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Not for the faint of heart, this sleek stylish deck is made of pure carbon fiber strength. At under 14lbs, this board looks and feels like the future.

37.5″ Custom Carbon Fiber deck
13.5 lbs total weight, 1″ Thin
30 mph Top Speed
230wh Battery – 15 Mile Range
High-output 6.4ah LiPo pack
Kick-start, Auto-On/Off
Double-barrel 90a downhill bushings
90mm x 56mm – 82a Soft Wheels
Easy to Replace Rear Wheel Sleeves
4 Speed settings on LCD remote
Regenerative breaking
1200w Dual hub motors
6 month warranty 30 day warranty on sale purchase

Free Delivery, multiple skate tools, remote and remote charger, and board charger.

Delivery date:

February 20th 2019

Out of stock


How long does it take to ship?
The boards are in stock now and ship same day if order M-F before 12pm PST. Our Free shipping time is approximately 2 days on the West coast, and 5-7 days on the east coast.
Is there a warranty or return policy?
Yes. We offer a 30-day full refund trial period. If you are unsatisfied, ship it back. Additionally, we cover all boards with a 6-month warranty. Please contact us should you experience an error with our product or software that is not due to user error. This warranty and return period is not valid on certain sale purchases.
What is the weight limit on the board?
The carbon fiber deck is rated for up to 300lbs with normal use.
Can the wheels be replaced
YES, and we suggest buying a replacement pack of 4 wheels. Available for $26, select your favorite color.
Is the board available internationally?
This model is only available in North America.
Is the board waterproof?
The boards are water-resistant, but not waterproof. Both decks are sealed, but do not submerge the boards in water or leave in the rain.
Are the batteries swappable?
No. the internal battery can be replaced, but swapping it out is not quick, the grip tape has to be removed. Estimated project time is about 1 hour 20 minutes.
How long does it take to charge?
Charging time is about 3-4 hours for a full charge.

13 reviews for Carbon Pro

  1. Karsten

    If you want to pay $900 for an electric skateboard that is gonna break within the first month, then this board is for you!

    The hub motor broke and no longer rotates. The battery works fine and the other wheel spins as it did when I first got it. But the right wheel is now completely locked up rendering the board useless. And I was so careful not to ride through water puddles and really didn’t put much strain on the board (weigh 155 lbs).

    They don’t make replacement parts and the company will not fix your board. For how expensive this board is, I expected better. So overall it was a great board for a month, but if anything breaks you can say goodbye to your money.

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  2. EffYourPandaTroll

    This is a better board than the Exway, Sen Sen. But I could see how an internet troll such as yourself wouldn’t notice the difference in the much better propelson system, lighter stronger truck design, and cheaper maitnance over time with this board.
    The regenerative breaking system is great and charges a dead battery when you kick, like you do when having a hissy fit reading stats and not riding boards… Troll…

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  3. sen sen Chen

    Sign, copied from Exway board, disappointed quality, especially the acceleration and breaks

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  4. Aiden Moore

    It is really fun and if u look up another electric scooter or a board there is none as good as this one especially for the price

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  5. Timothy Edwards

    Owner of 2 Carbon Pro boards. I feel like I bought a ski hill, here in Florida. Carving at speed feels like charging down steep groomers riding your edge. I was worried about getting bored with it like say a jetski, but it isn’t happening with new terrain to explore around every corner and plenty of juice in the throttle.

    These are great boards all the way around. Nothing compares in its’ price range, not even close. I actually got 2 of them for less than 1 of the well known competitor. I’m glad I took a chance on a new company I didn’t know anything about because these boards are worth every penny.

    P.S. – Update your safety gear you will be going faster than you think.

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  6. Simon C Duong (verified owner)

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    Great fast nimble board, it is my first one but I can tell it’s pretty good quality for the price especially when it was on sale for 569 compared to other friends who have paid about the same or more. Looks super stealthy and weights alot less than most eboards. One gripe if I do have to complain is there is not a lot of reviews or mentions of the board anywhere really on the internet besides 3-4 videos and no one on forums really have heard of them. So this can be a little nerve-wracking as I like to do as much research on a product as I can but this can’t be helped since they just started producing electric longboards

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  7. Joseph I. (verified owner)

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    This board is super fun and high quality! I recommend this board to any experienced rider

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  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

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    The board looks and feels fantastic. This was my first ever electric board; I am happy with the way the board handles as you ride it. I didn’t think it was going to be possible to max out speed limit in the first two days of riding it, but I did. The only negative about the board is that after a few days of using it, it feels like it has lost power. The “high” mode doesn’t longer allow me to go faster than 15mph, and the board no longer accelerates quickly. I am still satisfied tho because the “High +” still allows me to go reasonably fast. I hope the board continues to handle good and the power loss that I am experiencing doesn’t get worst.

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  9. Dustin B

    What makes this board a great product has already been stated in all the previous positive reviews and is more than true.

    I would like to brag on our customer experience with Ride1up. Their service after the sale shines!

    We purchased the Carbon Fiber Pro for our son to travel around his college campus. One week and 12hrs run hours later the board get ran over by a golf cart. No personal injury, but the board did not survive.

    We contacted Ride1up – knowing it was not a warranty situation – with in 2 emails they had offered a deep discount on a new board and advised us to keep the old one for spare parts.

    If you want a great board with great customer service after the sale? You are in the right place!

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  10. Thomas C. (verified owner)

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    Great board for the price! The carbon fiber makes this thing really easy to carry and a nice narrow profile which is really stealthy.

    I think the trucks need to be tighten much more out of the box. I am a beginner skateboard and going up to 10-14 miles an hour the board gets really unstable if the trucks are not tightened. I tightened up to 4 rotations and it feels more confident.

    Also the ESC could be tuned to deliver power / brake more gradually. Right now, there is not enough sensitivity in the remote so that its either power or no power. If there is a way for a firmware upgrade to either the ESC or the Remote I am game!

    Last but not least, because the board is carbon fiber, it would have been great to come with a set of 2 deck guards. The back of my board already has some nicks from putting it down on the ground.

    Otherwise keep on bringing great products to the market!

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  11. Eric Taylor (verified owner)

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    Been a skater for 30 years and never had so much fun from this pro carbon model. SUPER fast and perfect breaks…The remote is dialed in with Zero lag and full on street ripping from this board. Long sessions too…easy 2 hours of fun. Best therapy ever…..Way to go on this make . Eric in Va…!

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  12. Edward Knight (verified owner)

    This will be long one, but hopefully worth the read.

    Let me preface by stating that I am now 44 and have been skating my whole life. In my late 20s, I switched to longboards. I took a pintail down the Blue Ridge Mountains in my 30s. I am used to speed. This board, however, is an entirely different animal… but an entirely better one! I am used to nose riding at high speeds. This is not the case with the 1Up. After a few times around the neighborhood, I got the hang of it. On to the review!

    First, this board is FAST. Hi+ mode will really test your balance. The trucks were a bit loose out of the box, so I’d definitely start on medium to see how stable you find it. I tightened them down a bit. Hi mode will average 23-25MPH on level ground (I am 190lbs). Hi+ will get you to 28+, but it seems so much faster as the acceleration is noticeably faster in this mode.

    The torque is pretty solid. The scroll wheel on the remote is pressure sensitive, so you can be at a complete stop and ease into your desired speed. OR you can pump a little and accelerate faster. Both options are there which is nice.

    The brakes are really nice and are pressure sensitive just like the acceleration. It was definitely a learning experience getting used to them, but after a few rides, it becomes so easy. I can go from top speed and hit the brakes pretty hard and not feel like I am going to be thrown off.

    Battery life seems good so far. It is definitely faster and more responsive on a full charge. I’d say I get average of about 12 miles on a full charge. Again, I am 190lbs and cruise around the streets of my community pretty fast. It’s all blacktop and golf cart trails, so I can maintain speed.

    The board quality is great. The carbon fiber material is as expected, super strong and relatively light.

    The wheels are soft and durable so far.

    Now the only negative so far:
    The remote… or should I say, the first remote I got. I ordered my board on a Friday I think and shipping from west coast to east coast took about a week. The following Friday it was delivered to my office. I took it out of the box and played around with it. I even cruised around from office to office in Lo mode. Needless to say, I was PUMPED for my weekend. I get home, get out of the car and open my passenger door and pull the board out. Well, the remote fell from the seat (of a Civic so it wasn’t a big fall) and would not turn on! I tried charging it but it only flashed. I called the company and they shipped another one that took SIX DAYS to arrive. I basically had a 14 pound brick to look at over the weekend. I immediately took the remote control apart and found the soldering at the battery connections had separated. The original soldering job was not good at all. The posts inside were way too short and it was not done well. I myself am not good at soldering, but I was able to find a friend in the neighborhood who was able to help me… on Sunday evening. Thankfully I was able to play with it for a couple hours before dark.

    I have ridden it every day since! My 8-year-old boy takes it for a ride on low and has no problem. My 6-year-old girl sits on it and I control the remote. IT is really a fun way to play with the kids.

    Final verdict:
    Other than the faulty remote, this thing is amazing. IT feels so good under my feet and allows me to experience the thrill of high speeds that previously could only be obtained from driving 20 minutes or so (I’m in Florida and we don’t have hills at the beach). You will not regret this purchase!

    Stay stoked guys. I hope this review was helpful.

    Hey, 1UP, when you gonna drop some T-Shirts on the shop??

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  13. Randell Hicks (verified owner)

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    Honestly it’s the greatest piece of anything I’ve ever had. From the build quality to the speed, this board has it all. One hell of a job.

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