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Best Electric Bike for Camping

If you’re a lover of adventure and the outdoors, there’s nothing quite like a camping trip to enjoy the best that nature has to offer. What if you want to take your electric commuter bike along on your adventure? 

An eBike is definitely a great companion for your next camping excursion. Not only is it easy to transport and set up, but it also allows you to zoom around to explore your surroundings before settling in at your camp for the night. 

However, your daily ride might not be the best choice for a camping trip. This brings us to the ultimate question—what is the best electric bike for camping? The simple answer is that every eBike is different, and your perfect camping eBike depends on what kind of rider you are, what features you’re looking for, and where you plan to ride it. 

In this guide, we’ve listed what you should look for when choosing an eBike for camping. We’ve handpicked some of our best camping eBikes to help you make a decision before your next trip rolls around.

What to Look for in a Camping eBike

The eBike market is vast, with bikes for every kind of rider. While some bikes are better suited for city road use, others are built to thrive in off-road terrains. 

If you’re a regular camper who needs a solid eBike to accompany you on your trips, you should search for an eBike that’s well-suited for overnight outdoor trekking. Here are some essential features to keep in mind.

Battery Power

Battery range is an important consideration when it comes to an eBike for camping. We recommend choosing an eBike with a large battery capacity because you likely won’t have easy access to a power outlet when you are camping. A bike with about 750 watts should be good enough, but you should always bring a spare battery in case the first one runs out. 

Also, because cargo weight significantly impacts a battery’s longevity, it’s always better to pack light. If you’re planning on packing heavy and covering a lot of ground in one day, you might have to find a place to stop for an hour and recharge your battery, which can take away from your camping experience.

Distance You Can Travel

Depending on how much distance you wish to cover in a day, the bike’s range is an important consideration. Ideally, a bike with a range of thirty to fifty miles should be sufficient for standard camping, depending on the conditions, cargo weight, and terrain. 

Frame Weight and Strength

If you plan to take your bike up rough terrains, the bike’s frame is very important. You should purchase a sturdy model that can survive wear and tear but is also lightweight. A lightweight frame will be helpful if you need to lug your bike around or load and unload it when traveling. Ideally, an alloy frame should give you both sturdiness and portability. 

Popular Electric Bikes for the Outdoors

Now that you know what to look for in a camping eBike, here are some of our top picks to choose from. 

700 Series 

The 700 Series is one of our most popular eBikes at Ride1Up, with five-star reviews all around. This stylish electric bike has an eye-catching steel blue and gray lightweight aluminum frame. The frame is sturdy, with internal protected and locked electronics to guard its components against natural elements such as wind, rain, or dust. 

700 Series is a Class 3 bike with a powerful 750-watt, sustained geared hub motor and sixty-nanometer (nm) torque that’ll help you speed up steep hills like a breeze. The bike’s frame geometry is designed to offer a comfortable ride, reducing stress on the rider’s joints and promising thrill and adventure without compromises. 

In addition, the bike features top speeds of twenty-eight miles per hour (mph) in pedal assist mode and a twenty mph throttle. It can take you up to thirty to fifty miles on a full battery, depending on rider weight, terrain, incline, and assist level. Finally, the high-performance tires offer the roll and cushion you need for the comfortable, stable ride you need when exploring nature.

Revv 1 Electric Moped Bike

Rugged, sturdy, and powerful, the Revv 1 is the dream bike for adrenaline junkies. With its unique multi-class speed system, riders can configure the settings to switch to speeds of more than twenty-eight mph when seeking a thrill, and use the bike’s preprogrammed twenty mph speed on regular days. 

With its highly sturdy, durable alloy frame and comfortable frame geometry, the Revv 1 is the perfect option for experienced riders looking to blend performance and adaptability. 

It has a powerful 750-watt sustained geared hub motor with ninety-five nm torque and a formidable range of thirty to sixty miles depending on battery, rider weight, terrain, incline, and level of assist. 

So, if you’re seeking a fully loaded, high-performance bike for long camping trips, the Revv 1 is a top pick.

Pack the Tent and Let’s Go!

EBikes offer a whole new way to enjoy the great outdoors. If you have the right one for this type of adventure, it will open doors to all types of new experiences.

For more helpful eBike recommendations, check out our piece on the best electric bike for city commuting.

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