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Can Electric Bikes Be Stored Outside?

Getting out on an electric bike is a great and innovative way to get some exercise and explore the outdoors. When it comes to storing your e-bike, though, you’ll want to consider whether or not to store it outside, so as to ensure it lasts as long as possible. 

Is storing your e-bike outside the best option? This is not such a simple question as it will depend on many factors—the best e-bike beach cruiser might require different care from a city e-bike, for example. In this article, we’ll look at the factors that must be considered regarding outside storage for your e-bike.


One of the most obvious arguments for not storing your e-bike outside is that the elements can cause significant damage to it both in winter and in summer. Extreme temperatures can damage the inner components, while rain and snow can cause rusting on exposed metal components like the chain, brakes, and gears. Wind can also blow dust or debris into the mechanisms, which could cause further damage over time. Although e-bikes are designed for the outdoors and a reasonable amount of exposure to harsh weather conditions, extended exposure will very likely cause damage.


While much depends on where and for how long you’ve chosen to park your e-bike, leaving e-bikes outside often creates the risk of theft or vandalism. Electric bikes are a relatively new product with growing popularity, so they might be an appealing target to some thieves.

Precautions You Should Take

Protect the Battery

We recommend always bringing the battery indoors when possible. First, it’s the most expensive and most important element of your e-bike and its ability to function. Second, the battery is the part most susceptible to damage if left exposed for prolonged periods of time. 

Once you know how to charge an electric bike battery at home, it’s a great idea to store it indoors.

Keep It Well Covered

If your e-bike is going to be stored outside, we recommend finding a spot that will offer shelter from the elements in order to give it the most protection possible. It’s also important to ensure that this cover is breathable and allows the free flow of air, as moisture build up can cause damage to fragile components. 

Focus on Security

If you’re unable to store your bike in a garage or enclosed space, nothing will keep your e-bike safer and your mind more at peace than protecting your e-bike with a secure lock. It can be easy for thieves to cut through some low-quality locks, so if you have to store your bike on the street, purchase a quality lock and try to keep your bike in a place frequented by passersby.

In Conclusion

You can certainly store your e-bike outside if need be, but you must ensure that the right precautions are taken to ensure it’s out of harm’s reach and carefully protected. If you follow these guidelines, you can enjoy your e-bike adventures without worrying about where to store your trusty steed once the ride is done. 

Interested in going on adventures away from the neighborhood? Check out our recent article on taking an electric bike on a plane!

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