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What Are the Best Electric Bikes for the Money?

Choosing the perfect model out of the many mid-drive electric bikes for sale should be enjoyable, not daunting! With greater advances in technology that are ever-improving the range and quality of e-bikes, it’s important you understand the market and the range of products that are out there. 

Prices can range significantly depending on features and brand. What is the cheapest electric bike? Generally speaking, entry-level models start at around $1,000 while more advanced models can exceed $5,000. However, each rider is different, so there is no simple pricing guide. To get the most out of your money, it’s important to focus on the features that matter most to you and find the right balance between budget and performance. 

Here are the key factors to take into account:


Battery life is one of the most important features of an electric bike as it determines how far you will be able to ride without needing to recharge. Most electric bike batteries are lithium-ion based and range from 300 watts up to 1,000 watts, depending on the model. As a general rule, higher wattage means a longer distance per charge but also a bigger price tag, in most cases. 

Make sure that you look for bikes with secondary battery options so you can upgrade if necessary in the future. Your electric bike’s battery will usually be the most valuable component of the bike, sometimes accounting for almost 50% of the bike’s value, so the type of battery installed in your e-bike is important to take into account.


Design should be one of your first considerations, as it’s going to dictate how comfortable and efficient your ride will be. You need to choose a frame that fits your body, so be sure to find which model best suits you. In terms of tires, electric mountain bikes or fat tire ebikes generally have wide tires with good grip which makes them ideal for off-road riding, while road bikes have thinner tires meant mainly for paved roads to achieve higher speeds. 

Derailleurs and gearing systems offer more versatility to various grades or terrains. Hub motors may or may not come with a gear system, whereas internally geared hubs could be likened to the experience of using an automatic transmission in an automobile, where shifting is less involved. The combination of components and your chosen style will play a significant part in determining the price of the electric bike you choose.


Another important factor to take into account is the usage you expect to get from your e-bike. An electric bike rider who intends to use their bike for a lengthy daily commute as well as on the weekends may have a very different idea in mind for the bike they want compared to a rider whose usage is less frequent. 

Ask yourself what kind of distances you intend to cover, what kind of terrain you’ll be riding over, and where and when you’ll be using your e-bike. At Ride1Up, we have electric bikes that cater to all riders—from the casual weekender all the way through to the most avid electric bike commuter or enthusiast.


There is a bike out there for everyone, but to get the best bang for your buck, Ride1Up is there for you. We recommend you consider these aspects of electric bikes before making a purchase. Ride1Up is just a call or visit away to help you with answers to questions such as, “What does an e-bike do?” If you want to send us questions to ensure you get the perfect electric bike, we’ll be delighted to help.

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