Core-5 & LMT’D Battery

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Only available as a separate purchase, not as an upgrade. 

48V 14ah Reention Eel battery.  The backup or replacement battery for the Ride1UP Core5 or LMT’D bike. It will only work with these bikes. It only comes in BLACK not in other colors. This battery is intended for customers only as a replacement or extra battery.

This battery is guaranteed to work with your Core-5 or LMT’D electric bike and will be interchangeable in 5-10 seconds. No keys are needed as the existing keys fit the Reention battery housing that is already installed on your frame.  This pack uses 52x 18650 cells in a 4p13s arrangement.

*Batteries are not eligible for returns*

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6 reviews for Core-5 & LMT’D Battery

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  1. Michael Gerhardt (verified owner)

    Battery works just fine, but doesn’t register anything on the display for remaining usage. e.g. after a full charge display shows 100% charge until the battery shuts down completely? I’m still in the process of figuring out what exactly is the malfunction…

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  2. Tenika (verified owner)

    This back up battery definitely comes in handy when riding for a period of time.

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  3. Matthew Payer (verified owner)

    The added range is peace of mind. Also, like the bike, the battery is very durable. I was just hit and run, with 6 broken ribs. The bike…a few light scratches, and otherwise no damage.

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  4. msedlak

    Weighing in at about 155 lbs most of the time, and 70-yr old, female, I *try* to avoid using the battery on flats except for ripping through intersections and also from a dead stop. Still, I do end up using it in level 1 a fair amount. This bad boy went from 100% down to 30% over 90 miles. I’m crazy in love with this.
    I realize this reads like I’m actually 14 yrs old (I’m 70), but my Ride1Up LMTD bike takes me to heaven and back every time I ride it. This is my second e-bike, and I prefer this one over my other (different brand) bike like I prefer sunlight to fog.

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  5. David Wilson

    Works great, I charged and ran the battery for about 40 mins and left for a 10 day vacation, when I returned the level was at 100%

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  6. Larry Aaron

    Great battery have the core 5 and wanted a little more distance and know I can rotate so I never have much down time

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