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How Do I Store My Ebike For Winter?

The winter is upon us, folks. Temperatures are dropping and the sun is setting earlier every day.

For many, the riding season is coming to a close. Some of you are riders living in more extreme winter areas. If so, you are now getting your last few rides in before storing your ebikes and going on a brief hiatus. Therefore, properly storing your ebike for the winter is important as it will help keep your ebike running smoothly for much longer. Let’s cover the best ways to store your ebike over the winter months.

Tips For Safe Winter Storage Of Your Ebike

For those of you who are not planning to ride, let’s go over some critical tips for storing your bike for an extended period. Just as lack of maintenance and overuse can harm a bike, so will neglect. Here are some pro tips from our techs and mechs at Ride1UP to keep your bike in top form for spring.

Store Your Bike Inside

Storing your bike over winter inside ensures that your bike stays dry, clean, and rust-free. Much of the bike is very hardy to the elements. That said, protecting it from moisture, debris, and freezing temperatures will ensure it has the longest possible lifespan.

Lubricate Your Chain

Apply chain oil or grease to your bike chain. This prevents rust and sticking on this particular component. Doing so will profoundly increase the longevity and efficacy of your chain.

Battery Storage

It is best for you to remove your battery from the bike if possible. Store your battery inside at room temperature, ideally, between 59°-79°. Keep your battery charged between 50-80% to maintain excellent battery cell health.
If you can’t remove your battery, specifically the Roadster V2, you can apply these concepts to the entire bike.

Inflate Your Tires

Leaving your tires with low pressure can cause damage to the rubber over time. This creates cracks in the rubber and can cause safety issues when you want to get back to riding. Inflate to the recommended pressure indicated on your tire sidewalls.

Keep Your Tires Off The Ground 

Reducing the weight on the tires or hanging the bike will ensure your tires remain in good condition throughout the winter. While propping on the kickstand is sufficient, suspending, hanging, or lifting the bike off the ground is ideal. That said, ebikes are heavy! Only lift, suspend or hang your bike if you can safely, with the proper tools and equipment. 

Shift Your Gears To The Lowest Position 

Avoid leaving the derailleur set in higher gears when storing your ebike over the winter. Shifting your gears to the lowest position (gear 1) will remove the tension from the derailleur spring. Extended periods of high tension on your derailleur could break the spring and will decrease the longevity of the component.

Check And Fill Your Hydraulic Brake Fluid

Hydraulic brakes operate by compressing oil in a closed system. However, if the reservoirs are not full, this can allow air to travel through the system. Refill your brake reservoirs before storing your bike. This will ensure your brakes operate up to specification when you return for riding season.

Lastly, if you’re busy with holiday shopping or making snow angels, this is an optimal time to schedule a tune-up by a mechanic prior to storing.

Want to do it yourself? Learn more here: How should I store my ebike for the winter?

What Do I Do With My Battery Over The Winter?

Batteries require special attention during winter. Think about your battery as you would a newborn babe. Cherish it! They bring joy and energy into your life.

In the winter months, keep it in a dry, temperature-controlled space. Storing in a garage or shed for example that drops to freezing temperatures for months will damage your battery. Storing in sustained low temperatures will jumpstart cell degradation. This will reduce your capacity, range, and overall battery longevity once you get back to riding.

Importantly, do not store your battery on the charger. Not only is this a fire hazard, but it will severely damage your battery’s efficacy. Please keep them in your home or a climate-controlled space. The recommended storage temperature for most batteries is 15°C (59°F). The ideal charge to maintain is between 50% and 80%. Wherever possible, check or maintain this charge monthly. Stay vigilant to practice the best methods to store your battery! This will reduce the chance of needing to purchase a replacement pre-maturely down the line.

Can I Ride My Ebike In The Winter?

As a matter of fact, yes, you certainly can!  

Did you know that in Denmark, 80% of Copenhageners cycle through the winter? This zealous fervor for year-round biking remains true for Amsterdammers too. You will not see a significant decrease in riding during the winter in these often brutally cold locations.

Want to know the secret? It’s as simple as a warm coat. 


Riding or storing your ebike over the winter may seem overwhelming. However, you will thank yourself for making the effort. Moreover, all of these tips and tricks will ensure you enjoy winter riding and will have a happy, healthy ebike to return to in spring as well. Finally, when you and your bike come out of hibernation, take it to a mechanic for a tune-up to ensure it’s safe to ride after a long winter.

Life is complicated enough already. Here at Ride1UP, our mission is to fill the world with clean, fun transportation. One step at a time, take these recommendations to heart and we will ensure that your life on two wheels is hassle and headache free.

As always, reach out to our friendly support staff if you have questions, we’re happy to help. Happy holidays!

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