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How Much Do Fat Tire Electric Bikes Weigh?

Electric bikes already weigh more than traditional bikes at forty to fifty pounds. Add fat tires, and an eBike’s weight goes up. How much do fat tire electric bikes weigh? Expect it to go for around sixty to eighty pounds. That’s because to accommodate the wider tires, electric fat tire bikes also require bigger rims and frames; they may also need larger motors, which call for heavier batteries. 

The added weight on these bikes, however, is made up by the benefits they provide, which include better traction, improved stability, and more comfortable rides on a variety of terrain. 

Why Are Fat Tire Electric Bikes So Heavy?

Fat tire bikes are heavy because they need heftier components to fit in the wider tires. Here are some of the reasons behind the hefty weight:

Wider Tires

Fat tire eBikes have tires that measure around 3.5 to five inches in width. The extra rubber and wider width of these add extra mass to the bike. Additionally, the type of tread the tires have can also affect the e-bicycle’s weight; knobby tires are heavier than smooth ones. 

Extra Powerful Motor

The added weight and resistance of fat tires require the eBike to have more powerful motors and larger batteries. As these are the components that add the most weight to electric bikes, they make a considerable difference. 

Stronger Frame

Because fat tire eBikes have heavier components, they need stronger and sturdier frame materials to support them. This is why most fat tire electric bicycles use steel or aluminum frames (which are actually cheaper than lightweight materials like carbon steel). 

Additional Suspension

A lot of fat tire eBikes come with suspension systems that absorb shocks and vibrations. While these make for a more comfortable ride, they add weight to the bike. 

Extra Accessories

Some fat tire eBike riders like to deck their rides with accessories like lights, fenders, and racks. The more you add, the heavier the bike will be. 

How Does the Extra Weight of a Fat Tire Electric Bike Affect the Ride?

When it comes to traditional bikes, the rule is the lighter, the better. This is because lighter bikes reduce the strain from cycling and give users better control of their rides. However, this isn’t always the case for eBikes because, oftentimes, lighter electric bicycles come with less powerful motors or small batteries, which reduces the range that can be covered by pedal assist.

Being heavier, fat tire eBikes naturally need stronger motors and batteries. You might think that that will make manual pedaling a bit tiresome (and it may, a little bit), but the wider tires in these bicycles are designed to give you better traction and stability, which also improves your ride. Additionally, the more powerful motor makes up for the effort in a more boosted pedal assist mode. You’ll barely feel the extra weight!

Why Fat Tire Electric Bikes Are Worth the Weight

If you’re still asking yourself, “Why buy a fat tire eBike?” because you’re concerned about how heavy it is, here are some reasons why they’re worth the extra weight:


Fat tire eBikes are more comfortable than the regular versions because their wider tires absorb more shock and vibration (not to mention the added suspension that comes with many fat tire electric bicycles). This reduces the impact on your body and makes for smoother rides.


Fat tires have better traction, allowing fat tire eBikers to have more stable and balanced rides. This is especially helpful if you’re riding your electric bike on rough or uneven terrain.


Are fat tire eBikes good for trail riding? They are—and much more. These bikes are highly versatile and can handle multiple terrains and activities. You can use it to commute on a regular day, then for an off-road adventure on the weekend as it works on roads, sand, snow, rocks, and mud.

The Best Fat Tire EBikes From Ride1Up

Ride1Up prides itself on offering the best value eBikes, including fat tire options for those ready to explore the roads and beyond. The crowd-favorite Cafe Cruiser is an upright casual electric cruiser bike with thick 3.2-inch tires. It’s got everything you’ll want on an eBike, without sacrificing style or comfort. 

You can even install Ride1Up’s passenger kit for plus-one cargo capabilities! The Revv 1 is a moto-inspired moped eBike with 4” tires. It’s designed for thrill rides, perfect for those who want a kick of adrenaline in their experience. Of course, like all Ride1Up bikes, it’s decked out with high-end specs, to boot.

Ready for the weight of fat tire eBikes? Get in touch with Ride1Up to get hooked up for your next ride!

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