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Long Range Electric Moped Bike

Electric mopeds with pedals combine the best elements of a traditional moped and a lighter, more versatile e-bike. While most e-bikes have a range of at least twenty miles, the newly released Revv 1 offers excellent performance, covering thirty to sixty miles on a single charge, depending on a few variables, which we’ll explain shortly.

Why opt for a moped-style e-bike with a greater range? The longer the range, the further you’ll be able to travel on each charge, and the less likely you’ll find yourself stranded with a depleted battery.

How to Pick an Electric Moped E-Bike

The range is just one of the aspects to consider when selecting the right e-bike. What is the best electric bike for seniors? E-bikes with pedal assist and throttle are a good fit for seniors because the motor will keep propelling the bike forward even if the rider isn’t pedaling.

E-bike mopeds with pedal assist and throttles give the option for the rider to pedal keep the bike moving, or rely solely on the throttle. Therefore, an e-bike with PAS and throttle on-demand is well suited to riders who may want the option for both during their journey. The Revv 1 is a fantastic, all-terrain e-bike moped and a superb choice for bike enthusiasts who love off-road adventures and comfortable commutes on public roads at a safer speed.

Switch the multi-class mode to Class 3 or Off-Road, and you can enjoy the thrill of a faster-paced ride. Still, the pre-programmed pedelec category settings are perfect for commutes, trips into town, or other everyday journeys, without exceeding a conservative speed.

Which Factors Affect the Range of an Electric Moped Bike?

As we touched on, the range of an e-bike moped will vary, and the thirty-to-sixty-mile range available on the Revv 1 will depend on a few different factors.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Ride

The Revv 1 commands a single-speed gearing system featuring a 52V-geared 750W motor. If you ride an e-bike and rely entirely on the throttle, especially if on very steep inclines, you can strain the motor, reduce the battery more rapidly and reduce the range significantly.

Pedal assist is designed to make it easier to pedal for longer. A throttle keeps the bike moving regardless of the effort you contribute, but ignoring the pedals can deplete the battery faster, particularly on steep terrain.

High assist levels are designed for faster speeds, flat routes, and straightaways, so riding in too high an assist level for the terrain means you’ll drain your battery faster or put yourself in a dangerous situation. A handy hint to remember is that if you don’t feel safe navigating certain terrains when you are riding, you’re likely in the wrong assist level!

E-Bike Weight and Load

Lighter, smaller riders inevitably mean the motor doesn’t need to work as hard to achieve higher speeds, and the battery isn’t expending as much energy. Heavier and larger riders or traveling with panniers or a heavy backpack can mean your battery needs recharging sooner, and your total range will drop.

Terrain and Elevation

Just as you’d find it harder to maintain an even pace on a manual bicycle over steep hills, bumpy roads, or when traversing winding, uneven routes, an e-bike moped has to expend more energy to support the motor when you’re riding uphill. The more challenging the terrain, the more energy you’ll use, whereas on flat, even, and downhill roads, the motor can use minimum power since momentum and gravity do a lot of the work.

Likewise, you’ll reduce your maximum range if you need to keep stopping and starting, such as queuing in traffic or waiting at the lights. Using the pedals to gain momentum before you get moving again is a good idea because although you’ll start slow, it can make a big difference to the battery’s life.

Maintaining an Electric Moped Bike

Keeping your e-bike moped maintained in top condition will contribute to a longer lifespan for the electrical and mechanical components. Simple things such as inflating the tires to the recommended pressure and oiling the chain periodically help to extend the range and reduce maintenance needs. If tire pressure is low, the motor will experience additional stress to maintain speed, so correctly inflated tires contribute to a longer e-bike range.

Batteries also tend to run down quicker in very cold conditions, so during the coldest winter months, storing your e-bike indoors or familiarizing yourself with best battery practices can go a long way to keeping your e-bike functioning with a longer range, and an extended battery lifespan.

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