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What Is the Cheapest Electric Bike?

Electric bikes are generally more expensive than traditional bikes. However, what you get for the price is a technology that makes the riding experience faster and more convenient, expanding your footprint on the world around you in a way never seen before. Still, you don’t have to spend a lot if you’re looking for the best electric bikes for adults.

Ride1Up, for instance, offers e-bikes with an emphasis on value—you’ll get excellent hub or mid-drive e-bikes made with name-brand parts for reasonable prices. Our cheapest electric bike only goes for $1,045, and even our top-of-the-line option doesn’t exceed $2,500!

Average Electric Bike Prices

An electric bike will typically cost you somewhere between $1,000 to $3,000. Many companies increase the price drastically from this average, often for little added value. The price will depend on several factors, including the cost of the battery, the motor, the controller, and the quality of its components.

Higher-end bikes are typically decked with pricier parts, but that doesn’t mean that more affordable bikes won’t address your needs and preferences. Many e-bikes in the $1,000 range are already of great quality, such as Ride1Up’s Core-5. You need to find the sweet spot, focusing on value and the relation between specs and price, to find the best electric bike for your budget.

For example, if you’re wondering what the best electric bikes for the money are, Ride1Up’s The Prodigy might fit the bill as it delivers a premium Class 3 experience without breaking the bank.

Choosing the Best Electric Bike

The best electric bike is the one that matches your needs, preferences, and budget. To choose the right one for you, you’ll have to think about your riding habits, research parts, and specifications, and refocus your search to consider value over price. Here are some tips to help you find the best e-bike for you:

How Do You Plan To Use Your Ebike?

Figure out your riding needs. How often will you use the bike, and for what? What will be your usual route, and are there any road limitations you have to consider? How fast do you need to go (and how fast are you allowed to go)?

E-bikes are configured differently, and rules around the use of e-bikes may be different depending on your location. The answers to these questions will help you narrow down your choices to the style and functionalities that will address your purpose.

Research the Tech

The biggest factors that affect the price of an electric bike are the extra components that you won’t find on regular bicycles. These include the battery, the motor, the controller, the frame, etc. It’s important to understand how these components work individually and together and to think about which configurations will best match how you require your bike to perform.

Focus on Value

Just because an electric bike is reasonably priced doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll perform badly. Conversely, an expensive bike doesn’t necessarily have the best specs compared to the increased cost. Think about the utility that you get in exchange for the expense to determine if it adds up and makes sense with what you’re purchasing.

The Cheapest Electric Bikes on Ride1Up

Ride1Up aims to deliver well-designed and high-performing bikes—all without costing you an arm and a leg. Here are some of the most affordable ones that you can be sure will satisfy your riding needs:


The Core-5 is the cheapest electric bike from Ride1Up starting at only $1,045. It’s built on a lightweight 6061 alloy frame for a relaxed but agile riding experience, and it resembles a traditional bike, which makes it easy for first-time e-bike riders to get accustomed to. However, it comes with a 750-watt sustained geared hub motor with sixty NM torque that enables speeds of twenty-eight MPH with pedal assist and twenty-MPH via throttle.

Roadster V2

The Roadster V2 is a lightweight urban e-bike that’s great to use on any paved road. It’s beautifully designed with a completely concealed battery and a quiet 350-watt geared hub motor with forty NM torque. Reaching speeds up to twenty-four MPH with pedal assist, it turns heads with curiosity and interest wherever it goes. The new gravel version features lower gearing, a single-speed Gates belt drive, Tektro disc brakes, gravel tires, internal Samsung Cells, and a compact LCD and has been highly rated by amateur and professional riders alike.

The Prodigy

The Prodigy is the cheaper of Ride1Up’s above $2,000 e-bikes at $2,295. It’s a Class 3 Brose mid-drive motor electric bike with a twenty-eight MPH pedal assist thanks to a Brose TF-sprinter German-made mid-drive motor with ninety NM torque. Built with a lightweight alloy frame with internal protected and locked electronics, it’s designed to give you a smooth, comfortable ride.

The Best-Value Bikes on a Budget From Ride1Up

With value in mind, Ride1Up delivers an excellent selection of top-notch electric bikes that promise buyers the best bang for their buck. Find your next ride from Ride1Up today!

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