Cafe Cruiser Passenger Kit

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The passenger kit allows for carrying a passenger up to 130lbs. We advise passenger wear a helmet and have a secure hold of the rider or a handle when riding.

What’s Included:

  • Quick Connect + integrated passenger seat. Rated up to 130lbs.
  • 2x Wheel covers. To be installed before carrying passengers.
  • 2x Foot pegs. Foldable pegs that thread into the chainstays for your passenger.


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14 reviews for Cafe Cruiser Passenger Kit

Based on 14 reviews

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Image #1 from Trevor C.
Image #1 from Trevor C.

Trevor C.

Brilliantly thought out with the Quick Connect system. Makes it an absolute breeze to install and remove when needed. My 4 year old step daughter loves this thing and I went ahead and installed a cheap handle bar to give her a bit more support. No issues with heel strikes, but I can see in the future when she gets bigger that she will need to rest the front of her shoes on the pegs to prevent the heel strikes.

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Image #1 from Trevor C.
  1. Satya (verified owner)

    The seat is a quick and easy snap on. The pegs are easy to install and fold in. The dress saver, or whatever it is called are these two huge plastic plates that go on the sides of the wheel to prevent one’s clothes from possibly rubbing the chain. I suppose if you are using this all the time with a passenger on the back it would make sense. Otherwise, it seems a big attachment to relatively permanently attach to your bike and essentially block access to the wheel. A few times my bike chain slipped and got jammed. It would have been much harder to access if I had these Captain America shields screwed into the outside of the wheel.

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  2. Claudio (verified owner)

    The best part of my bike. The main reason why I bought a Cafe Cruiser

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  3. mikhail m. (verified owner)

    usTexas, United States


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  4. Vincenzo Garganese (verified owner)

    usMaine, United States

    Works well

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  5. jason states (verified owner)

    usCalifornia, United States

    The kit works great

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  6. Laura C. (verified owner)

    usAlaska, United States

    I just think it is awesome

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