Open Box Discounts

Open box discounts: $100-$150 off all models.

Terms and conditions. All standard sale terms and conditions apply. Boxes may be beat-up. Bikes expected to be in like-new working condition. There may be minor aesthetic damages in some cases and in most cases no damage at all. All bikes sold with open box discount still receive standard warranty coverage. See warranty terms*.

To order, please contact [email protected] for a custom invoice. Please notify them exactly which model you want to order.


Current Availability:


Roadster v1 (Ghost, Black)- $895



2x 500 Series XR- Black, with rack and fenders – $1145


500 Series ST – Black, with rack and fenders – $1145



700 Series XR -Blue, $1345



2x LMT’D XR – Sand: $1645



LMT’D ST – Black: $1645