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The Best Electric Bikes for Short Riders

As most shorter folks know, finding a bike can be difficult. It can be tempting to shop in the kids’ section for a suitable ride, even if you’re an adult because many top-quality bikes just aren’t made for those of shorter stature.

Today, we’ll show you the best electric bikes for short riders. These include products for a variety of purposes, so you’re bound to find one that suits your needs. To save you time, we’ll also tell you how tall you have to be to ride each bike.

E-Bikes for Travel

If you’re traveling on an electric bike, you’ll need a space to put your stuff. The Cafe Cruiser has cargo capabilities, so you can ride thirty to fifty miles with your belongings in tow. You can also bring along another passenger if you install the kit for it.

Short riders should get the “step through” frame instead of the “step over” model. This will make it easier to get on the bike. The Cafe Cruiser is perfect for riders who are five feet or taller, so even the shortest adult riders can enjoy this ride.

Touring-style Electric Bike

The best electric adventure bike is the Turris. It has hydraulic brakes, a class three capable motor, and multi-terrain tires, making it ready for anything. This electric-assist touring-style bike also has a “step through” frame for shorter riders.

Short riders should get the “step through” frame which is designed for riders 5’1” and above.  The Turris can travel for twenty-five to forty-five miles before it needs to be charged, depending on the terrain, rider weight, and the level of assistance you’re using.

Electric Bike for Commuters

If you plan on riding your bike on flat, urban grounds, the Roadster V2 is the right fit for you. It comes in a small and large size, comes with a compact LCD display and a quiet motor, and it has a range of twenty to thirty miles.

The Roadster V2 can go up to twenty-four MPH with pedal assist, making it a great choice for commuting to work. With the small frame made specifically for short riders, this is the best option for those 5’3” and above who need a bike for shorter trips. 

High-End Electric Bike

The LMT’D electric bike accelerates faster than our other bikes, and it comes with high-end components. The torque sensor provides a smoother ride, and the hydraulic brakes make for a premium riding experience no matter where you ride.

If you have places to be, the LMT’D will get you there. With a thirty-to-fifty-mile range, you won’t need to charge it often. You can ride this step-through bike frame if you’re five-foot-one or taller–up to six-foot-two.

In Conclusion

Your days of struggling to find a bike are over. With so many options to choose from, Ride1Up has an electric bike for any purpose and any height. Browse our website to find the best ride for your specific needs, or reach out if you need expert advice on the best e-bike for you!

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