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  1. The battery i purchased as a spare battery works fine but the battery that came with the bike is giving trouble. It will not hold a charge even though the battery light indicator shows several bars.this bike is used to deliver food with Uber eats and has gone dead twice in the middle of a delivery and rider has had to cancel call and peddle back to home which one time was a good distance. Could you send me information on the procedure to return the defective battery and obtain a new one. This is my second bike I’ve purchased from ride1up and love the product. John quinn

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    • Thank you for the review. You can always contact us here: or call in. Email may be fastest, especially if it is beneficial to share pictures and other info.

  2. Spare battery works as expected. Useful when primary battery runs out of charge and you need to get on the road again before it can fully recharge.

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    • It is perfect to double your range and swaps out in seconds. Just make sure it’s secure if carrying it in a bag on your bike.

  3. I have a similar experience with the battery charge light not agreeing with the display

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  4. I’m buying a 2nd battery. I love my 750watt LMTD as I leave my buddies behind, but I hate when they pass me because my battery is dead.
    My controller and battery level indicator are super squirrelly. I. E. I do 3 miles/batt/off to 1st hill, turn on the contoller that says batt is only 80%. Ride further to rest stop. Return to ride in 15min, batt/off 5min ride to next hill, turn on controller&batt & indicator says 100%/51v. Or…. I’m out 20mi & batt 100%/51v, then in next 10mi it is down to 20%/42v and I know I’ll be pedaling the last 10mi w/o batt assist. Do I have a “bad controller” that give me reliable info and unpredictably unreliable. My bike buddies are as stumped as I am. I’m care to avoid the throttle and limit high assist time. I’d buy a new controller, if I thought it would be reliable.

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  5. Which rack and bag do you recommend to carry a second battery? Thanks.

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    • Hello Bruce, Thank you for the review. In regards to your question we would recommend the rear rack to carry the second battery. We have a link below for you to see.

  6. A second battery is a must-have if you want to use your ebike (in my case the LMTD) on long rides, especially when there are mountains to climb and areas where you face the wind. With just one battery I was able to travel 30 to 40 miles (60+ miles on flat), now I’m able to travel twice as much. I recently traveled 80+ miles over the Santa Cruz mountains in California. Note that I always try to keep the battery level above 20% in order to ensure the battery holds as much power for as long as possible. So I could definitely travel further, but that wouldn’t be good for the battery. Considering Ride1up charges $500 for a spare battery, I would recommend that you read how to take care of the battery

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