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The Best Value Mid-Drive Ebike – Ride1Up Prodigy

Prodigy XR Carbon Matte: $2,295

The Ride1Up Prodigy mid-drive ebike has astonished the ebike community since its inception in July 2021. Not only is it the fact that its robust power system operates at a level near a whisper. Moreso, it’s due to the fact that a typical mid-drive ebike is priced far above the level of comfort for anyone interested in diving into the world of affordable electric bikes. Search for a mid-drive ebike and your top results are priced closer to an automobile. Enter the Ride1Up Prodigy. Ringing up at half to even a quarter the price of its competitors, you may not have even known a quality mid-drive this affordable exists. Regardless of style or use case, Ride1Up designs the bikes we dream of and delivers them for an unexpectedly low price.

This mid-drive ebike is chock-full of value for the price. Dependable German integrated electronics with a Shimano drivetrain, agile and quiet operation with elegant frame geometry, various frame styles for a myriad of use cases, and thoughtfully eye-catching color options guaranteed to garner admiring glances and comments from interested observers. Industry reviewers have crowned the Prodigy in the coveted “best overall ebike” category and across the board, experts and amateurs alike are baffled by how Ride1Up has yet again cracked the code, this time delivering a mid-drive ebike that is cut from the cloth of a bike twice the price and then some. 

Industry Publication Reviews

Rolling Stone: “…our favorite e-bike of 2023.”

Forbes: “…has more DNA in common with a $5,000 electric bike”

Electrek: “…the best mid-drive electric bike on a budget.”

CleanTechnica: “…premium features previously typically only available for twice the price”

Electric Bike Report: “…a lot of value for their money with this e-bike. 

Video Reviews

Why Buy A Mid-Drive Ebike?

Mid-drive ebikes offer numerous benefits to their hub-driven counterparts, thus the historically unattainable price point, until the Prodigy.

Firstly, the Prodigy’s centrally located Brose mid-drive motor provides a supremely balanced weight distribution, improving handling, stability, and maneuverability. Secondly, the Brose motor silently transfers power directly to the Prodigy’s existing 9-speed gearset, offering a harmoniously efficient range of speed levels. In fact, on a single charge in the ‘Eco-mode’ assist level, 3rd party product testers pulled a whopping 90 miles out of our conservatively advertised range of 30-50 miles per charge.

Furthermore, the Prodigy’s torque sensor offers an uncannily natural ride, conjuring the sensation of riding an ordinary bike with extraordinary power. Overall, the winning combo of balanced weight distribution, power optimization, natural riding experience, and unimaginable price point makes the Prodigy an irresistible choice for e-bike enthusiasts. Check out the key value attributes that make the Ride1Up Prodigy unique and undisputably the best value mid-drive ebike on the market:

Ride1Up Prodigy Key Value Features

Integrated German Electrical System

The secret sauce to the Prodigy is the time-tested, integrated German electronics system. The lightweight and dependable TF Sprinter mid-drive motor and incorporated electronics; controller + software, electrical harnessing, color display, and battery integrations are steeped in over 100 years of Brose’s excellence in industrial mechatronics. A surprising 90 nm of torque pumps out of an impressively efficient 36-volt system, ensuring you have the acceleration and power to conquer your terrain.

Lightweight Frame

With the frame weighing in at a modest 50 lbs, this makes the Prodigy practical to store, transport and aids in the agility and nimble feeling of your riding experience.

High-Quality Battery

A 14Ah Phylion battery is packed with industry-standard Samsung cells providing outstanding range, longevity, and maximum cycle counts. Phylion being the 2nd largest battery supplier for ebikes in Europe comes with the benchmarks and dependability that go hand-in-hand with exacting European regulatory standards.

Torque Sensor Pedal Assist

Intuitive, accurate, and incredibly smooth, the torque sensor communicates seamlessly through your leg power to the motor into the drivetrain, resulting in a feel so natural, you’ll forget your riding an ebike, forgiving the fact you’re cruising at 28 mph effortlessly.


Name-brand drivetrain components ensure a long-lasting and high-performing experience. This includes a 9-speed Shimano cassette, a 9-speed Shimano trigger shifter, a Shimano Alivio derailleur, and a robust mid-drive chain. Plus you can seamlessly shift gears aided by an electronic shift sensor to reduce wear-and-tear on your mechanical components thereby increasing the lifespan of your ebike.


An industry standard in the MTB world, Tektro HD-M275 brakes systems come stock on the Prodigy. Hydraulic systems are easy to adjust, require little maintenance and offer awesome stopping power when paired with the Prodigy’s 180mm rotors. All-in-all, this system is designed to provide the confidence to handle challenging routes and let you enjoy the road in front of you knowing that in your hands, safety is just a squeeze away.

Frame Features

With 3 distinct frame styles to choose from, whatever your use case, from light off-road riding to commuting and joy riding, you’re covered with the option most suited for your unique needs. Add to that the extras like embedded rear lighting on the 40lb capable rear rack, ultra-bright 80 lux front light, ergonomic grips, handlebars, and comfort-oriented frame geometry. It’s the attention to detail that elevates this bike far above its price point.


Don’t be deceived by a 250 Watt motor rating – not only is the Prodigy running off the most battery-efficient 36 Volt system to increase your ride time, but the Prodigy controller is flashed with different firmware and programming than its European cousins across the pond running a TF Sprinter motor. With 90 nm of torque, the American muscle shines brightly when you’re crushing hills or at the starting line or stop sign drawing incredible acceleration for such an efficient system.

Cosmetic Refinements

Three stunning colorways allow you to express yourself, whether it is the muted and subtle carbon, the garishly glossy chalk, or the luminously color-changing chameleon gloss option. Between a flurry of fascinated compliments, you are guaranteed to get the casual passerby asking with curiosity and interest what it is you’re riding and where you got it. 

The Prodigy gives you all the features of a high-quality mid-drive electric bike plus adding unique flair only provided by Ride1Up designers. This bike is silent, agile, efficient, dependable, captivating, and practical yet manages to be profoundly affordable. What more can you ask for?

In Conclusion

The Ride1Up Prodigy is the unicorn of the ebike universe. It continues to baffle the electric bike community by combining the quality, dependability, and advantages of a mid-drive ebike with the Ride1Up guarantee of affordability and expert, US-based support. The Prodigy has achieved fulfilling the vital components of a mid-drive ebike into a bewilderingly inexpensive acquisition. There is no competitor that manages to match Ride1Up’s standard of excellence and value once we decided to set our sights on delivering a mid-drive electric bike. Don’t take our word for it, experience the magic of riding the Prodigy mid-drive for yourself.

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