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What Fast Electric Bike Should I Buy?

If you commute by bike and are tired of walking into work sweaty and out of breath, an electric bicycle may be just what you need. Both electric and motorless bicycles are great for both the environment and your health, but electric bikes (or eBikes) offer pedal assist which can make getting to your destination faster and easier.

As you navigate the market for fast electric bikes, you need to consider the range of the bike and how experienced you are with eBikes. The range of a fast electric bike can vary from bike to bike and depending on the conditions you ride in. 

Most fast eBikes reach speeds up to twenty miles per hour with a throttle and twenty-eight miles per hour with pedal assist. The fastest eBike that is commercially available can reach speeds of seventy miles per hour, however, many states have regulations that limit how fast your eBike is permitted to go on the road. Additionally, if you are an inexperienced eBike rider, you will want to start with a bike that is more user-friendly.

How fast you go on your eBike will also impact your eBike’s mileage between charges. If you regularly ride at high speeds, you won’t be able to go as far without recharging as you would if you rode at slower speeds. 

With this in mind, we compiled a list of the best eBikes for speedsters at every level. From beginners who would like to build up to higher speeds to enthusiasts who need a bike with versatility, Ride1Up has the eBike for you.

The Best EBikes for Beginners

Whether you’re an experienced biker finally tapping into the eBike market or a first-time rider, these bikes are the perfect introduction to the electric bike community.


Our Core-5 eBike is the perfect starter bike that gives you more bang for your buck. When you first receive your Core-5, you might not even realize it’s a motorized bike. It’s lightweight, simple, and the perfect introduction to pedal-assisted biking. This bike reaches the typical eBike speeds of twenty-eight miles per hour with pedal assist and twenty miles per hour with the throttle. It offers an industry-standard range of twenty to forty-five miles, which is dependent on several factors (including incline, rider weight, and more).

Roadster V2

The Roadster V2 is a sleek, lightweight eBike that is nearly indistinguishable from your average bicycle. With a quiet motor and concealed battery, riding this eBike will feel just as natural as riding your traditional bicycle, but with a serious boost. The Roadster V2 reaches speeds up to twenty-four miles per hour with pedal assist and has a slightly lower range than the Core-5, ranging between twenty and thirty miles before a recharge is needed.

The Best EBikes for Enthusiasts

If you’re looking for an upgraded eBike or one that can take you further between charges, we have options for you. Not everyone hops onto their eBike feeling confident enough to operate the throttle or shift gears with pedal assist—but not you. These bikes will meet your need for speed and the demands of your eBike-related activities.


The latest generation of Ride1Up’s LMT’D eBikes now features a torque sensor, which is an upgrade many find beneficial to their riding experience. Torque sensors measure how much force a rider applies to the pedals of the bike and then determine how much power the motor should output to the bike. This automates a portion of your ride so you can focus on the road ahead.

This powerful ninety-five nm geared motor allows riders to accelerate faster than ever before. This Class 3 eBike reaches speeds of twenty-eight miles per hour with pedal assist, twenty miles per hour with throttle and offers a long range between thirty and fifty miles between charges.

The Turris

The Turris is our newest, adventure touring-style eBike. With its Class 3 capable motor, the Turris offers a riding experience that is both comfortable and perfect for exploring all terrains in style. Like the other eBikes on this list, the Turris reaches speeds of twenty-eight mph with pedal assist and twenty mph with throttle but offers a wider range ogf quality components than most beginner bikes. The range is between twenty-five to forty-five miles between charges.

Accelerate Your Biking Experience

Ride1Up offers a wide array of eBikes that can reach the speeds you need for your weekend adventures or daily commutes. We offer eBikes for beginners, novices, and eBike aficionados. To learn more about our bikes and their features, as well as whether you can make your electric bike go faster, explore our website for details.

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