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Can I Make My Electric Bike Go Faster?

Whether you are investing in an electric bike for its health benefits or to help the environment, the first step is assessing your needs. What you will use your bike for will determine what features your electric bike should have, as well as if the bike you’re looking at has the range and power you need.

If you decide speed is an important factor for you, you aren’t alone. Electric bikes (also known as eBikes) can be used recreationally and are also great modes of transportation to get to work and for small-scale deliveries (such as small packages or food deliveries). However, finding fast eBikes for sale that meet all of your criteria can be tricky. Before you purchase an eBike or attempt to modify the one you have, you need to know how fast eBikes are allowed to go

Each state, region, and city can have its own unique regulations regarding motorized bicycles, including eBikes. In this article, we will explore eBike classes, laws regarding speed regulations for eBikes, and how you can improve the speed of your eBike.

EBike Classes

If you’re currently searching the eBike market or already own an eBike, you may have noticed many of them come with speed limiters. EBikes have speed limiters because of eBike regulations that limit them to certain speeds. Otherwise, they may be classified as vehicles requiring registration or licensing. This has resulted in the creation of three classifications of eBikes to determine what trails or roads certain eBikes are permitted on. These classifications are:

  • Class 1: This class includes pedal assist bikes only, with no throttle. The maximum powered speed is twenty miles per hour.
  • Class 2: This class of eBike can be powered by the motor alone via throttle or pedal assist and offers a maximum powered speed of twenty miles per hour.
  • Class 3: These bikes may have throttle capabilities and are often pedal-assist only. They can reach a top-powered speed of twenty-eight miles per hour.

If you are looking to increase the speed of your eBike past regulation, modifying your bike could result in it no longer qualifying for its eBike class status depending on your local regulations.

EBike Laws and Speed

When your eBike exceeds a certain speed, you could be breaking your area’s regulations governing eBikes and potentially be riding your bike illegally. If you choose to modify your eBike and modify the speed limiter, you may need to contact your Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Once your eBike exceeds speeds of twenty-eight miles per hour, it is legally recognized as a moped or motorcycle. In this case, you may need a moped or motorcycle license to legally ride your bike on public property. This means you may also need to register your eBike. 

How to Make Your EBike Ride Faster

What if you want to ride faster and still meet the classifications of an eBike? We have a few tips and tricks we recommend to those who want to improve their speed but do not want to modify their eBike or its settings.

Take a Look at Your Tires

Your eBike’s tires can impact its speed in a number of ways. Check that the tires on your bike are designed for pavement, which ride smoother and have less rolling resistance. This will allow your bike to ride faster due to the reduced amount of friction and resistance.

Check the air pressure in your tires. If you are low on air, this can increase rolling resistance and result in slower speeds. To reduce resistance, add more air to your tires. Adding air increases the diameter of the wheels, allowing you to go farther with each wheel rotation. 

Keep It Charged

When you ride with a charged battery, it produces more voltage. As your battery discharges, the voltage will start to drop off. For example, a fully charged lithium cell will produce 4.2 volts, but the same battery with a 50% charge will only produce 3.6 volts. Before you hit the road, top off your bike’s charge.

Where to Find a Fast EBike

Rather than purchase a low-end eBike with the intention of modifying it, we recommend finding an eBike that already reaches the maximum speeds legal for most eBikes. What fast electric bike should you buy? At Ride1Up, we offer several options for fast eBikes, including our Class 3 Core-5 eBike, our Class 3 Cruiser, and our Class 3 LMT’D bikes. These bikes were designed for comfort and speed, with enough range to get you where you need to go. For more information about eBikes and modifications, refer to the experts at Ride1Up for specialized consultations and advice.

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