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What Is an Electric Hybrid Bike?

If you’re researching electric bikes, you’re more than likely to come across the term ‘electric hybrid bikes’. These are essentially what the name implies—a blend of an electric mountain bike and an electric road bike.

Electric hybrid bikes are designed to be a jack of all trades, but they do perform best in urban environments. For this reason, they are a popular choice for commuters. They’re also highly sought after by adventurers and tourers and come in several variations. There are notable differences between beach cruiser e-bikes, and off-road hybrid e-bikes, or urban riding hybrid e-bikes. 

In addition, hybrid electric bikes are tough, have low maintenance, and stand up well to wear and tear. They’re built to last a lifetime, so unless you specifically want a mountain bike or the best-performing road bike, an electric hybrid bike is a great option.

A Closer Look at Electric Hybrid Bikes

Electric hybrid bikes combine the best characteristics of mountain bikes and road bikes with style. They offer unparalleled versatility with extended gear ranges, extra-strong frames, wide tires, mudguards, and even a pannier rack so you can easily strap on any items you want to bring with you.

Hybrid bikes can handle urban commutes and a ride through the countryside–any terrain is a breeze with this model. Contrary to a regular bike, the powerful motor gets you to where you need to be with little effort so you won’t end up exhausted after riding over hills or long distances.

Electric hybrid bikes can reach different speeds depending on their class. Class 1 electric bikes can reach a maximum speed of twenty MPH. Just to be clear–electric bikes aren’t motorbikes. You don’t need a driver’s license to ride one, even if you ride at full throttle.

Types of Electric Hybrid Bikes

These jack-of-all-trades electric bikes have a bit of everything to offer. Here are some of the types of hybrid e-bikes you might come across:

Urban Riding Hybrid Electric Bikes

This is probably the most common type of electric hybrid bike. It combines a commuter electric bike and a city electric bike, and is usually the style that first pops into a biker’s mind when you mention an electric hybrid bike. These bikes tend to be immensely comfortable with smoother tires and thinner handlebars.

This doesn’t mean that these e-bikes are slow–many models can hit high speeds without sacrificing comfort. These hybrid e-bikes offer the best of both worlds, so you get to experience smooth commuting and cruising.

Off-Road Hybrid E-Bikes

The term ‘off-road hybrid e-bike’ is more of an umbrella term than the name of a specific type of bike. Electric bikes that can handle rougher terrain usually fall under this category. Hybrid mountain e-bikes or hybrid e-bikes that can do light trekking are also considered off-road hybrid electric bikes. Essentially, any rough terrain, mountain roads, park lanes, and gravel roads can be easily handled by e-bikes in this category.

This doesn’t mean these off-road e-bikes aren’t great on city roads–they perform incredibly well on smooth city roads and are extremely durable. 

Recreational Hybrid Electric Bikes

The name of this type of e-bike might give you a hint about how they are designed. They were created for fun, short rides around your community—hence, the term ‘recreational riding.’ Still, these e-bikes are just as versatile as most off-road hybrid e-bikes because they are made with similar components that allow them to do light off-roading.

Final Thoughts

The sheer versatility and benefits that hybrid e-bikes offer are enough to excite any cyclist; a hybrid e-bike can be a great option for those looking to do some off-road adventuring after a leisurely trip around the neighborhood. 

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