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What Impacts the Average Commuter eBike Speed?

It’s no exaggeration to say that electric bikes are taking the biking world by storm. They’ve greatly increased in popularity since they became mainstream at the turn of the millennium, and the best electric commuter bikes on the market offer a great way to get around without relying on fossil fuels. This makes eBikes a much more sustainable form of transportation. 


But what is the average speed of an electric bike when you’re commuting, and what influences an eBike’s speed? It depends on many factors related to both the cyclist and the bike itself. These factors include:


  • Motor design
  • Battery capacity
  • Weight of the rider and any cargo
  • Terrain type 
  • Weather conditions 


Let’s look more closely at the different elements affecting the average speed of a commuter eBike.


Motor Power and Design


One of the primary factors that affect an electric bike’s speed is its motor power. The higher the motor’s wattage, the more power it can generate, resulting in greater speeds. If you are a rider who wants to experience faster speeds when using your electric bike, you’ll want to invest in a quality motor with a high power output.


Battery Capacity and Weight


The capacity of your bike’s battery also affects its speed. Batteries with higher capacities will typically be able to produce more power over a longer period of time before requiring recharge. 


The weight of the rider and any cargo added onto the bike will also affect its speed. Heavier riders require more energy from both their own muscles as well as from their motors in order to reach higher speeds. If you foresee yourself using your eBike primarily for delivering goods and packages, you should research which electric bike is good for delivery. These eBikes are geared towards maintaining speed while supporting additional weight.


Terrain Type


Another factor that affects an electric bike’s speed is the terrain you’re riding on. Flat, paved roads or paths will permit riders to reach higher speeds, rough terrain (like gravel) can result in more resistance against your tires, slowing you down.




Tires with a larger diameter or wider width will typically provide more traction against surfaces. Some riders prefer tires with lower air pressure because it makes them softer and grip onto surfaces. However, the downside of large or wide tires is that they lose some speed due to increased drag against the surface below them.


Weather Conditions


The conditions outside will impact your eBike’s speeds when you ride. Extreme weather will affect riding conditions and may merit taking more precautions and riding slower. Notably, colder temperatures will cause batteries to lose their charge faster than at warmer temperatures. 


The performance of the ride can be adversely affected as some riders may be affected more by sharp changes in temperatures and effects of wind chill or road conditions.




Depending on regulations on eBikes in your area or the road conditions, it may not be safe to reach the top speed that your eBike is capable of. You should only push to achieve greater speeds if you are a confident rider, have a quality, fitted helmet, and clothing designed to maximize your safety in the worst case scenario.


Bikes for Commuters


The maximum speed that an electric bike can reach varies greatly, but with optimal conditions they could reach up to 28 miles per hour or more. If speed is an important factor when it comes to choosing your eBike, keep in mind what factors can impact your eBike’s speed.


At Ride1Up, we’ll be happy to work with you to find the right eBike for your needs. If you’re wondering how much electric bikes are for commuters, be sure to check out our website for more details!

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