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Introducing the Revv 1 DRT Off-Road Moped-Style Ebike

We’re excited to announce the new off-road version of the Revv 1 FS to our fleet, the Revv 1 DRT. Designed for thrilling off-road performance, the Revv 1 DRT comes with several design and component modifications that will improve your experience as an off-road adventure seeker. If you crave more off-road capabilities than the pavement-optimized Revv 1 FS, the Revv 1 DRT will be your best friend and trail companion.

In this article, we will examine the special details that make the DRT one-of-a-kind, the similarities between the Revv 1 FS, and why the Revv 1 DRT may be the perfect ebike for you.

Revv 1 DRT Highlights

Don’t let pure styling distract you, the DRT’s off-road design comes with several modifications that make this machine a titan off the pavement. But with that comes drawbacks that will decrease its performance on asphalt. The Revv 1 FS is applauded by the masses who love it for its impeccable performance on the road but who may have found it less than perfect when taken off-road. Therefore we made numerous changes culminating in the Revv 1 DRT. Many will agree that the Revv 1 FS is a force when putting rubber on the tarmac. However, if tearing up off-road is your heart’s desire, the DRT is certainly better for your use case.

Off-Road Frame Design and Geometry

The Revv 1 DRT frame design is made for off-road performance. You’ll find an extended chassis with greater flexibility and shock absorption, plus a retreated bottom bracket attached to the main frame body like the FS but closer to the pivoting rear triangle, placing your feet in a more powerful position for leveraging in or out of sharp turns and berms. The rear triangle is also elongated for higher ground clearance and functionality aside, it has sharp, angular lines. With these frame differences, you’ll find a slightly higher standover height and center of gravity better tuned for maneuverability at aggressive angles and rider positions. 

Off-Road Double Crown Front Fork Suspension

The Revv 1 DRT comes stock with a 150mm travel RST front fork suspension with hydraulic lockout and adjustable preload providing insatiable shock absorption. Field testing confirmed that aided by this cushy suspension, the DRT is trail-ready to eat up rougher terrains and flatten rocks and logs in its path. Increased travel also lends to greater ground clearance and a higher center of gravity for your adrenaline-injected exploits.

DNM Rear Coil Suspension

We knew the beefy front suspension needed a rear shock prepared to compliment it. Thus, we squeezed a joyfully bouncy, 76mm travel DNM RCP-2S spring coil shock rear suspension with all the bells and whistles into the pivoting rear triangle. Complete with rebound adjust, compression, and preload functions to tailor to your weight, riding style, and riding comfort’s specific needs. On the trail, this exceeded expectations. However, it provides considerable bounce on pavement and reduces efficiency compared to the air shock stock on the Revv 1 FS. That being said, if you are looking for battery efficiency and range on the streets, the Revv 1 FS is a better choice.

Custom Off-Road Tires

Innova Customs 20×4” off-road tires bless the DRT with insatiable traction in dirt, gravel, or any loose terrain you throw at it. If hucking dirt gets you going, the DRT promises to get you there, faster, safer, and more confidently. Regarding use on pavement, these are battery guzzlers that will reduce your range and smooth cornering compared to the Revv 1 FS’ CST Scouts which offer optimal performance on streets.

Utility Molle Panel

Inspired by US military R&D, the Molle (pronounced “Molly”) panel is a tactical mounting system invented for the United States Army. It is used for attaching pouches, multi-tools, or really anything you want on your adventures. You secure these items with straps and/or speed clips and it performs elegantly as a highly efficient method of carrying gear. The Revv 1 DRT Molle Panel comes stock with your purchase but is easily removable if you find the Locking Center Storage Container more practical for daily use.

Lightweight Spoked Rims

Shaving off pounds to counter-balance the extended frame and large off-road tires was only part of the equation in the choice to move away from the cast alloy rims found on the Revv 1 FS and HT. Spoked rims not only reduce weight considerably. They also provide the necessary flex while riding over uneven terrain which compliments the use case the DRT was designed for. Add the convenience of being able to true a rim that becomes out of true throughout rigorous use and you will agree that the 12G stainless steel spoked rims are the smart choice over the heavier, cast alloy and static rims found on the FS and HT. 

Added Benefits

Moto-cross-inspired custom plastic composite fenders:

Stock with the DRT, these fenders leave a much lighter footprint aesthetically and from the scale weight compared to the hardened metal alloy fenders on the Revv 1 FS and HT. Consequently, the DRT fenders don’t protect you from dirt and debris as well either, but if you’re riding the DRT and complaining about dirt, you’re destined for the FS/HT camp.

Cafe-style custom saddle

Slightly thinner than the FS and HT saddle with different styling and a noticeably more robust bucket-style design promises comfort in the saddle in challenging riding situations.

New colorways

In addition to the midnight-esque “Black-Out” option, you also have “Toy Soldier” – a pleasing color combo between an earthy khaki akin to clay, contrasted by the mossy green found on the other frame styles of the Revv 1 promise to catch your eye and those of your passers-by on the trail.

Revv 1 DRT and Revv 1 FS: Shared Feature Highlights

Multi-Class Speed System

The Revv 1 DRT ships programmed as a class 2 electric bike out of the box. This means it will reach a maximum of 20mph with either pedal-assist or throttle. However, like all variations of the Revv 1, you can customize the classes depending on where and how you plan to ride. The “Multi-Class Speed System” allows you to switch from Class 2, and 3 to Off-Road for different speed capabilities right from the handlebar display.

Powerful 1000W Geared Hub Motor

At the heart of the Revv 1 and the Revv 1 DRT is the 1000W geared hub motor that provides a serious kick regardless of the class you have chosen to ride in with 95nm of torque promising a hot shot of adrenaline when you twist the throttle or pedal.

High-Performance Battery and Range

The Revv 1 DRT stocks a 52V, 20Ah integrated, Samsung cell battery with Smart BMS technology.

Easy battery access and removal plus the option to double your range with dual battery capabilities when you install our Dual Battery Balancer accessory. Note that due to the design differences on the DRT, your estimated range will be lower in general than the Revv 1 FS due to the knobby tires and riding styles that complement this type of use case.

Quad-Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The Revv 1 DRT comes stock with 4-piston 203mm LBN hydraulic disc brakes with electric motor cutoff, providing enhanced stopping power and control at class 28+ mph speeds.

High Amperage Controller with Boost Function

The controller allows for ample energy to flow from the battery to the motor and like the Revv 1 FS, the DRT also comes with a “Boost” feature to squeeze every electrical drop of energy possible from the system when you are looking for that extra kick around a corner or while hill-climbing.

Added Benefits

You have a variety of accessory compatibility at your fingertips including a rear rack, phone mount, locking center storage cage, a dual battery balancer, and extra batteries that ensure your ride is not only going to be practical. It will be thrilling for every use case you decide to tackle.

The Best Ebike For You: DRT or the FS?

The Revv 1 DRT is your perfect companion if your priorities are traversing off-road terrain – all at a price point far below any other competitor in the market. If range and pavement are your bread and butter, the Revv 1 FS is your best bet.

The Best Moped-Style Off-Road Ebike

When you dig into the specs and components of the Revv 1 DRT, you’ll see that it achieves something that only Ride1Up has mastered. Spec for spec, any comparable ebike in the market will price out to hundreds if not thousands more. With the Revv 1 DRT, Ride1Up has done it again to provide an ultra-performance, strikingly designed, and unmatched cost off-road ebike that is now only a click of a button away from being at your doorstep, ready to destroy trails and any terrain you throw at it.


The introduction of the Revv 1 DRT marks a significant milestone in Ride1Up’s commitment to delivering unmatched performance for off-road electric bikes. With a purpose-built design and a host of specialized features, the DRT is a testament to Ride1Up’s dedication to meeting the needs of adventurous riders seeking thrills beyond the pavement. The Revv 1 DRT boasts a range of features specifically for off-road enthusiasts, from its rugged frame geometry and advanced suspension systems to its custom tires and utility-focused accessories. While it may sacrifice some on-road performance compared to its pavement-optimized counterpart, the Revv 1 FS, the DRT excels where it counts most – in the dirt, gravel, and rough terrain where adventure truly begins.

By offering the Revv 1 DRT at an unbeatable price point without compromising on quality or capability, Ride1Up continues to redefine the standards in the ebike market. Whether you’re a seasoned trailblazer or a newcomer to off-road cycling, the Revv 1 DRT stands at attention to be your ultimate trail companion, delivering power, traction, and excitement with every ride. Experience the thrill of off-road exploration like never before with the Revv 1 DRT – the best moped-style off-road ebike designed to conquer trails with ease.

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