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How Much Are Electric Bikes for Commuters?

If you’re looking for a new mode of transport with a huge range of benefits, an electric bike could be just what you need. Electric bikes are growing in popularity and for very good reasons. They are perfect for those looking for an option for leisurely biking and those looking for an electric bicycle for long commutes to and from work each day. 

Once the initial investment of an electric bike has been made, the costs associated with owning an eBike after that point are moot. Their environmental impact is minimal compared to cars or public transport, as they run with the assistance of the electric motor which doesn’t need to be charged frequently or for great lengths of time. They can easily move about traffic, or bypass it entirely in the bike lanes on the shoulder of the road. Are you an urban dweller? These bikes are easy to lock and store between commutes.

But what factors impact the cost of commuter eBikes? Here, we’ll break down the costs of owning one.


You’ll need to have a clear idea of your budget but also what performance you expect from your ebike in order to get the right battery for your needs.

The primary factor affecting the price of an electric bicycle is the battery. The more powerful the battery, the higher the price will be. There is a great deal of difference between batteries with lower power performance and those at the top end of the range in terms of power. Generally speaking, more powerful batteries tend to equate to being able to ride longer distances on a single charge. These batteries are more costly. 

The wattage rating of an electric bike’s motor is another factor that affects its price. Motors capable of producing higher wattage will increase the average commuter eBike speed and torque, therefore requiring bigger batteries to handle the extra power demand. This alone makes them more expensive overall. A typical mid-range motor used in many eBikes has about 500 watts to 750 watts of power output and is an important component relative to the battery, and therefore the bike’s final price.


The material used to construct an electric bike’s frame will affect its price tag. Bikes made from lightweight materials such as carbon fiber will generally have a higher cost than those made with heavier steel frames. This is because their performance is increased due to the strength and reduced weight associated with quality frames. Aluminum frames are strong and affordable making them an industry standard. Carbon fiber frames are incredibly lightweight and durable, but these pro’s heavily reflect on the price. 

Motor Type

The type of motor incorporated in an electric bike is another key determinant in pricing. Hub motors are among the most common types used in electric bikes. Hub motors provide direct drive power straight from the rear wheel. These motors are ideal for city commuters or light off-road use. Hub motors typically range from 250 watts up to 1,500 watts but come at a more affordable price compared to mid-drive motors.

Accessories and Features

Finally, accessories and features play a role in the price. You want to be safe and comfortable, so consider whether you might need ‘extras’ like fenders, lights, a specific helmet or even USB ports. Features and supplementary material will incur additional costs, but like motors and frames, there will be a wide variety on the market with differing prices.

Commute With Ride1Up

Electric bikes vary in price due to a wide range of factors. Consider your needs for an electric bike, and then shop around to see what is available in your price range. At Ride1Up, we’ll be delighted to talk things through you and assist you in your search for your ideal electric bike!

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