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Exploring the Best Biking Cities in the USA for World Bicycle Day

Every year on June 3rd, cycling enthusiasts around the globe celebrate World Bicycle Day, a day dedicated to promoting the many benefits of cycling and encouraging people to adopt this eco-friendly mode of transportation. In the spirit of this celebration, let’s explore our vibrant bike cultures, unique safety measures, the infrastructure of some of the best cycling cities in the USA, and the best Ride1Up ebikes suited to navigate them.

The Importance of World Bicycle Day

World Bicycle Day was established by the United Nations in 2018 to recognize the bicycle’s uniqueness, longevity, and versatility. It’s a day to appreciate the role of cycling in fostering sustainable development, health, and well-being. Bicycling not only provides an efficient mode of transport. It also promotes physical fitness, reduces traffic congestion, and lowers environmental impact.

Top 5 Biking Cities in the USA

Portland, Oregon

Portland is often hailed as the most bike-friendly city in the USA. With over 350 miles of bikeways, including dedicated, low-traffic “bike boulevards” and bike lanes, the city offers an extensive network for cyclists. Portland’s bike culture is vibrant, with numerous events like Pedalpalooza and the World Naked Bike Ride, which draw thousands of participants annually. The city’s commitment to safety is evident in its infrastructure, featuring bike boxes at intersections, ample bike parking, and public bike repair stations.

Best Ebikes for Portland

The Cafe Cruiser, with its retro styling, undisputed character, and incredible value at only $1095 is not only Portland’s coolest ebike. It’s the best equipped for your dollar too, with a 15Ah battery, hydraulic brakes, and dual passenger or cargo capabilities, your next farmer’s market haul is going to be the talk of the town.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis boasts a robust biking infrastructure, with over 200 miles of bikeways, trails, lanes, and paths, including the renowned Midtown Greenway. This dedicated bike highway runs through the heart of the city, providing a safe and efficient route for cyclists. Minneapolis is also known for its winter biking culture, with residents embracing year-round cycling despite harsh winters. The city’s Nice Ride bike-sharing program further promotes cycling accessibility and convenience.

Best Ebikes for Minneapolis

Year-round cycling and traversing snow, gravel, and off-road bikeways season in, season out means the Rift equipped with fat tires, long-range capacity, fat tires and quad piston brakes is the absolute best choice for an all-season road companion. Now’s the time to buy, with an all-time low price of $1795 with recurring promotional discounts ensuring the best bang for your buck.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is a cyclist’s paradise, with a vast network of over 300 miles of bikeways, including bike lanes, designated bike routes, and multi-use paths. The city’s Bike to Work Day event is one of the largest in the nation, encouraging thousands to commute by bike. Boulder’s commitment to cycling is reflected in its high bike commuter rates and numerous bike-friendly businesses and amenities.

Best Ebikes for Boulder

The Rift fat tire ebike does it again for Boulder and ensures you can traverse mountains and trails without a second thought, with a powerful motor, comfortable geometry, and the quad-piston stopping power to handle this beautiful city’s mountainous terrain.

Davis, California

Davis has long been a pioneer in bike-friendly infrastructure, earning the nickname “Bike City, USA.” With more bikes than cars and an extensive network of bike lanes, paths, and roundabouts, Davis prioritizes cycling in its urban planning. Davis became the first city in the United States to install official city bicycle lanes and with well over 100 miles of bike paths for its modest 11 square miles, this bicycle capital of the USA’s dedication to cycling safety and education is evident in its bike-friendly traffic signals, bike lockers, and the Davis Bike Club, which promotes cycling for all ages and skill levels.

Best Ebikes for Davis

The Turris and CF Racer1 are your best friends in Davis, a profoundly flat and effortless city to navigate by bike. Ride1Up must admit bias due to our founder and members of Ride1Up growing up in Bike City, USA. Davis holds a special place in our hearts due to the ability to circumnavigate the entire city without sharing the road with an automobile and rarely needing to stop at a stop sign or traffic light.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle’s commitment to cycling is reflected in its growing network of protected bike lanes and multi-use trails. The Burke-Gilman Trail is a popular route that spans nearly 20 miles, connecting several neighborhoods and offering scenic views. Seattle’s bike culture is bolstered by events like Microsoft-sponsored Bike Everywhere Month and the Seattle to Portland (STP) ride, which attract thousands of cyclists annually.

Best Ebikes for Seattle

Due to Seattle’s steep hills and opportunity for commuting throughout the greater Seattle area, the Prodigy and Prodigy V2 are your best bet, with smooth and intuitive mid-drive riding, torque sensors, and CVT technology making getting to work sweat-free a breeze.

Bike Culture, Safety, and Infrastructure

Bike Culture

Bike culture in these cities is vibrant and diverse, with community events, cycling clubs, and advocacy groups playing a pivotal role in promoting cycling. Events like Portland’s Pedalpalooza, Minneapolis’ Artcrank, and Seattle’s STP ride foster a sense of community and encourage more people to take up cycling. These cities also host bike festivals, group rides, and cycling workshops, creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for cyclists of all ages and skill levels.


Safety is paramount in promoting cycling as a viable mode of transportation. Cities like Portland and Minneapolis have implemented various safety measures, including protected bike lanes, bike boxes at intersections, and traffic-calming measures. Education and awareness campaigns also play a crucial role in teaching cyclists and motorists how to share the road safely. Bike-friendly traffic signals, signage, and ample lighting further enhance safety for cyclists.


Infrastructure is the backbone of any bike-friendly city. The best biking cities in the USA invest heavily in creating and maintaining extensive bikeway networks, bike-sharing programs, and bike-friendly amenities. Features like dedicated bike lanes, off-street paths, bike repair stations, and ample bike parking are essential for a bike-friendly infrastructure. Additionally, integrating cycling with public transportation systems, such as allowing bikes on buses and trains, enhances the overall accessibility and convenience of cycling.


World Bicycle Day is a reminder of the many benefits of cycling and an opportunity to celebrate the cities leading the way in promoting bike culture, safety, and infrastructure. Cities like Portland, Minneapolis, Boulder, Davis, and Seattle are shining examples of how investing in cycling can create healthier, more sustainable, and more vibrant communities. So, whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a casual rider, take this World Bicycle Day as a chance to explore these bike-friendly cities on the best value ebikes from Ride1Up and experience the joy of cycling firsthand.

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