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Ride1Up Portola vs Lectric XP 3.0: A Side-by-Side Comparison

The Ride1Up Portola compact folding electric bike is the transportation solution of the future. From storing in RVs and apartments to a commuting solution that easily integrates into your daily routine, the Portola’s compact, foldable design is the top choice for affordability, portability, and quality. However, the Portola is not only for commuters. This machine is for any cyclist on the go who wants to enjoy the benefits of ebiking while prioritizing both a light footprint and a lighter budget.

With the Portola, Ride1Up has laid the groundwork for the highest value-to-cost foldable bike in the market. To demonstrate how it compares with one of its principal competitors, we found it worthwhile to see how the Ride1Up Portola stacks up to the Lectric XP 3.0.

Portola vs XP 3.0

From a functionality perspective, these two bikes are very similar. They are both foldable designs and similarly priced. However, anyone can develop functionality, but you can’t develop personality. Garage-made designs like Lectric are a thing of the pre-ebike boom that hasn’t aged well. Competition breeds innovation and we knew we could conceive a better performing, better styled, and better foldable ebike. Thus, the Portola foldable ebike was born. Read on to learn more as we break down each design element below. A deeper examination of each element is laid out in detail in the following sections. Note that this comparison is focused on the 10.4Ah battery options for both brands.

  • Similar Price – $995 vs $999
  • Equal Top Speed – 28mph vs 28mph
  • Lower Frame Weight – 59lbs vs 64lbs
  • Equal Battery – 10.4Ah vs 10.4Ah
  • Similar Carrying Capacity – 300lbs vs 330lbs
  • Higher Quality Mechanical Components (see below for breakdown)
  • Higher Quality Electrical Components (see below for breakdown)
  • Higher Build Quality and Frame Design (see below for breakdown)

As we dive into the Portola and the XP 3.0 comparison, you’ll find the primary characteristics divided into four sections. Directly below you’ll see the specs that you would see advertised in a bike shop. Next, we’ll break down each bike’s components, and finish by examining the most important distinctions in this comparison; the looks, feel, ease of use, and brand reputation.

General Specifications

These are similar to the attributes advertised in a bike shop.

PortolaXP 3.0
BatteryIntegrated 10.4Ah
(48V System)
Integrated 10.4Ah
(48V System)
Range25-40 Miles17-45 Miles
Class1-3 1-3
Pedal Assist (PAS)Yes
(Cadence)Current-Based PAS System. Allows for customization at each pedal assist level.
(Cadence)Type of PAS system unknown
(Thumb Throttle)
Top Speed28 mph28 mph
ModelsStep-throughStep-through & Step-Over
Weight59 lbs64 lbs
Carrying Capacity300 lbs350 lbs
LightsFront and Rear BrakingFront and Rear
DisplayBacklit, 2-Tone DisplayBacklit, 2-Tone Display

As you can see, the Portola and the XP 3.0 are remarkably similar in price and specs. However, the XP 3.0 is heavier and has a less powerful motor with an inferior gearset, fewer color options, and lower-quality drivetrain components but has a higher weight rating and a step-over frame option. Most importantly, Ride1Up has devoted energy to the styling and frame design of the Portola. Let’s jump into the sections below and see why the Portola is the top choice compared to the XP 3.0 for those who need to fold a compact ebike into their lives but place worth on performance, style, and the Ride1Up value guarantee.


 Let’s see how the electrical components differ between these two models.

PortolaXP 3.0Comments
BatteryIntegrated 10.4 Ah48V systemIntegrated 10.4 Ah
48V System
Battery power: the energy that is going to take you further and faster. You’ll see the motif across most areas that these two bikes have similar specs, but advertise their performance very differently. 
Motor750W, 65nm Torque
Rear Hub
500W, 55nm Torque
Rear Hub
The Portola brings more torque to the table with a higher sustained wattage. If you need power in those stop-and-go situations while commuting, you’ll appreciate getting that extra boost in traffic or on the trail.
DisplayBacklit, Square Programmable 2-Tone Display
Backlit, Square 2-Tone DisplayYour bike should be as unique as you are. Having a handlebar display that is programmable, with real-time wattage feedback and customizable at each pedal assist level gives you the unique ability to make your ride tailored to your preferences. 
Front Light
Round LED(40 Lux)

Round LED
(Unknown Lux)
To see and be seen is one of the highest value factors while on the road. The Lectric XP does not advertise the brightness, however, both will give you the visibility needed while getting from A to B.
Rear LightRear Braking LightRear LightThe Portola comes with a brake light to keep you visible and safe while riding. Typically, only ebikes at a higher price point equip a rear braking light that is going to communicate dynamically with other riders and drivers on the road. The Portola adds that extra value across the board, ensuring your money is being well spent on the little things that make up your experience as a rider.


Mechanical component quality is the arrangement that ensures your bike is not destined for a landfill after a few seasons. Let’s see how these bikes stack up with each other regarding durability and longevity.

PortolaXP 3.0Comments
Brakes180mm, 2-Piston Hydraulic Disc with Motor Cut-Off Sensor180mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes With ‘motor inhibitors’Similar stopping power, with electronic motor cut-off ensures you don’t waste one ounce of battery while you ride. Hydraulic and motor inhibitor brakes are a recent upgrade on the XP 3.0 from mechanical brakes and help to keep up with what we know the consumer has come to expect in their ebike experience.
Drivetrain8-speed Shimano 7-speed ShimanoOne of the greatest differences between these two ebikes; the Portola’s rapid-fire trigger shifter is of much higher quality than the thumb shifter equipped on the XP 3.0. Add to that an additional gear with the ease of use of a trigger shifter and you’ll be sure to have more versatility in varying terrains and grades.
Suspension ForkHydraulic Suspension, 80mm Travel, with Hydraulic  LockoutSuspension Fork (unknown travel)The fork on the Lectric XP 3.0 has a visibly smaller travel and less shock absorption. Lockout and higher travel are going to ensure you have the most versatility and ability to tackle the terrain in front of you.


Frame Design: When comparing the bike side by side, we not only believe that the frame boasts a more stylish and elegant design but also proves to be significantly more functional, offering greater value than initially apparent.

The Portola frame design allows riders to remove and install the battery without the need to fold the bike. The battery is housed in a Reention Rhino FR-5 casing, highly regarded in the industry for its safety and reliability. In contrast, Lectric’s downtube Tooeft DCH-006 battery design requires folding the bike to access and is known for its comparatively lower quality.

Lets go into further details of the physical aspects of each bike:

PortolaXP 3.0Comments
Frame StyleStep-Through Step-Through & Step-OverLet’s face it. A folding bike is supposed to be versatile and designed to fit any rider, in any space. There is no point in having a step-over frame that detracts from the aesthetic appeal and limits the range of applicable riders that you find on the XP 3.0.
Top Speed28mph
65nm of Torque
55nm of Torque
The same top speed and class system variability is available on both of these ebikes. However, we already know that the Portola’s higher torque and power will get you up to top speed faster.
Colors32The aesthetic appeal is the biggest factor between these two bikes. Let’s not look at the world in black and white like the Lectric has boxed us into with their colorways. With three eye-catching colors available on the Portola, you have the chance to express yourself and be proud when you roll through your neighborhood.
FendersHardened Metal Alloy Hardened Metal Alloy Protection from debris and moisture while riding is paramount. Both ebikes come stock with metal alloy fenders to ensure you stay dry and clean on your way to work or play.
Tires20 x 3″20 x 3″Tires are your main contact with the road in front of you. These two ebikes stock similar-sized tires and give you the tread you need to tackle the terrain in front of you. However, with the Portola’s perfect blend between a long travel suspension and tire size, you’ll have not only the cushion you need to reduce fatigue but the compact footprint you look for in a foldable to store in those tight spaces.
Rear Rack125lb Rated, Welded Rack150lb Rated, Welded RackThis special feature is what lifts your ebike experience to a true transportation solution. With a variety of utility features available on the Portola, a welded rear rack with Connect+ accessories is going to allow you to carry an extra passenger, haul cargo and use your ebike as an alternative to your car. Both of these ebikes have welded racks with similar weight ratings, and tip of the hat to Lectric, as this is a recent feature upgrade from their 75lb bolt-on rear rack.
Range25-40 Miles17-45 MilesThis is where it gets tricky. Range and battery power are always up for discussion. With the same amp-hour batteries, these range estimates are wildly different. Ride1Up prides itself on underpromising and overdelivering. Those 5 extra miles quoted by Lectric will make or break a ride when you’re on a tight schedule or tired after a long day on your way home. 
Throttle OperationThumb-ThrottleHalf-TwistUp to preference, at Ride1Up, we have found the grip twist can be activated by accident more often in unwanted circumstances, creating a sometimes treacherous situation if you’re in traffic or trying to maneuver your bike in tight spaces. It helps to have a full grip on your handlebars when you need to maneuver your bike so we opted for the thumb throttle with the Portola.

In Summary

Once you jump into the stats, you’ll note that these bikes are very similar in price. However, the value adds that the Portola contributes stack up to create a higher quality and more versatile, expressive ride that is meant to fit into any lifestyle. Notably, a higher quality set of components including the fork, braking light, gearset, and shifters, and most importantly, a captivating design. Ride1Up has also focused on the minor touches that make a big difference. For example, we have built in a latching strap that hold the folded bike in place for ease of transport.

Let’s be honest, the Lectric XP 3.0 is not a beautiful machine (yes, we are very biased in this aspect). From an outsider’s perspective, it doesn’t seem like Lectric has spent much on updating the look and design of its bikes to keep up with the customer’s demand trends. Most glaringly, the exposed wires throughout the bike and the boxy frame are outdated to what riders have come to expect. We all want to keep up with the Joneses, and with the Portola, you can surprise not only yourself but your riding community with the aesthetic value and versatility that the Portola brings to the table.

The Portola is the transportation solution of the future. It’s affordable, beautiful, durable, and compact. It’s designed to squeeze moments of joy out of any situation, regardless of your lifestyle, which is why we are thrilled to finally offer a solution to all the riders who want the dynamism of a foldable ebike, but also place value on affordability and sleek styling. The Portola is going to leave a huge footprint on your lifestyle, and never in your home. Change the way you move today and see for yourself how the Ride1Up Portola will unfold possibilities you never imagined. 

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