What Is the Range of a Fast Electric Bike?

Published on April 28, 2023

Electric bikes, or eBikes, are bicycles that are equipped with a motor to assist with pedaling. Electric bikes are fast and efficient, and have amassed large markets globally. There were nearly 430,000 eBike sales in the Netherlands in 2019 alone. Around two million eBikes were sold in Germany in 2020. With the rest of the world surging forward with a greener, healthier mode of transportation, U.S. riders are asking: do eBikes make sense for us?


For commuters who travel long distances to get to work or delivery drivers who cover a lot of ground during the day, your vehicle needs to last a while before fueling up or recharging. When you are shopping for an eBike, you should check the range of the bike you are interested in. The range determines how many miles your eBike can go before requiring a recharge.


If you are in the market for a small, fast electric bike and are wondering which fast electric bike you should buy, we have the guide for you. There are several factors that can contribute to your eBike’s range but there are steps you can take to maximize that distance. We will also recommend fast eBikes that reach a maximum range of twenty-five to forty-five miles.


What Impacts My EBike’s Range?


Several factors can impact how far your eBike can go. If your eBike has a range between twenty-five and forty-five miles, you may find some days that you need to recharge closer to the twenty-five-mile mark. You may find other days that you can make it closer to forty-five miles before needing to recharge. 


Here are some factors that will impact the range of your eBike:


  • Your average riding speed: Riding at higher speeds with pedal assist can drain your battery faster.
  • The temperature outside: Colder temperatures can reduce battery performance and range.
  • Wind conditions: Riding against high winds can drain your battery because the motor needs to work harder to push against the wind. Conversely, the wind rushing behind you can propel you forward faster without assistance from the motor.
  • Weight of load: Your weight, the weight of your gear, and anything else (backpacks or packages, for example) being carried will make your eBike heavier and require more power from the motor, draining the battery faster.


How Can I Maximize My Range?


If you need to go further, faster, or can’t avoid riding with heavier loads or in cold weather, there are some things you can do to maximize the range of your bike.


Check Tire Pressure


That’s right–just like with cars, your eBike’s tire pressure can make a huge difference in your bike’s performance. When you have the correct tire pressure, your eBike’s battery won’t need to use as much energy to accelerate. If your tire pressure is low or you have a flat tire, your motor works harder to get the bike to move at your desired speed.


Pedal During Acceleration


As you are pedaling, ease off of the throttle. All eBikes come with pedal assist to make the ride easier for you, and utilizing pedal assist allows you to conserve battery life.


Coast When You Can


Going downhill or over flat terrain? Let your bike coast by not engaging with the throttle and stop pedaling when you can. Coasting conserves your battery by letting gravity do the work for you. You will still get to where you need to go in good time, and your motor and battery get a well-deserved break.


Shift Gears


Riding your eBike in the wrong gear can impact and strain your battery over time. Pay attention and note when you need to shift gears—and do so accordingly. This will allow the battery to emit or conserve the right amount of power for where you’re biking. For example, when you ride on a flat, cement surface, you can shift into low-power assistance (or coast, as we mentioned above). 


Best EBikes for Long Rides


At Ride1Up, we offer several options for those looking for fast eBikes with longer ranges. The Core-5 eBike is a perfect starter eBike that can reach twenty-eight miles per hour with pedal assist and has a range of twenty-five to forty-five miles. Our Prodigy eBike is a Class 3 eBike that reaches twenty-eight miles per hour with pedal assist, with range capabilities of thirty to fifty miles.


No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, Ride1Up has the eBike for you. Gear up, and get ready to pedal in style!