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700 Series – The Best Value Commuter Ebike

The 700 Series has been an industry and customer-wide favorite throughout its rich four-year history. Thousands of units sold later, it has earned distinction and continues to historically be one of Ride1Up’s top-selling models for good reason: It is THE best value commuter ebike that you can buy in the market. 

This value-packed ebike handles nimbly for its size, packs powerful integrated electronics, stocks name-brand components you expect on a higher-priced bike, and joins these features together with sleek styling and a gorgeous frame design. It is the top-ranked electric bike spanning multiple categories in numerous industry reviewer listings and attracts customers from all walks of life eager to get the most out of every cent they spend on their ebike purchase.

Industry Publication Reviews

Forbes: “…the best value in electric bikes you can buy today.”

Electric Bike Report: “…a whole ‘lotta performance out of a very inexpensive e-bike.” 

Ebike Escape: “…unlikely to find a better value out there in a Class 3 ebike”

Electrek: “Incredible bang for your buck in fast urban e-bikes.”

OutdoorGearLab: “…you’d be very hard-pressed to find another electric bike on the market that performs this well at this price.”

One of the greatest strengths Ride1Up utilizes is a fantastically short loop between customer feedback, manufacturing, development, and design to implement improvements rapidly. This allows us to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that you are getting the absolute highest quality ebike no matter when you decide to make a purchase with us. Check out the numerous improvements made since our first generation 700 Series was released in 2019:

700 Series List of Improvements

  • Battery – Improved battery from a 14Ah battery to a 15Ah battery providing a longer range
  • Stem – Upgrade to an adjustable stem to improve unique rider comfort and preference 
  • Pedal Assist – Adjustable Amperage and percentage-based pedal assist for a more customizable experience
  • Motor – Improved motor power from 500-watt nominal Shengyi to 750-watt nominal Bafang hub drive 
  • Cassette – Upgrade from 7-speed to 8-speed cassette to improve pedal efficiency
  • Throttle – On-demand throttle implementation for navigating more challenging situations
  • Drivetrain – Upgraded from Altus to Shimano Acera level drivetrain components
  • Brakes – Upgrade to Tektro Brake system with motor-cut off to improve safety and stopping power
  • Frame Features – Water bottle bosses included on all frames 
  • Wattage – Peak wattage increase to 880 watts for better performance
  • Frame Protection – Clear chainstay to black branded cloth chainstay tape
  • Cosmetic Improvements – Painted emblem to metal branded headtube emblem.
  • Lights – Upgraded lighting design to bright Buchel 80 Lux front lighting to improve visibility
Electric Bike Report 700 Series Review
Electrek 700 Series Review
Ebike Escape 700 Series Review

The 700 Series manages to offer better features and performance at a fraction of the cost of its numerous competitors. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the 700 Series to one of the largest direct-to-consumer ebike brands on the market. 

By carefully considering the value proposition of each feature and component, it is evident that the Ride1Up 700 Series offers an unbeatable cost-value ratio. Therefore, it continues to be a compelling choice for riders looking for a stylish, practical commuter ebike. Notably, it equips name-brand components found on a higher-priced bike, a high-capacity rack, excellent electrical components, and customizable settings powered by a robust 750-watt motor. Moreover, with captivating colorways, alloy fenders, superior quality tires, a high-capacity, frame-integrated battery, and a stout front suspension all wrapped into a beautifully appointed package, this bike is not only designed to outperform its ebike competitors but to go toe-to-toe with your car as a viable transportation alternative. 

Final Thoughts

The Ride1Up 700 Series is a fully loaded commuter workhorse with thousands of devoted riders currently on their way to work or adventure, staying ahead of the curve with a savvy purchase designed to compete with their car. Ride1Up has succeeded in designing a bike that combines the essential elements of a commuter-style e-bike into an exceptionally affordable package. There is no question that this bike will serve its intended purpose above and beyond what you expect when you hit the road, at an unmatched price. 

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