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Image #1 from Paula Van Roy
Image #2 from Charles Hall.
Image #1 from Paula Van Roy

Paula Van Roy

My daughter loves her bike. After riding our 500s she was hooked. The whole family pitched in to get her a bike of her own and she’s as addicted to it as we are.

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Image #2 from Charles Hall.

Charles Hall.

500 series Ride1up God over seven thousand miles on it Love the upgraded battery About 45 miles On the battery No problem Customer service is great Totally recommend Ride1up

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Image #1 from Paula Van Roy
Image #2 from Charles Hall.
  1. Elaine Vigneault (verified owner)

    Being able to go the further distance is more enjoyable. I even purchased one as a gift for a friend. We are loving it!

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  2. Maury L. (verified owner)

    Awesome battery, I have 3,000 miles on the bike and with the two batteries now I can always have a charged spare ready for riding which I do almost every day. I ride my regular bike and then later I ride the e-bike because my legs are tired but it gets me out for more exercise and its super fun. The battery that came with the bike was 13 ah and the new one is 16.7ah. My usual ride is about 17 miles and I can get 2 rides per charge on the original battery and 3 rides per charge on the new 16.7ah battery. The bike has been a great purchase and the new battery just makes it even better. Get out there and do it.

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  3. Staffan Eketorp (verified owner)

    Battery works great. But above all, I really appreciate the customer service. Great!

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  4. David Goodge (verified owner)

    Can now do 30 mile ride without fear of walking home.

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  5. Douglas D. (verified owner)

    Seems to me that the 500 series gets a little lost in the shuffle with all these other incredibly good bikes that are now coming available. That said I’m really happy with having the opportunity to add a much more powerful longer lasting battery that enables me to ride much farther. I was expecting the battery to be much larger but it visually seems to be a lot like the one that came with the bike all in all a great addition and a great benefit that some of the bikes they offer don’t have available

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  6. Abraham Espino (verified owner)

    Battery works well, just hope it does not lose its charge in less than two years as the original one.

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