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Introducing the Ride1Up CF Racer1

We are thrilled to reveal the newest complement to our fleet of groundbreaking ebikes, the Ride1Up CF Racer1. Breaking the mold for what the industry thought was possible, with this new model, Ride1Up is redefining how affordability and quality can harmonize within the performance recreation style of bike often thought unattainable for many budgets: the ultra-lightweight, racing-grade componentry-equipped carbon fiber frame CF Racer1

Read on and we’ll take a more intimate look at what makes the CF Racer1 different, how it shatters previously held conceptions of electric bikes and their capabilities plus reasons the CF Racer1 might be the perfect ebike for you.

Unmatched Value: Stacking up to the competition

Regarding the premium components and qualities loaded into the CF Racer1, you would imagine this ebike would cost from $4,000 to $7,000 or more. Just look at similarly equipped lightweight gravel or road ebikes produced by competing brands below. In some cases, you are spending thousands more for very little additional return. What the CF Racer1 realizes is the form and functionality of a lightweight performance-oriented ebike, without the added costs of slick marketing and brick-and-mortar presence taken out of your pocket. Ride1Up’s dedication to offering unmatched value in ebikes means you can enjoy the CF Racer1 for a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

Ride1Up CF Racer1

  • Frame Material: Carbon fiber frame and fork
  • Groupset: SRAM Rival 1
  • Weight: 27.4 lbs (Road), 28.6 lbs (Gravel)
  • Price tag: $2,295 

Scott ADDICT eRIDE 30 

  • Frame Material: Carbon fiber frame and fork
  • Groupset: Shimano 105
  • Weight: 26.2 lbs
  • Price tag: $5,999

Trek Domane+ AL 5 

  • Frame material: Alloy frame, carbon fiber fork
  • Groupset: Shimano 105
  • Weight: 31 lbs
  • Price tag: $3,499 

Orbea GAIN M21E 1X 20MPH 

  • Frame Material: Carbon fiber frame and fork
  • Groupset: Shimano GRX 600
  • Weight: 25.3 lbs
  • Price tag: $7,699 

Cannondale Topstone Neo SL 2 

  • Frame Material: Alloy frame, carbon fiber fork
  • Groupset: Shimano GRX 400
  • Weight: 32.3 lbs
  • Price tag: $3,625 

Bianchi E-IMPULSO Gravel 

  • Frame Material: Alloy frame, carbon fiber fork
  • Groupset: Shimano GRX 600
  • Weight: 30.5 lbs
  • Price tag: $3,873 

Frame Options: Road or Gravel

We’re proud to offer the CF Racer1 in two equally versatile designs, giving our customers a choice between a road cycling option and a gravel option. We know that every rider’s preferences and needs are unique, and we want to ensure the best experience when it’s time to hit the road or trail on your CF Racer1:

  1. Road Frame Option: Weighing in at 27.4 lbs and equipped with 3-degree flared drop bars and Schwalbe E-One Race tires for incredible traction and cornering ability, the Road option maintains a strict focus on low weight, speed, and efficiency. 
  2. Gravel Frame Option: With a 28.6 lb scale weight, the Gravel frames drop bars with a 15-degree flare and Continental Terra Trail tires add just over one pound from our Road option and notably, still shave off considerable weight from many competing models like Cannondale, Trek and Bianchi’s lightweight options.

CF Racer1 Components

Distinction in Design: Single-Mold Carbon Fiber Frame

At the core of the CF Racer1 is the T700 carbon fiber, TUV strength tested, ISO 4210 certified single-mold frame. Available in two sleek colorways, our ultra-lightweight carbon fiber frames come with a host of benefits over traditional aluminum or steel alloy frames. Learn more about the advantages of carbon fiber ebikes.


The CF Racer1 comes stock with SRAM Rival 1 components to enhance the efficiency and performance of your ride experience with smooth, ergonomic shifting and robust drivetrain power transfer all culminating in a premium cycling experience. When it comes to performance groupsets, SRAM and Shimano own this space. The closest Shimano counterpart to the Rival 1 setup is the Shimano 105. Notably this groupset comes stock on two competing lightweight ebikes costing between $1,300 to a whopping $3,700 more.

High-Quality Battery

The CF Racer1 is equipped with an internally housed 36V 7Ah battery featuring high-quality Samsung cell technology. This lightweight concealed battery delivers trustworthy performance with an estimated range of 16-40+ miles of assisted power on a single charge. While this estimate depends on a combination of variables, as a brand, we consistently underestimate the advertised range of our batteries with our CF Racer1 product testers attaining ranges upwards of 40 miles when using lower pedal assist levels. Want to double the maximum output? We have a dual battery add-on accessory option to alleviate any range anxiety on those longer rides.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

With the CF Racer1 equipping such a robust host of components, every rider wants the counterbalance and confidence of reliable braking power. The CF Racer1 comes fitted with 160mm SRAM Rival 1 hydraulic disc brakes, providing excellent stopping power and control at high speeds and various riding scenarios.

Performance Tires

Maximizing performance means you need quality where the rubber meets the road. The road frame’s 32c Schwalbe E-One tires provide a tenacious grip and lightweight performance designed for speed and maximum efficiency on pavement. The gravel frame comes equipped with 40c Continental Terra Trail brown sidewall tires: an alluring and attractive tire set that blends lightweight with increased traction for rugged offroad-style riding.

Motor Power

Power and performance are a priority when outfitting the CF Racer1 with its electrical components. It comes equipped with a lightweight Bafang hub motor pumping out 42 nm of torque, ensuring you have the muscle and precision to tackle the terrain in front of you. While some have argued that the lower center of gravity provided by an expensive mid-drive motor increases performance, every competing model listed also equips a hub-drive motor and proves that with the attention to design thoughtfully put into the CF Racer1, this well-balanced frame puts the mid-drive motor purists to the test making this ebike as practical and affordable as it is performance-oriented.

Additional Benefits and More

The CF Racer1 comes packed with thoughtful features that amplify its functionality and adaptability. 

  • Bottle cage mounting points
    – with multiple mounting options for water bottle cages strategically integrated into the frame, riders can ensure staying hydrated on those longer rides. 
  • Fender-friendly features
    – the design incorporates pre-drilled inserts that facilitate the addition of fenders for enhanced weather and debris protection.
  • Carbon stem and handlebars
    –  adding to its versatility, the single-form carbon stem and handlebars not only contribute to the bike’s lightweight design but also enhance durability and responsiveness, ensuring a comfortable and agile riding experience.
  • Fork clearance 
    – designed for the installation of larger tires, ample fork clearance promises a world of aftermarket customization suited to your preferences.
  • Tubeless compatible gravel tires
    – offroad riding can take it’s toll, so with the addition of new valves and tubeless tape, you can customize your Gravel CF Racer1 to further enhance its rugged capabilities

These meticulous details elevate the CF Racer1 experience, making it a dynamic choice for riders seeking a blend of practicality and performance.

Who is this bike ideal for?

While we see that the ultra-light carbon fiber frame CF Racer1 has various applications such as trail riding and pavement, at the soul of the design, this bike is designed for those who want more speed, or more assistance in either a road or off-road adventure setting. Whether you want to keep up with the group or lead the pack, build up your strength and endurance while training, or just expand your footprint of distance or routes never thought possible, this is a performance-inspired electric bike with a sleek, entirely concealed electronic setup coming in two stunning colors and two frame sizes to accommodate a wide spectrum of riders and needs. 


In conclusion, the Ride1Up CF Racer1 stands as a groundbreaking addition to the world of electric bikes, challenging preconceived notions about affordability and quality in the realm of ultra-lightweight, racing-grade carbon fiber frames. This ebike offers unparalleled value in comparison to its competitors. Boasting two versatile frame options for road and gravel, the CF Racer1 delivers a customized experience tailored to individual preferences. From its distinctive single-mold carbon fiber frame to the high-performance SRAM Rival 1 components, concealed Samsung cell battery, hydraulic disc brakes, and powerful Bafang hub motor, every aspect is thoughtfully designed for optimal performance at an unmatched value.

What truly sets the CF Racer1 apart is its ability to provide a premium cycling experience without the premium price tag, making it an ideal choice for those seeking speed, assistance, and adventure on both road and trail. Discover how the CF Racer1 is not just a mode of transportation, it’s a thrill-machine balancing effortless acceleration, elegance, and cutting-edge design, illuminating the pinnacle of what’s possible when technology, value, and innovation meet the open road.

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