700 Series Battery

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14 reviews for 700 Series Battery

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  1. William Shoemaker (verified owner)

    great battery

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  2. Michael Palmer (verified owner)

    I really like the PayPal option that allows you interest free payments if paid off within a 6 month period. The minimum payment due each month is very reasonable (usually around $30 a month), and you can pay more each month or make multiple payments throughout the month until the balance is paid. Just make sure you get it paid off within that 6 month window to avoid the interest. I find this method works great for my budget, being that the battery isn’t cheap to say the least), but the benefits are well worth the cost.

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  3. Michael Palmer (verified owner)

    If you have any issues removing the battery just call support, and they will help you out. There may also be some YouTube Videos to reference. Main point is not to force anything when trying to remove the battery as it is designed to pretty easily drop of pop out with little effort. If you’re having to fight to get the battery out, or in, then you need to contact support before you end up breaking or damaging something that you may regret.

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  4. Stuart Young (verified owner)

    It’s great to have an extra battery for long trips that I do, not much to say aside from it’s a battery, you know if you need an extra or not lol. For shorter commutes it’s not needed, but I do long ones and it’s necessary. Note that I haven’t received it yet due to back order, but I know I need it as I tend to run out of juice after about 40 miles on one, with 35 miles still to go. Especially with the cold weather coming, I can’t wait to get it and not suffer from range anxiety.

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  5. Jeffrey Parsons (verified owner)

    It’s fine.

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  6. Ron O’shea (verified owner)

    Ride 1 Up delivers an exceptional bike for the price. You won’t be disappointed!

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