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How Far Can You Go on an Electric Bike?

If you are considering getting an electric bike, you are probably wondering which electric bike has the longest range, how long it takes to charge an electric bike, and most importantly, how far you can go on one.

If you ever had an iPhone or a laptop computer, you probably know how quickly it can lose its charge or decrease capacity over time. That is never fun. The good news is electric bikes for adults are designed to provide many years of power with proper care, meaning they can go for a long time between replacements depending on your habits.

Electric bikes are a great mode of transportation if you are looking for an alternative to a traditional gas-powered vehicle that also keeps you fit and healthy while being environmentally friendly. You just need to be aware of how far you can go using an electric bike so you don’t get stranded mid-ride because your bike runs out of power. 

On average, an electric bike can go as far as twenty-five to fifty miles on a single charge. The true range, though, can vary–there are many factors that can influence a bike’s range. Everything from the wind and tire choice to your weight as a rider and terrain or riding conditions can affect the range of an electric bike.

Choose Tires That Fit Your Use

Just like the tires you opt for on a traditional vehicle can affect your driving experience, so can the tires you have on your e-bike. If you know that you will be riding your bike often through cities and urban areas, consider using commuter tires as these are better suited for this type of environment. 

An important tip that can help you improve your bike’s range is to ensure that the tire pressure is where it needs to be. Tires with the appropriate pressure are able to transfer power to the ground effectively and efficiently. 

Choose Your Power Setting Wisely

Using throttle mode on your bike will cause it to burn through your battery quickly, shortening its range. If you opt for pedal assist, however, you will get more range because you are not using as much of the bike’s stored power to get through your ride. 

Use Your Legs

Yes, your bike is electric and that means it can help propel you forward. If you are looking for a longer range, consider exerting more effort than you normally would. If you are pedaling hard, the bike won’t need to use as much energy and you will get some exercise, too. This increases your overall range as a result. The opposite also stands true–if you are letting the bike do most of the work, you will notice you get a shorter range. 


Total weight on the electric bike can also affect how far you can go on an electric bike. This can be a combination of rider and cargo weight which will affect the range of the electric bike. 

Wind Can Help or Hurt Range

If the wind conditions are not in your favor and you find yourself biking against the wind, your bike will have to use more energy to propel you forward, which will also decrease your range. The opposite is also true if you are traveling with the wind. 

Terrain Impacts Range

It goes without saying that if you are traveling uphill or over rocky conditions, the bike needs to work harder to push you up the hill or over the rough ground. This will inevitably also reduce your bike’s range since it has to work overtime to get you moving forward.

As you can see, multiple factors have the ability to affect the range of your electric bike. There are many other potential conditions, of course, which is why it’s so hard to give a straight answer regarding range. While you can expect somewhere roughly between twenty-five to fifty miles on a full charge, be sure to check the information about your brand and model, and take into consideration any external factors that might weigh on the bike’s overall performance.

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