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How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go Without Pedaling?

Electric bikes, often called e-bikes, are not a new concept. They have been around for quite a while and continue to increase in popularity. 

This makes a lot of sense–e-bikes have all the benefits of a normal bike, minus the negatives such as leaving you tired, sweaty, and overheated from pedaling. This might not matter to some people, but depending on where you ride your bike, you might not want to arrive at your destination all sweaty. This is why e-bikes are such a great transportation option.

They are also environmentally friendly, economical, great for your health, easy to use, and an overall more convenient alternative form of transportation, especially if you live in an urban city like Los Angeles or New York. 

People often wonder how long do electric bikes last, how long does it take to charge an electric bike, and how to use one. While these are all legitimate questions, we want to shift the focus to one that we are asked more often than not: how fast do electric bikes go without pedaling? 

It goes without saying that there are many factors that can affect a bike’s overall speed. On average, however, an electric bike can easily go twenty miles-per-hour (MPH) using a throttle, with a top speed of twenty-eight MPH with pedal assist. This average speed applies to two types of assistance—pedal assist and throttle. With pedal assist, the rider provides power by pedaling; throttle mode doesn’t require any pedaling.

It is important to double-check your electric bike’s brand and model to see what modes your bike offers. 

Factors That Affect Your Bike’s Speed

As noted, the average speeds offered with an electric bike tend to be between fifteen and twenty-eight MPH. The actual speed of your electric bike will depend on the brand and model of your bike, the type of mode you’re traveling in, and some external factors. 


Chances are that at some point in your life, you have ridden a bike either up or down a hill. You most likely remember how much faster a bike travels when you are riding downhill, and how much of a struggle it can be to pedal uphill even slowly. 

That is why it is important to consider the condition and elevation of the terrain you are riding your electric bike on. An electric bike will surely help with the challenge of an uphill ride, but it will typically maintain a lower speed because of the strain on your bike’s motor. However, you will still be working less and going much faster compared to a traditional bike.

Of course, if you ride your electric bike downhill, you’ll most likely never have to pedal and you will experience a faster ride. A ride on smooth, flat concrete will allow you to reach your bike’s top speed faster and easier, purely because of the conditions.

In addition to elevation, you have to consider the condition of the ground. If your commute is filled with bumps, you will have a rocky ride that will affect your pedal-free speed. 

Bike Condition

Just like any other bike, an electric bike needs to be cared for. Make sure that your bike is maintained in its utmost condition. 

Underinflated tires and neglected mechanical components can ultimately affect the top speed and overall condition of your bike. Be sure to do routine checks to make sure that your bike is operating up to specification before each ride.


You probably don’t go anywhere without charging your phone. So, why would you go anywhere without charging your bike?

If you are riding your bike at its maximum assist for longer distances, chances are that you will run low on battery faster than you would if you are exerting more energy pedaling. If you find that your battery is very low, you’ll most likely start to see a decrease in your bike’s speed and performance. So it is important as the rider to be aware of how your riding style affects battery life.

The Rider 

Most bikes have a weight limit. Be sure to find a bike that can support your weight range. It is important to be sure that your weight does not exceed this limit, as this can affect the performance of your bike, speed, acceleration, and longevity of the motor or mechanical components.

As you can see, there is a multitude of factors that affect your bike’s top speed. Next time you take your bike out for a ride, see what the top speed you hit is, and if any of these factors come into play.

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