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The Best Value Gravel Ebike – Ride1Up Gravel Roadster v2

In the cycling world, finding the perfect balance between road biking style and off-road adventures at an affordable cost can be a challenge. However, the Ride1up Gravel Roadster v2 ebike offers an exhilarating solution, bridging the gap between urban and gravel cycling like never before. With its sleek and lightweight design, robust fixie styling, and exceptional performance, this bike is redefining the gravel biking experience at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

A laser focus artfully achieved by Ride1Up forged the best cost-to-value ratio possible with the Gravel Roadster v2. This ebike ensures that riders get the most out of their purchase without having to sacrifice a cent on performance. Arranged as a lightweight and off-road capable ebike, the Gravel Roadster blends style and utility with incredible affordability – starting at only $1,245 – to provide what amateurs and experts hail as the lowest barrier to entry but highest-performing gravel ebike in the industry today. In this article, we will dive into the essential qualities and features of the Gravel Roadster and see why it is heralded as the ultimate bang-for-buck gravel ebike.

Industry Publication Reviews

Electrek: “..best low-cost electric gravel bike out there. Period”

CNET: “…a fantastic e-bike for the money.”

AppleInsider: “…the ideal lightweight [e]bike”

Electric Bike Journal: “…great time riding without breaking the bank.”

Ebike Escape: “…this is a great ebike.”

Video Reviews

Unmatched Design and Build Quality

The first thing that captures your attention is the bike’s striking, minimalist design. The Gravel Roadster boasts a lightweight aluminum frame tipping the scale at a mere 33 lbs. This makes the Gravel one of the most lightweight ebike options available – perfect for apartments, stairs, or urban commuting that succeeds to strike the perfect balance between durability and agility. The frame’s geometry has been expertly designed to provide a comfortable and efficient riding position, extending your hours of adventure in comfort.

Powerful and Efficient Electric Assist

One of the most prominent features of the Ride1up Gravel Roadster is its powerful electric assist system. The bike is equipped with a 40nm-torque, 350-watt motor, providing more than ample assistance on both steep inclines and challenging terrains. Riders can choose between 1-5 pedal-assist levels, tailoring the amount of electric assistance according to their preferences and the intensity of the ride. This is made all the easier by the elegantly designed single-speed drivetrain that promises a natural and responsive ride. Whether you need an extra boost during a grueling climb or want to enjoy a more relaxed ride, the Gravel Roadster v2 promises to perform.

Long-lasting Battery Life

A key concern for any ebike enthusiast is battery life, and the Gravel Roadster excels in this department. The bike is powered by a wholly concealed 36V 7Ah Samsung cell battery pack, capable of providing an impressive range on a single charge for its weight and size. Riders can confidently embark on their adventures, knowing that the bike won’t run out of juice halfway through. Additionally, you can even install a dual, removable battery externally on the frame to double your range. The added dual, removable battery capability is exceptionally convenient for range, charging, and security.

Smooth and Precise Pedaling

The Gravel Roadster comes equipped with a top-of-the-line, single-speed Carbon Gates belt drivetrain. Next, mix in a sensitive integrated cadence sensor and you’ve got an incredibly intuitive and approachable ebiking experience. Designed with a thoughtfully deliberate gearing ratio, you’ll notice the perfect level of torque required between flat-ground and hill-climb pedaling. This setup ensures smooth and precise riding and absurdly little maintenance. Add to that, you can count out ever worrying about shifting or mechanical component issues, allowing you to effortlessly adapt to changing terrains and gradients. Whether you’re speeding along on the tarmac or tackling rough gravel paths, the Gravel Roadster v2’s gearing system delivers optimal performance.

Durable Gravel-Specific Tires

The Gravel Roadster’s versatility is further enhanced by its 700c x 42 knobby and puncture-resistant tires, which strike the ideal balance between road and off-road cycling. These gravel-specific tires provide excellent traction on loose surfaces and ensure a comfortable and stable ride on paved streets or urban roadways. Don’t forget the attractive brown sidewalls earning big-time style points as you speed down the road. With the Gravel Roadster, riders can seamlessly conquer any terrain that comes their way.

Responsive Mechanical Disc Brakes

Safety is paramount when ebiking, especially when tackling challenging terrains or off-road routes and the Gravel is no exception. The Gravel Roadster comes equipped with Tektro mechanical disc brakes and 160mm rotors, ensuring reliable stopping power regardless of weather conditions or steep grades. This feature instills confidence in your everyday commute or joy ride, allowing you to focus on the ride without worrying about braking efficiency.

Versatile and Variable Cockpit

Ride1up has paid attention to the details, offering a versatile and height-specific cockpit on the Gravel. With two unique frame sizes to accommodate various riding preferences and heights, the Gravel is designed to be suitable for riders of all different sizes and styles. This level of variability allows for a more personalized and comfortable riding experience when you hit the road or trail.

Enhanced Ride Control

The Gravel Roadster V2 features an intuitive LCD display that covers essential ride information, such as speed, battery level, and distance. Add your choice of a throttle display option or a minimalist, non-throttle display option for an even more spartan, discreet ebiking experience and we are sure to have you covered, no matter your preference. This user-friendly display enhances ride control, allowing cyclists to monitor their performance and make real-time adjustments on the fly based on terrain, grade, and riding style.


In conclusion, the Ride1up Gravel Roadster v2 ebike is a bonafide game-changer for adventure-seeking cyclists seeking the blend between road biking efficiency and off-road versatility. With its powerful electric assist, robust build, and gravel-specific features, this bike opens up new avenues for exhilarating adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a beginner looking to explore the great outdoors, the Ride1Up Gravel Roadster v2 promises an unforgettable and enjoyable ride without breaking the bank. Spec-for-spec, you will not find any other options in the ebike market that come close to the value and performance for every dollar spent. Embrace the spirit of adventure and experience the joy of cycling like never before with the Gravel Roadster v2.


    1. Hello, Currently we have it only set without a speed limit. You can change the speed limit in the gravel display however, to limit the speed to 20mph.

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