Generally, the lifespan of electric bike motors is three to ten years. However, the quality of the motor and proper maintenance may be able to prolong its life even further. Plus, mid-drive motors last longer than hub drives since lacing a motor to the rear wheel comes with its own set of challenges in terms of maintenance. 

In terms of usage, the motor in an electric bike will generally last up to 10,000 miles. Once again, it could last longer if you maintain your bike properly.

Does the Location of the Motor Affect the Riding Experience?

Yes–the location of the motor on an e-bike does affect the riding experience.  For example, if the motor is located on the front hub, it will be easier to accelerate and decelerate the bike than if it were located on the rear hub or bottom bracket. Similarly, rear hub motors tend to provide a pushing sensation, while front hub motors produce a pulling sensation when riding the bike. 

We recommend you try out a few different e-bikes to get a first-hand feel for the riding experience with each motor position. After all, written descriptions can tell you only so much. 

Final Thoughts

There are two major motor positions on an e-bike: hub motors and mid-drive motors. Each position comes with its own pros and cons, so the choice really comes down to your e-bike use case and riding preferences!

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