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15 reviews for Core-5 & LMT’D Battery

Based on 15 reviews
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  1. It’s a pitty that only comes in black.

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  2. Now I can go between 60- 80 miles with the extra battery. Cost seemed a little high but pleased.

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    • Awesome, you doubled your range! Batteries are the most expensive component of an ebike. We keep our pricing low while providing high quality and safe batteries.

  3. Can’t say enough good things about this company. I’ve been researching EV bikes for at least 12 years I finally found exactly what I wanted. I purchased the limited I can’t say enough good thinks about it. It more than I expected it’s perfect I’ve been in my personal business for 42 years and wish I could be part of their overall plan to succeed in the EV biking business

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    • Thank you, we are thrilled with your experience and research you decided on a Ride1UP LMT’d!

  4. The battery i purchased as a spare battery works fine but the battery that came with the bike is giving trouble. It will not hold a charge even though the battery light indicator shows several bars.this bike is used to deliver food with Uber eats and has gone dead twice in the middle of a delivery and rider has had to cancel call and peddle back to home which one time was a good distance. Could you send me information on the procedure to return the defective battery and obtain a new one. This is my second bike I’ve purchased from ride1up and love the product. John quinn

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    • Thank you for the review. You can always contact us here: or call in. Email may be fastest, especially if it is beneficial to share pictures and other info.

  5. Spare battery works as expected. Useful when primary battery runs out of charge and you need to get on the road again before it can fully recharge.

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    • It is perfect to double your range and swaps out in seconds. Just make sure it’s secure if carrying it in a bag on your bike.

  6. I have a similar experience with the battery charge light not agreeing with the display

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