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Introducing “The Revv 1” Moped-Style Electric Bike

Revv1 Moped-Style Electric Bike
After weeks of teasing that something new was on the horizon, we are excited to finally announce the release of our newest ebike model, the Revv 1. Launching into the new year, Ride1Up is taking a fresh approach to the moped-style electric bike design. “The Revv1” moped-style electric bike offers great performance coupled with the definitive style and pricing Ride1Up is known for. With that being said, let’s dive into some of the specifics that make this ebike so unique.

Meet the Revv 1

Rugged design and packed with performance features, the Revv 1 is more than capable to take on any adventure you throw at it. It comes stocked with a comprehensive suspension system, 1000W Bafang hub motor, removable high-capacity battery, high/low beam headlight, tail light, twist grip throttle and so much more.

No detail was overlooked to create a stylish, high-performing machine that offers versatility and an unrivaled experience. Don’t let the rugged looks fool you, while the Revv 1 is a blast to ride, it is also an effective commuter to take you where you need to be. With different frames and color options, there is an ideal Revv 1 for anyone looking to conquer the streets.


Revv 1 Highlight Features

“The Revv1” moped-style electric bike comes with a comprehensive set of design features that will ensure you get the most bang for your buck.


      • Full suspension and hardtail options ensure you get what you need from your ride, at the price point that makes sense for your budget.


      • Heavy-duty 1000W Bafang geared hub motor with 90 nm of torque can get you up hills with ease


      • High-capacity removable Samsung cell battery with 40-60 miles of range depending on riding conditions.

Integrated Lights

      • 120 Lux moto style headlight with high and low beam, plus a tail brake light

Integrated Components

      • 52-volt system running high amperage circuitry and a sensitive cadence sensor

Riding Posture

      • Sporty riding style that doesn’t sacrifice comfort with a mostly upright riding posture


      • Hardened alloy fenders to keep you dry and protected from terrain conditions


      • Customized cafe-style saddle designed for comfort on long rides


      • 32T, single-gear drivetrain with 127mm cranks


      • Center-mounted two-tone display complete with a wattage meter

Twist Throttle + Pedal Assist

      • Moto-style right-handed twist grip throttle plus 5-level customizable pedal assist

Hydraulic Brakes

      • Powerful 4-piston hydraulic brake system with electric motor cut-off features

Turn Signals

      • Full suspension model comes with a turn signal feature for added safety and visibility


Frame and Color Options

The Revv 1 is offered in two frame styles at two affordable prices. They have some notable differences to take into consideration when making your purchase.

Full Suspension Frame – $2,395

      • 2 Color options – Moss Green & Graphite Gray
      • 20Ah Capacity Samsung Cell Battery
      • 120mm Double Crown Front Fork Suspension with Preload, Rebound Adjust, and Hydraulic Lock-out
      • DNM Rear Suspension with Rebound, Air Pressure Adjust, and Lock-out
      • 20” x 4” CST Scout eMoped All-surface Tires
      • 28 Amp Internal Controller
      • Front & Rear Turn Signals

Hardtail Frame – $1,895

      • 2 Color options – Moss Green & Graphite Gray
      • 15Ah Capacity Samsung Cell Battery
      • 100mm Front Fork Suspension with Rebound Adjust, and Hydraulic Lock-out
      • 20” x 4” Kenda Krusade All-Terrain
      • 25 Amp Internal Controller


Multi-Class Speed System

“The Revv1” moped-style electric bike ships programmed as a class 2 electric bike out of the box. This means that it will reach a maximum of 20mph with both pedal assist and throttle. However, there are options to customize the classes depending on where and how you plan to ride for your unique needs. The “Multi-Class Speed System” allows you to switch between different speed classes right on the display. Below are the different classes and their capabilities:

Revv 1 Class System Options


Pedelec (Class 2 – Out of the box)

      • 20mph max speed with pedal assist and throttle

Class 3

      • Up to 28 mph via pedal assist and 20 mph throttle speed


      • 28+ mph via pedal-assist or throttle


How To Switch Between Speed Classes

Rider safety is our number one priority and in order to switch between classes, riders must reach out to Ride1Up to receive instructions and get passcodes to unlock the speed systems. This is done to ensure riders fully understand the operational workings, warnings, and risks involved with unlocking the Revv 1 to reach certain speeds. It is crucial to understand that the ‘Off-Road’ mode is for private road use only. Additionally, riders should familiarize themselves with and follow their local and state regulations that pertain to electric bikes and their usage.

Available Accessories (Coming Soon)

Storage Cage

      • Housed in the center of the frame, this storage accessory allows you to carry what you need in your day-to-day adventures on your new Revv 1.

Foot Pegs

      • For dual passenger or just for your comfort, foot pegs are offered as an extra detail to make the Revv 1 your own.

Rear Handle

      • This accessory is invaluable when you need to get a handle on your bike, especially in small spaces.

Rear Rack

      • Extra carrying capacity for your commute, trip to the beach, trail ride or forest picnic.

Dual Battery System

      • Last but not least, dual battery capabilities will double your range and ensure you are well-equipped for adventures of epic proportions.


Who Is This Bike For?

This ebike is different from any commuter style we’ve designed in the past. That said, you can unquestionably use the Revv 1 to get from A to B. However, we packed in so many features in both design and performance that this model is guaranteed to provide a ride like none you’ve experienced before.

The Revv 1 is made for those looking for a moto-inspired type of riding style versus the traditional bike riding style while taking advantage of an electric motor. Think of this as your very own adventure and thrill machine. If you want to absolutely dominate the terrain in front of you, the Revv 1 is the bike you need. The benefits of ebikes are well-known, but not everyone is looking to ride the traditional bike design that Ride1UP has become known for.

We stepped in to make sure you have the bike that is going to always bring joy and never break the bank. The Revv 1 is slick, with a low profile moto-scrambler retro look that will ensure you ride in style on a full tank of adrenaline, both on the road and off it.


Why We Released This Bike

Ride1Up is well known for its affordable prices without sacrificing quality or durability. Historically, we have prioritized the traditional commuter style foremost in our efforts to reduce emissions and offer sustainable transportation alternatives to the masses. However, this leaves out riders that want to reap the benefits of the Ride1Up mission, but are looking for a new, unique riding experience that only a moped-style ebike can offer.

While there are many moped-style ebike options out there, we know we can do it better by following the strategy that we are known for – high-quality builds and performance at an incredible value. Our products speak for themselves and the Revv 1 is no exception to this rule.


Final Thoughts

We are incredibly excited to introduce the Revv 1 to our community of riders who are looking for a moped-style ebike experience. While the Revv1 is different than anything offered by Ride1UP before, it still remains true to the classic ethos of the brand. High performance and unmatched quality made accessible to anyone at an affordable price.

We aim to serve the most diverse community of riders possible and demand to enact the change we wish to see in the world. With this comes a brand-new design that is very different than anything Ride1Up has offered in the past. Considering price, design, specs, and performance, the Revv1 will go toe-to-toe and take the show with any moped-style ebike designs currently available on the market. We promise you’re going to love it.

However, our commuter emphasis will always be deep in the Ride1Up DNA and we will continue to provide a wide range of ebikes for every use case. Moreover, we can achieve this better than any of our competitors with the same strategy that brought us into the spotlight – value has long been synonymous with Ride1Up and the Revv 1 is no exception.

Want to learn more? Contact our friendly support staff who will be happy to answer any questions.

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