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This Year Enjoy An eBike Staycation

When you float the idea of taking a vacation, most of us think of exclusive destinations in different parts of the world. However, a staycation still fits the bill if you want to sightsee some local destinations near home or are on a tight budget this year. 

With your eBike, you can visit local spots you’ve always wanted to, interact with locals, and achieve a sense of health and mental well-being while remaining budget conscious. With the dramatically rising gas prices consumers are experiencing, it’s time to consider alternative ways of getting out into the community and having some fun.

Also, it’s good to note that there are bike clubs and ebike communities across the country, where you can find like-minded enthusiasts searching for healthful, affordable adventure.

This article covers all the essential aspects of an eBike staycation. Find out what a staycation is and how your eBike will help to enhance your experience.

What Does the Term “Staycation” Mean?

The term “staycation” became popular during the pandemic, with many people choosing to vacation in and around their local area. However, the widespread use of the word has led to a debate about what exactly it means. Even the dictionaries cannot seem to agree. 

According to the Oxford dictionary, a staycation is “a holiday spent at home or in one’s country of residence.” However, the Cambridge dictionary defines it as “a holiday taken at your home or near your home instead of traveling to another location.”

Staycationers by Demographic

In a recent survey done in the UK, 

  • 21% of respondents said they believed a staycation meant a vacation in their home. 51% of these respondents were men, and 49% were women. 30% of respondents were in the 18-24 age bracket, 26% in the 25-49 bracket, 26% in the 50-64 bracket, and 19% in the 65 and above group
  • 72% of respondents said they thought a staycation meant a holiday in their region or country. 51% of these respondents were women, and 49% were men. 22% of respondents were in the 18-24 age group, 25% in the 25-49 bracket, 26% in the 50-64 bracket, and 27% in the 65 and above age group

What People Do When They Staycate

You can come up with amazing ideas to make your eBike staycation fun with a bit of creativity. Let us look at some ideas for a fun eBike staycation. 

  • Visit a new park: Check your city or state’s website to find local parks you have not visited. Make sure the park has a place for you to secure your eBike. Bring a picnic, a blanket, and something to keep you busy. 
  • Splurge on an activity you wouldn’t normally do: Since you’re saving money on traveling, do something fun that typically would not be a part of your budget. You can rent a kayak, bike to local tourist spots, or visit a museum. 
  • Stay in a hotel: If you’re feeling fancy, stay in a hotel and let yourself get pampered. Make sure wherever you stay has a safe place to put your eBike. 
  • Go to the beach: No matter where you are, biking to the beach always feels like a vacation.
  • Go on a bike ride: Whether you bike alone or with others, it can be an excellent way to relax and unwind. Check out Instagram or Facebook to find cycling groups in your town. 
  • Make a pastry run: Find the best pastry shops in your area and then bike to them for breakfast or dessert.
  • Play long board games: Make delicious drinks and food and spend the day playing board games with family or friends.
  • Go camping: Camping offers a good change of scenery and allows you to explore your area. Bike to a local campground in your area and enjoy the healing effect of nature.
  • Go stargazing: Get blankets, cocoa, and a stargazing guide and head to your backyard for a night of stargazing. 
  • Go fruit picking: Find out what produce is in season in your region and find a farm near you where you can bike to pick apples or whatever is in season.

The list above only scratches the surface regarding what you can do on an ebike staycation. Depending on your location, you can do so much more. 

An eBike Staycation Combines Relaxation and Local Exploration

An eBike staycation gives you the perfect opportunity to explore your local area while getting away from it all. Here are some things you can do to relax while exploring the local spots.

  • Explore local cafes: There is no better way to explore the local culture than through your stomach. Bike to those restaurants and cafes you’ve been meaning to visit for ages. 
  • Attend local events: Look at your city or state’s website. Social media, local blogs, and newspapers to see what events are happening. Summer is the perfect time to explore, so get on your bike and attend these local events. You might find you make lifelong friends.
  • Be a tourist: Visit the top tourist attractions in your town and have fun taking beautiful pictures.
  • Take a tour: A tour can be a good way to explore your city and meet new people.
  • Check out the library: Bike to the local library and see what interesting books you can find there,
  • Go on a photography ride: Get your camera or phone and bike around the city. Seeing everything through a lens will make you realize how beautiful your city is. 

Pro tip: Always ensure your eBike is secured correctly when in public. Choose a steady object to secure the bike to, ideally a bicycle parking rack. Bolt your bicycle to the object chosen. 

Who Says a Staycation Has to Be Indoors?

It doesn’t. A staycation with an ebike is a great way to get to know your community, meet new people, and have some “me” time or family time while getting away from work. The nice thing about a staycation with an ebike is that it not only refreshes you to the possibilities but also allows you to get a closer look at these previously untapped resources for later enjoyment.

Ride1Up offers quality bikes that can suit your needs. Whether you need the Café Cruiser or 700 series, make your order today! We offer a one-year warranty and are always ready to answer any questions you might have. Here is the link to contact us. We welcome your comments.

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